Hey guys, what is you first thought when you heard the word "Krabi"?

For me, Krabi is a sword!! Ha ha ha. I am just kidding (Thai joke). Let me try this again, Krabi province is spectacular sea, crystal white beach and abundant natural attractions. That's what I thought about Krabi.

As I have never been to Krabi before, my thought of Krabi came from what I have seen in photos and heard from my friends would be that Krabi is a very nice and beautiful place that I would hope to travel to Krabi once.

Thus, our first trip to Krabi happens when I found cheap air ticket from Lion Air, Donmueang - Krabi, round trip for 1400 bah per person.

We hurried plan our trip as the air ticket is very reasonable price for me. We reserved tickets a few months in advance and this time we will travel for 4 person together.

Finally, we can start our trip to Krabi. Let's travel together. Go! Go!

Well, this is just only first day of our trip and we now feel exhausted already as we get stuck on the way to Donmueang airport. The traffic is really bad during Friday evening. We dare not to travel at this time again as we almost miss our flight. We have just only 15-20 minutes left; however, we finally manage to on board the flight. Let's fly to Krabi!!

This is our Krabi trip plan after we get back, it is 3 days 2 nights trip. The trip includes everything from sea to in-land travel.

Once we arrive at Krabi airport, we walk straight to AVIS, the car rental shop. We already make an online reservation in advance and get a booking from reply email to confirm to the staff for arranging our car.

Actually the airport shop is closed at 07.30pm, but we arrive around half past 8pm and the staff is still waiting to send a car to us.

I have used the service of AVIS car rental twice already. This time we rent a medium size car, Honda Civic, new car with E85 fuel, it is very efficiency.

You can reserve the AVIS rental car at www.AvisThailand.com, there will be an instruction, details, promotions updated on the website.

Oh!! To rent the car from AVIS, you guys need the credit card amount more than 10,000 baht for the guarantee, the guarantee amount depends on the size of the car as well.

Then, we drive from airport to our accommodation, Krabi Tipa Resort, Ao Nang.

Krabi Tipa Resort, Aonang

GPS: 8.033381, 98.823322

From Google map, it shows not more than 40 minutes drive to the destination. However, it takes approximately one hour as we take a short visit for supper. Ha ha ha.

There are many food shops at the sideways and most of them taste good. We will not specified the restaurant as we are hungry that time so whatever restaurant will do. Our favorite menu is Stir Fried Liang Leave with Egg; we can eat it again, Yeah :)

Already done with the meal, we head to Krabi Tipa Resort by gradually grope the way from GPS in our mobile phone. Whenever the signal lost, we are perplexed. Huh!!

Our 2 nights accommodation at Krabi Tipa Resort, Ao Nang is not located by the beach. However, it is in the walking distance to the sea, we can walk to the beach within 10 minutes.

As for the full version of accommodation review, we will review it in next time.
At this time, we have to say Good Night for our first night here as we have the appointment with Krabi sea tomorrow.

We buy one day trip package tour from Barracuda for our first trip in Krabi.

Package tour includes Koh Hong which belongs to Than Bok Khaorani National Park, Koh Pak Bia and Lagoon of Talay Nai.

The package tour price as following details: (price per person includes lunch and beverage through the trip)

Speed Boat costs 1500 baht each (We choose this option, and the boat is tightly packed actually. Ha ha ha)

Long tailed boat costs 800 baht each/ Long tailed boat + Kayaking cost 1500 baht each.

Emerald green lagoon of Talay Nai with the stunning nature of Krabi is in front of us

It takes only 30 minutes by speed boat and now we arrive at Koh Hong. The weather today is brilliant with brightly sunshine, it's spectacular.

For our first trip in Krabi, no matters how strong of the sunshine is or how tan skin we become, we are not afraid of any of these. Ha ha ha

We travel to Krabi in the rainy season around beginning of June, the rain also falls but only at night, and there is the strong sunshine during day time. This is truly the weather here in the rainy season.

Koh Hong is located in the area of Than Bok Khorani National Park; it is also named as "Koh Lao Pilae". The island has a magnificent scenery which surrounded by the blue sea, there are lots of sea fan and coral around the island. The interesting spot is "Pilae Bay", has the curved beach which seem like flying bird shape.

Delicate clean white sand with the emerald green crystal clear sea water and there are small fishes swim all around.

This is the blue colored and crystal clear sea water on the day we visited. I love it here so much.

For those who buy tour package which includes kayaking, they can also kayaking in the specified area.

There are the national park staffs in Koh Hong area for tourists' facilitation.

Koh Hong is ranked as one of tenth world's most beautiful and clean beach islands.

And I couldn't agree more with that. ^^

This trip we also have fashion model joining us, she poses many actions for photographer. This is her first time visiting Krabi as well and she is very impressed by this trip.

Let's continue admiring the beauty of the nature; beautiful nature and the lady for addingl the beautiful to the nature. Ha ha ha.

She is on RinSa YoyoLive Travel Blooger page, she also joins in this trip and gets a teenager looks photograph today Ei ei ei.

