Hello everyone! I am Lattae Pun Yen Yen, back again to review the extremely romantic resort with the spectacular atmosphere, Ocean Marina Yacht Club, Pattaya. Let's travel to Pattaya together.

Ocean Marina Yacht Club is the club marina and resort, located at Na Jomtien beach. For directions, from Pattaya, you can head straight to Sattahip district to Na Jomtien beach.

There are 51 guest rooms totally which include:

- Deluxe

- One Bedroom Suite

- Two Bedroom Suite

We will stay in Deluxe room / Twin bed today.

I can't remember what the room is it as it has been almost one year already. Ha ha ha.

Upon reaching, we sit back and take some rest in the room, and cast a flash glance at the yacht first. ^^

Hotel staff greets us with the welcome drink when we check-in at Lobby.

However, there is one plate of welcome fruit provided in the room as well. How awesome!

The room is airy, spacious and comfortable; it is the glass wall room so you can clearly watch the sea view.

Nevertheless, our room can only see some part of club marina, the sea view is somehow not that bad; it is ok though. The room with the panorama sea view might be the corner room, it is the suite room type, I guess.

A lot of yacht park in the U shape. This photo is taken from our room; we zoom in a little bit.

Reading book and watching the yacht that lined park in front with the cooling drink. Wow! This is great.

We reserve twin bed type but the bed is arranged side-by-side, it seems like double bed actually. Ha ha ha

It is only that we don't have to scramble for the blanket.

The bedside remote control is convenient for control the lights, one point control; it is very suitable for lazy people like us.

Tea and coffee are the complimentary, so it's free of charge.

There are glasses and refrigerator provided. The beverage also provided in the refrigerator with the extra charge.

We don't like the restroom as we have to take a bath in the tub. However, there is the curtain to block the water from splashing out.

Liquid hand soap is filled in the beautiful bottle with the hotel's brand on it.

I love this corner most as it seems like we are sitting in the real boat. The picture of the sea has the dimensions, seems like we can see the real sea wave.

I try to knock at the wall; it is the wooden wall so it is kind of adding the feeling of the real boat.

There are bathrobe, slipper, flip-flop, hair dryer and safe box provided inside the wardrobe.

Let's take a walk around the hotel, the dining room is located at the ground floor.

This is the outdoor area of the dining room among the green lawn but the sunlight in Thailand is too hot for sitting outside though.

As you can see in the picture, the condominium building also belong to the hotel but it is just for sell only. We will take a walk at the beach in front of the condominium building.

Since there is no beach in front of the hotel as it is the club marina pier so we have to walk a little bit to the beach instead.

Big yacht park at the pier, we can only take photo from the outside. Hope that one day we can ride on the yacht and enjoying the view in the middle of the sea.

It was raining on the day we went. Wow, how lucky we are. Huh! And the sky is quiet bright.

"After a storm comes a calm", the beach is calm, private beach is not crowded and not busy.

In this second, don't have to think of anything, just throw out everything and take a rest.

Most of the people here are foreigner; we can see the view of Pattaya city located over there.

We prefer to admire the sea, sky, beach and sound of the wave by our bare eyes than wearing sunglasses. This is the happy place for the sea lover like us.

There is the beautiful wave today; the wave is not high and suitable for swimming. It is so refreshing.

Lie down on the beach and think of the old time when I was a child, I asked my parent to bring me to the beach over the holidays.

Countryside child like us always feel excited every time when see the sea.

The sun is about to set over the horizon and it will rise again in the next day. It is just like human's life that we have to continually fight as life always has tomorrow to start over.

After done with swimming in the sea, we will continue to swim in the pool this time.

These are the atmosphere during we walk back to hotel.

We head up to Sport club area, there are the indoor-outdoor pools, sauna room and fitness room on this floor.

This is the outdoor pool with the clear sea view.

The atmosphere seems like we are riding on the boat.

The U shape club marina is clearly see from this point. The panorama sea view, it is stunningly beautiful.

There is the flagpole "Thailand flag" here.

We went to eat dinner outside and come back to the room; we turn down the lights in the room.

We take a look outside and we cannot see anything now. It is completely dark.

The hotel staff also put the slipper beside the bed for us.

Good night Pattaya and let's end this trip with this picture.

Overall at Ocean Marina Yacht Club

Good point:

The room decoration gives the feeling of the sea atmosphere so much to seem like we are riding on the boat. It is the glass wall room so you can see the clear sea view. It seems like the room is a smoking room as we could see the ashtray provided but we cannot smell the cigarettes which means the hotel arranges the room proficiently. The breakfast tastes delicious. The hotel is privacy but also near to many attractions and restaurants such as Mimosa Pattaya, Glass house restaurant and Rimpa Lapin restaurant.

Bad point:

The room has no balcony. The outdoor pool is rather small. For those who love the bustling life in Pattaya city might feel a bit lonely as it takes long distance to Pattaya city.

It is completely dark at night and you cannot see any view outside.

However, if you would like to take some rest and escape from the chaos, you can find that it is the right place here.

There is also the yacht riding service, you can contact the hotel directly for that.

See you guys again in next trip, I also have one trip which has not been reviewed and will do the review in the next chance I have got then.

Thank you.


 Friday, July 17, 2015 9:16 AM