It's the fun of summer....... 😜

When the temperature keeps rising, especially in Thailand this year which just keeps going up (especially), that we don't know when it will reach its ceiling. Sometimes, we could have some fun by travel to "enjoy the cool breeze from the south and escape from this heat".We could go out to enjoy the beautiful bright clouds decorating in the sky ⛅ along with the sparkling sunlight shining in the sea 🌊

Koh Nang Yuan is Lazy Coup's destination for today. It is a small island made from the combination of 3 islands with the white and clean sand dunes making the beautiful Talay Waek (separating sea) that we can see from the viewpoint.

For how to travel to Koh Nan Yuan - Kohh Tao.
If you are coming from Bangkok, you could get in contact and take the ride from Khaosan Road >> google map ลมพระยา (ข้าวสาร)

But this time, we two drive from Bangkok to Chumphon and then spend a night at the hotel in Thung Makham Noi.
>> We stay at Baan I Talay which is 900 THB per night Google Map บ้านไอทะเล. The good thing about this hotel is you could just park your car here, otherwise, there's a fee when you park overnight at Lomphraya Pier.

The next morning, we take the speed boat of Lomphraya for 600 THB/trip/person which takes about 2-3 hours (it goes to the same direction with Koh Tao but we will reach Koh Nang Yuan before Koh Tao .

The day we travel is a bit stormy. It rains that we could see the fog on the island.

I feel like getting a bonus for this sea trip because we get to see the sea, the clouds, the fog, mountain and storm :D

Welcome to Koh Nang Yuan ^^

After unpacking our stuff at Nangyuan Dive Resort, which is the only resort on this island, let's roam around.

Wooden bridges connect different areas of Koh Nang Yuan together.
Rooms near the sea is much more expensive than the ones on the mountains.
For more details, please click เว็บไซต์ นางนวน ไดร์ฟ รีสอร์ท

The beautiful indigo sea, beautiful clouds, and colorful canvas beds,

Everyone is keeping their memories with photos.

After roaming around the island and relax a bit, we are ready to go up to the viewpoint where they said it offers the world's top 10 beautiful Talay Weak. It is fairly easy to walk up to this viewpoint as the stairs are there (it's just a bit uneasy where at the end you need to climb up through some rocks).

Let's turn back to take another look before going up...

When looking back, we see the stairs and concrete rocks which is quite easy to walk at the beginning.

Once walking a bit further, we see this sign on the ground which means that we are very close now, yay!

Here is the difficult part where we have to climb up these rocks but after this, everything is easy.

When he reaches here, he sets up his tripod in order to capture this spectacular view for us.

When we reach the peak......we could enjoy this beautiful island and the sea with our own eyes, simply sitting there listening to the wind and the waves softly whispering to us. The summer is so fun...

Whale Rock

In the evening, we simply walk to enjoy the sunset. This is one of the advantages spending a night on Koh Nang Yuan because we would have a very peaceful time as a one day trip tourist can visit this island from 10.00 a.m.-16.00 p.m. only.

The next morning, we travel to our next destination, which is Koh Tao :D

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Lazy Coup

 Monday, April 24, 2017 2:46 PM