Next program, we will take a lunch picnic break which we are not impressed at all.

According to tour program, tourists will have lunch along the line of pine trees but all the tourists including us have lunch at the log instead. The food tastes average in self service style, but we don't mind as we intend to the nice sea scenery rather than eating food. Ha ha ha.

After that, the boat continually takes us to Koh Pak Bia.

Koh Pak Bia is the small island located behind Koh Hong, the sea water here is very clean and clear, it is suitable to swim in the calm and shady atmosphere like this.

There are trees line along the beach, the emerald green sea with glimpse of bright blue color and the limestone mountain which looks like the mushroom in front. (You are able to clearly see this rock looks like the mushroom just only when the tide is low)

Each person in each corner.

He looks so chill. Ha ha ha.

Although the beach area is not wide but Koh Pak Bia also has the clear white sand beach which is very captivating and could beat any other beaches.

When the tide is low, there is the sand dune appears to be a long line to reach with the another island which also name as Koh Pak Bia too.

Our last program is at Koh Pak Bia. After that, we take a boat ride back to the shore around half past three. We choose to continually walk back to our accommodation as the distance is quite close, if you guys stay at Krabi Thipa Resort, you could promenade to Ao Nang beach in the walking distance.

For today's dinner, we have seafood and follow with Roti Mataba. There are many restaurants along both of Ao Nang sideways so you could choose as you like. And like I said, we did not specify the restaurant, any restaurant will do. Just park the car and go have dinner. Easy breezy.

Actually, I would like to tell that there are lots of restaurants on Ao Nang road to choose from, thus, you guys just drive and observe only one round and when you pick the restaurant you like, you just stop the car Ha ha ha. ^^

It is our third day here. We check-out from the resort around late morning and today we focus to in-land traveling program.

This is the beautiful Honda Civic car that we rent from AVIS, and it will take us to travel this time.

Our next destination is pretty far actually, Ao Luek, travelling to Lod Cave and Phee Hua To Cave. According to GPS, the distance is approximately 50 kilometers.

Are we lost? Did we drive pass our destination?

Of course we do, Ha ha ha. However, we finally arrive at the destination. We just follow GPS from our mobile phone, the unclear signpost and also ask nearby local people for sure. ^^

What we want to specially praise in Krabi province is the road way of Krabi. After the visit, we found that many road ways in Krabi have the beautiful sceneries, I have heard that there is also romantic route but we do not visit yet. Just only the road that we take both day time and night time, we are very impressed that we always praise about its beauty along the way. ^^

We travel to this place, Lod Cave - Phee Hua To Cave.

We have 4 people, if we rent the kayak, it will cost totally 1200 baht. That 's too expensive as it takes not more than 2 hours. Thus, we decide to rent the long tailed charter boat, it costs 600 baht in total.

Let's follow us and travel together.

We have to ride on the boat and pass through the mangrove forest approximately 10 minutes to Thum Lod Cave North and Thum Lod Cave South. Thum Lod Cave South is the tunnel below the limestone, there is the stream flowing through the narrow tunnel with the stalagmite and stalactite inside. As for Thum Lod Cave North is a large cave with the tunnel that has longer and more winding way than Thum Lod South. The boat can only ride through during the tide is low.

Long tailed boat will ride us through Thum Lod Cave North and then turn around to the start point.

And then the boat rides us to seek for the pre-historical wall painting at Thum Phi Hua To or Thum Hua Kalok.

I am done with travelling to the cave actually; the last time I get into the cave is around 4 years ago at Thum Lay Khao Kob Cave, Trang province. I came out with my head hurts. That time I walk and hit with the stalagmite and stalactite in the cave, but it's not just that, I also hate the stifling feeling in the cave too.

Today I have to get into the cave again, and that stifling feeling is back but this time even worse as I don't have someone holding my hand Ha ha ha. However, I pass through it, Thum Phi Hua To inside is quite spacious and there is enough space for breathe.

So I am not a burden to everyone. Let's explore the cave together, seek for the renowned pre-historical painting.

On the cave wall, there are lots of pre-historical paintings age around 2000-3000 years old, many of them is fading away through time such as man figures, animal figures as well as the various organs figures. There are a lot of shell depositions on the cave ground as well.

I feel stunned that how early man can draw the painting in that area. The haunted painting that I saw is the arm painting that has dark red blood color over it, when I saw the painting, I can imagine of the pain feeling in the painting.

During waiting for the boat at Thum Phi Hua To Cave, we will end this cave trip with this trip model's photo.

Let's take some relax.

After Thum Phi Hua To Cave, we take a visit to Lam Sak Temple. It is already noon, and I don't ask my friends whether they feel hungry or not. Let's do the travel before lunch Ha ha ha.

Lam Sak Temple GPS:8.279154, 98.649933

We drive from Thum Lod Cave and Thum Phi Hua To Cave around 20 minutes and then we take turn into Lam Sak Temple.

