Hi Readme.me folks! This trip I will take you to Aranyaprathet District in Sa Kaeo. Well, this trip I just really want to go to the colorful box hotel that I have seen in many travel reviews. I would like to experience how it feel like to sleep in a little box, a container. I guess this is just a perfect time to go and pay a visit to this place, "Le Blocs @ Aranyaprathet". The hotel is located about 3 kilometers from the border between Thailand and Cambodia. Therefore, most of the people come here to do some shopping at Rong Glua Market or go to Cambodia for a day trip. For me, I only come here to stay and relax at Le Blocs Aranyaprathet as I have always wanted.....

Let's park the car in front of the hotel and go to do the check in! We have arrived in the afternoon so it is a perfect timing for checking in.

The guestrooms, Lobby, restaurant, and cafe are all in the containers.

Once you walk pass the door, you will find a little corner on your left-hand side where you will be able to take a seat to rest for a bit but it is not that spacious.

Like what I have said that everything is in containers so the space is limited.

On the other hand, you will find a reception counter on the right-hand side. This is where you will also find a friendly lady who is ready to give you a warm welcome.

After checking in, the housekeeper leads us to the room but wait, let us have a look around for a bit.

It was awarded a Thailand Boutique Award 2011 as well.

Look at these cute decorations! We like them very much and they are just like being placed at the right spots and look so pretty together.

You will find many of these scented candle jars all around even in the toilet.

Hence, you will feel very relaxing with the light scent throughout the area.

These colorful items are very attractive and they make us do not want to leave the Lobby. It kinds of bring us the feeling of childhood life too, that we used to play them with our friends.

Actually, this is the right time to ring back the childhood life because today is the National Children's Day in Thailand.

The container next to the Lobby is Le Blocs Cafe.

I like this corner the most. There are so many books provided as well as beautiful photos on the wall.

Le Blocs wooden box contains various kind of books such Home Decor Book as an example.

No wonder why this little hotel has so many nice corners, it may be because the owner is passionate about design and decoration.

I feel like I am at home. It gives me a lovely warm feeling.

The simple menu and drinks are available and it is not limited to only in-house guest, the outside guests are also welcomed.

The complementary free Wi-Fi is also provided, you can find the username and password all around.

I don't really know what is this but you will find it hanging all over the place, I guess it is some kind of decoration.

We have chosen to sit here finally, a little corner where a nice view can be seen through the window.

This corner is also attractive, you can even lie down on a couch. With air conditioner like this and with your favorite book, it would be so nice.

We have got a chance to have a very nice conversation with the owner of this hotel and it seems like we like to travel the same.

The owner tell us about the history of the hotel as well as mention that the hotel has been submitted to some competitions. The owner also gives me this book "Thailand Boutique Hotel 2011-2012" to enjoy while I am having my favorite coffee latte.

The coffee latte is served in an orange cup topped with some whipped cream making this coffee latte even more special.

The Cafe also have the terrace but it might not be a good idea during the day because it is too hot. So let's come back later!

On the way to our room, this little cute Mini car caught our eyes. It even has a name as Dao Rueng (Marigold flower) as its yellow color.

Our room is in the furthest inside the hotel. The room is in blue color and it comes with the parking space next to the room.

All the rooms are in the containers with similar interior but their exterior are different by colors.

The room is about 15 square meters but the air conditioner is pretty big. So it is pretty hard to adjust at night because it is always too cold.

I have tried 27, 28, and 29 Degree Celsius but it is still too cold so I just turn it off Hahaha.

The TV is attached to the wall.

Towels are well set.

Free Wifi, the Wi-Fi is also complementary and you can find the username and password from the key-chain.

Two bottles of water are provided complementary but it is a pity that there is no refrigerator.

Next to it, there is a built-in closet.

The wall looks pretty rough but it looks better with beautiful painting design.

The bathroom is equipped with quality sanitary ware and the toilet comes with the hose spray.

The bathroom also comes with a huge mirror and I have to admit that I love it.

All needed amenities are provided and these two ceramic shampoo and body wash containers are so nice, I wish I could have them at home.

We also have got a little balcony so it is a good place to enjoy the fresh air among the greenery surroundings.

Like I have said earlier that this trip I just want to come and visit this hotel so I will also have dinner here.

This is the signage in front of the hotel, the signage is from the fuel tank. This is so cool.

Today we are going to have dinner here and look at this decoration, it is so pretty!

The highlight would be this lighting decoration. I have asked the staff the decoration and they said it will be different according to the season.

For example, the umbrella will be used in rainy season...Love is in the Air.

We choose to have a table on the terrace because the weather is nice in January.

It is pretty private and quiet since there are only 4 tables available.

I am sorry that I haven't taken any photos of the food but I have some photos of the drinks.

Actually, it is not that quiet because the hotel is located right by the main street and the Lobby as well as the restaurant are at the forefront.

Therefore, you can hear the noise from the car passing by all the time. But with the beautiful surroundings, nice atmosphere and refreshing drinks, that won't bother you much.

I would like to end the night with this beautiful lighting decoration.

Good morning Aranyaprathet...what a refreshing new day!

I almost forget to show you another room that we have because we have reserved 2 rooms. This one is in green color and parking space is also provided.

The interior is pretty much the same.

The only difference might be the color of the pillowcase. This room is in green but our room is in red.

The flower has freshen up the room.

The breakfast is simple including tea, coffee, some bread, cereals, and so on.

There is an outdoor area where you can take a seat while having your breakfast as well.

And we choose to sit here because once we are full then we can lie down right away.

I have only some toasts and coffee latte for my breakfast.

The breakfast is included only tea and coffee so this coffee latte is excluded.

This trip ends here.

To summarize,

- It is a small hotel so it is not too crowded. The hotel is beautifully designed and decorated and the owner pays attention to all details.

- The owner is kind and friendly.

- It is not expensive so it is one of a good choices when traveling to Aranyaprathet.

- Even though the room is small since it is in the container, it is not hot at all. The huge air conditioner is available and I even feel it is too cold.

However, there is a lot of mosquitoes in the evening and it is pretty noisy because it is located right by the main street. The breakfast is also limited and I would say that if the egg menu is available it would be better.

But overall is pretty good, the food is tasteful and the staff are all friendly and helpful. ^^

If I ever have a chance to be back to Aranyaprathet, I will come back and stay here.


 Friday, July 17, 2015 9:22 AM