Hello everyone and Readme people. It's been months that I have gone, there are a lot of duties so my traveling trip is also cut short this year.

However, I still do have some time to travel. Today, I, Iced Blended Latte will take everyone to travel nearby the city, Ang Sila, Bang Saen, Chonburi province.

It will be two days one night trip. I choose to stay in the newly launched hotel as there is not much review for this hotel. I hope my review is useful for you guys in choosing the accommodation of this area.

We will start the trip with the sweetness full feeling to our bodies at Namon Nomwan restaurant at Bang Saen.

The restaurant is quiet comfy; there are a lot of corner, indoor an outdoor. We reach the restaurant in the afternoon and choose to sit in indoor zone; the cooling air-conditioned room.

After take a seat, we manage to order our drinks.

Dessert menu, looks adorable and tasty.

Italian Soda Drink, it is very refreshing.

Our first menu has been served "Pancake". It is soooo good, soft and tasty.

Cold Menu, for hyper-sensitive teeth Eiei.

We order only two from the menu. We chat around for an hour and now, it is time for check-in. Therefore, we say goodbye to Namon Nomwan restaurant and head to the hotel.

Upon leaving, we see the staff is arranging the seat outdoor. Sitting on the lawn outside and feel the fresh air seems so chill. I think that the atmosphere in the evening must be superb.

It is quiet great, sipping the drink and eating the tasty desserts in the atmosphere like this.

It's time to check-in. Today we choose to stay at Kroque Boutique & Bistro, Ang Sila.

The direction is quiet easy actually, you can just ride to Naja Chinese Shrine and the hotel is located nearby.

Superb scenery here! We can see the wide view of Ang Sila Sea.

The hotel sit opposite the sea, this view is taken at the dining room.

Upon checking in at Lobby, the staff gives us 2 papers indicated: Wifi password and Welcome drink voucher at dining room.

There are the bicycle provided for free as well. We can leisurely ride along the beach in the evening time on Ang Sila route. How nice!!

The parking lot is beside Lobby area and there is the security guard looks after at night so you can rest assured about the safety.

After received the key, we walk up to the room and our room is right on the second floor as per request.

The room has an awesome decoration with the cement wall and white, soft bed.

The end of the bed side has wardrobe, TV desk and the wash basin.

Let's explore the wardrobe; there are trousers, 2 pieces of loincloth, hair dryer and clothes basket.

The beds were arranged side-by-side, having the light hiding at the back of the bed seems quiet trendy and adding the romantic atmosphere to the room.

On the left side of the bed, there is the mirror which looks alike the dressing table.

There is the trendy decorative design which putting the mortar as the table stand which is compatible with the hotel's name "Kroque Boutique & Bistro" (Kroque means mortar in Thai).

There are various amenities provided in the room. Aroma scented with lemongrass smell.

Let's explore another side of the room.

There are the clothes hanged on the wall which indicate "Don not disturb" and "Please Clean" sign, you can take the cloth to hang in front of the door as you like.

This is the living corner of the room, adding the trendy design with the woven chairs. Sipping the drink, Reading book or watching TV here are very delightful.

There are 2 pairs of slipper provided and there is also the lath cabinet with LCD TV above, the small refrigerator is below and when you slide the cabinet door, you will fine the safe box provided inside as well.

Free Mini Bar provided in the refrigerator; Water, Soft drink, Snack, Tea and Coffee.

The hotel's room information is indicated in this book.

This corner is my favorite, Ei Ei. When I walk to wash my hand, I just don't know which mirror will I look into, so I just use them all. Ha ha ha.

The rest room has no door (once again) Ei ei. There is only the curtain to separate the bedroom area and the restroom.

However, dry and wet area is separated in the restroom.

There is a large water jar to take a bath, just like when I was a child and live in the countryside, I usually take a bath of jar water. it is so refreshing.

Besides the jar, there are Shower and Rain shower in hot and cold water system provided as well.

I have reviewed every corner in the room already, and now it's time to get the welcome drink at the dining room.

"Lie down and watch the view" according this trip concept

Please do not envy me, as it's been a long time since my last travel.

This year I am quiet busy, no time for travel much.

So let me take a deep breath of the fresh air.

The view from the dining room is very spectacular that I don't want to go anywhere; I just want to lie down here.

After sun set, the natural light is gone and the warm light of the lamp is lighting instead. It is so romantic.

Let's indulge in the magnificent scenery again before the sky gets darker.

Well, it is chilling time now. Let's find the best seat for the most beautiful view here. This is definitely the most front table that can watch the sea clearly.

One glass of cold beer, please.

I enjoy my time here and don't want to leave. Pleasant live music sound with the superb atmosphere plus no rain like this, it is very awesome.

Let's order some food to go with the beer...Ei ei. Thai Pork with Spicy Lime Sauce; the sauce is sour and spicy.

The staff serves me some popcorns, it is the complimentary from the hotel.

It is getting darker now and the loneliness comes instead as it's just only me sitting here today. Booohoo.

It is not only the hotel guest who can dine here, others who would like to indulge in the superb scenery and have the tasty food like this, they can also come to this place. The price is also reasonable.

Tonight, I will say goodbye with the view at Kroque Boutique & Bistro dining room.

Good morning Ang Sila!! Let's take a shower and have breakfast first.

I have walked up from second floor to fourth floor. There is no elevator here, luckily I still have the energy to walk. Ha ha, I'm not that old!!

Let's survey the table in the outdoor area.

Or you can sit inside, the air-conditioned room is also nice.

Finally, I choose to sit at outdoor area, the sun is not that hot right now.

One Cup of Hot Latte, please. You can make your own choice for the coffee from the coffee maker; Latte, Cappucino, Mocca, all is available.

Adding a little bit of sugar.

Well, this morning I have a partner to drink with so I don't feel lonely anymore.

Hot Latte with Froth and Bitter Espresso one shot.

The food line includes bakery, croissant, salad, cereal, juice and many more.

There are the side dishes to eat with the boiled rice or you can choose to make a salad. The sauce tastes sour and spicy.

We didn't eat that much; just take the time here around one hour and a half. Ei ei

You can order the egg menus at the egg station. Chef will cook them for you right away and serve them hot . Ei ei

Let's eat clean (is it too slow? Ei ei. as I have already eat many things before)

The scenery in the morning, it is pleasant that we sit for quiet sometimes. However, it is time to go back now.

We have to say goodbye to Ang Sila, Bangsaen now. Although it is a short time trip in the nearby city area but I didn't forget to do what I love that is take the photos of the scenery to do the review and present to everyone.

Good bye for now. It is the best view and most awesome time in Ang Sila.
Let's take the trendy photo by taking the loincloth adapting it to be a scarf and waist tie, according to the local way of life style.

Good night everyone.


 Friday, July 17, 2015 10:23 AM