It is very quite here, Oh! It seems that there is no tourist at all, I cannot see any tourist except us or no one knows this place. I only know that Lam Sak Temple is in the under-construction period of the huge size of Lam Sam pagoda. (This is the imitated picture of the pagoda)

The construction process is completed more than 50 percent by the time we visited. At first, I don't want to walk up as it is in the construction area, however, the local people say that it is ok so I follow my friend, during that time I think in my mind that what I can see at above area.

These are the scenery photos from the above angle that we take at the pagoda area of Lam Sak Temple. You can see the spectacular sea scenery surrounded by many islands that you would cry out loud Wowwww.

The golden color of the pagoda's tip is made from the real gold which comes from the donation. By the time I visit, I heard that there is already 6 kilograms of gold but it is still not enough for the magnificent of the pagoda so they still open for more gold donation. For those who interest in donation, you can make a donation at Lam Sak Temple, Krabi province.

Lam Sak Temple has one meditation monk who is renowned and respected by people, named "Luang Phu Nate".

Lam Sak Temple has received mercy from Somdet Phra Yannasangvara Sakol Maha Sangka Parinayok by giving 12 Buddha relics for Buddhist and people to worship. Thus, in this opportunity, the temple would like to build the pagoda to house the Lord Buddha relics which is under-construction now.

If the pagoda is finished, it must be the spectacular great pagoda. And certainly, lots of people will come to visit and admire the beauty of this pagoda.

After Lam Sam Temple, we head to the city of Krabi. Our destination is Dim Sum restaurant. Whichever shop will do, we are not picky so just selling Dim Sum at this time is good enough. We search Dim Sum restaurant from Google and there are lots of them, we go to every shops but most of them are already closed Ha ha ha. Normally, Dim Sum restaurant will open between 06.00am - 12.00am only, but it is 02.00pm already by the time we are looking for the restaurant. When we arrive at Dim Sum restaurant, we just find only Dim Sum bamboo crates drying instead.

Since there is no Dim Sum restaurant available for us so we have Thai dishes to go with rice in the market instead. We could have a full stomach as well.

Various kinds of food, it costs 50 baht for 2 kinds of side dish over rice. We also buy one pack of durian to eat as well.

There is some impressed story; we choose overripe durian and we are about to eat in front of the durian shop. The vendor is very kind, she tells us that we should change to well-done durian instead, that's one is overripe and then she chooses and sends the new one to us for free.

When we back from the trip, we search the information and learn the phrase about Krabi telling that

Krabi.....beautiful sea....kind people

I think this phrase is absolute right for Krabi.

As long as the sun is not set, we still have the attraction to travel to. And this place would be the last attraction for our trip before we head back to Bangkok tonight.

Emerald pool GPS : 7.923480, 99.260178

Drive to Klong Thom district, Krabi province.

The atmosphere is quiet pleasant; the weather is not too hot as the rain has just stopped. We have to walk to Emerald Pool approximately 1 kilometer, and I have to decide whether walking along the nature learning trails or the direct way to Emerald Pool. Finally, I take the direct way because it is my first time here and I have to trust my friend as he has been here before. Ha ha ha.

Walking till we sweat and we finally arrive at our destination, Emerald Pool with the emerald green water. However, there are lots of people here, we have to find the angle to take the photo,

Emerald Pool is originated from warm water stream in the lowland forest of southern part area; it is the hot spring with the temperature approximately 30-50 Celsius degree, it is the beautiful water pool among the forest with the crystal clear bluish green water and the color of the water can be changeable according to the time and lighting condition.

Our tour guide tells us that we have to walk further for a place that has more beautiful scenery. During the time, we are very tired already but the weather is good with a shady atmosphere so it helps us a lot. We continue to walk and follow the guide to the destination as we don't dare to complain Ha ha ha.

Keep in mind that if we would like to watch the beautiful atmosphere, we have to endure the tiredness.

Since Emerald Pool is originated from the warm water stream in the forest so now we seek for the source of the Emerald Pool which is the Blue Pool.

The water is crystal clear emerald green color with the temperature approximately 30-50 Celsius degree, the surrounding area is the shady green forest which is very pleasant and much impressive.

Two thump up for the magnificent scenery of the nature, the unseen attraction in Krabi that we have visited for the first time. We feel impressed by every attractions that we have visited and we also believe that there are many places to explore the stunningly beautiful nature of Krabi, it depends on us that when we will come back and travel in Krabi again.

Since it is our first time traveling to Krabi and we are in love of this place. So why can't we love it more and more in the next trip?

If there is any chance, we definitely visit Krabi again. Our 3days 2 nights trip is finished with the phrase "Krabi in Love"

If you guys love traveling, you can travel to Krabi throughout the year, during rainy season or low season period is also good for visiting.

There are many attractions awaiting for people to visit and explore the beauty of Krabi province. During January till September (approximately) is Krabi Green Season period, there are the beautiful sea with the crystal clear water.

Thank you everyone for reading and follow the review.

Story & Photo: RinSa YoyoLive

Photography: BiO-Sarawut

RinSa YoyoLive

 Friday, July 24, 2015 1:39 PM