Eat, Lost, Travel in 【Chongqing】

My First Trip to China! ( A 4 Days 3 Nights Trip with a less than 10,000 THB Budget)

On the memorable journey: Chongqing - Wulong - Dazu - Chongqing - Don Mueang

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My first trip to China at "Chongqing", one of the great cities of China makes me learn quite a great deal. I have no time to feel lonely. I speak no Chinese and little English, I come here all because I wanted to. Well, some people cannot hear, cannot see, cannot talk, but they are still going around, what do I have to fear?

China ... is a country that we should not overlook.

China ... is a country where it has such a beautiful natural landscape.

China... is a country that we must go once and we will easily fall in love with.

China ... is a country where the time is one hour ahead of us, it's like a future world.

I fall in love with China ever since I got to watch the Chinese movie "The Condor Heroes" with Gu Tianle and Li Yuatong. It really made me want to come to China to learn those kongfu. But the China I went was nothing like that, it has changed.

China. . .has such huge travel destinations. They are so beautiful that I don't know how to describe I think I will have to come back several times to enjoy all those places.

China . . . put safety as a priority because we have to scan our bags at every transportation stations, even a bottle of water needs to go through scanning machine.

China. . . is so huge. It's not only the land but everywhere was highly developed. They were able to develop a rural area into a city and give special attention to basic infrastructure like trains, bus, and taxi which is much further ahead from us.

China. . .besides the restrooms, travel destinations and roads are very clean. It has lots of trash bins along the road.

China . . .still offers many more things, awaiting for us to discover and calling me to go back.


1. The validity of passport must be above 6 months.

2. Visa: we can apply ourselves (it has 3 months validity and the maximum stay in China is 30 days).

- Documents to apply for a visa include a 2 inches white background photo, flight booking, accommodation booking, and visa application.

- The visa fee is 1,000 THB with a service fee of 500 THB, totaling is 1,500 THB for a 4 working days processing time visa.

- We can apply for a visa at Thanapoom Tower, 5th Floor, 1550 New Petchburi Road, Makkasan, Bangkok 10400

3. Clothes: It's quite cold during the time I visit which is about 8-10 degree. Please check the weather before you go and prepare the clothes accordingly.

4. The internet in China would block several social medias like Facebook , Line , YouTube. If you wish to use them in China, you could either open the Data Roaming from Thailand or use the Chinese sim card with a VPN application prior to departure to China.

The Journey is now started:

- Day 1 -

( Don Mueang - Chognqing - Wulong )

Today I fly with Airasia from Don Mueang (DMK) to Chongqing (CKG) at 06.20 – 10.20 a.m. It id about 3 hours flight. I choose to fly early so that I have more time to travel. After I reach Chongqing Jiangbei Airport, I quickly go thought the immigration and turn left after getting out of the airport to find the Jiangbei Airport Station Light Railway sign. The transportation fee is very cheap, it is only 6 RMB for going downtown and it takes about an hour.

Transportation :
We can take the metro from the airport (Jiangbei Airport) to Sigongli Station ( 7 RMB). After taking the Exit 4A, let's look for Sigongli Rail Transfer Hub sign and walk across the opposite site towards the long-distance bus ticket office.

After getting down the escalator, we will see the ticket hall in which we need to scan our luggage before going in. Once I'm in, I see all Chinese characters without English, OMG! what to do now? How can I buy a ticket to Wulong. I walk to the counter and the staff speak Chinese to me before taking me to another staff who could communicate some English. Soon, I got a bus ticket to Wulong (60 RMB).

Here is the entrance towards the bus, there are no number sign at the bus but the characters.
We show our ticket to the staff and they can guide us which bus we need to take. It takes about 2.30 hours to reach Wulong.

I travel early March, Canola are blossoming in yellow on both sides of the road.
I felt sleep for a while and wake up to quickly take some shots along the way, fearing this image will fade from the memory.

I reach Wulong Bus Station at around 17.00 p.m. After getting off the bus, pay no attention to those who try to sell you accommodations, ิbut walk to the opposite site to get a ticket to the Tourist Center.
If the staff didn't know what you are talking about, you can show them the photos and they will understand.

(The bus fee is 9 RMB) This yellow mini bus will depart once the passengers are full. The road is very curvy, I almost vomit several times. It takes about an hour to reach the Tourist Center.

After getting off from the bus, I show my hotel address that I have booked via agoda to the taxi and OMG!!! They ask for 168 RMB (840 THB).
From the, it tells me that it's only 2 km so I rejected and decided to walk instead.

Now I start to get hungry so I just stop by a restaurant along the road. The menu is all in Chinese so I just point to the noodle. I'm not sure what meat is , so I asked whether it's pork (Zhu Rou) but they answered Yang Rou (lamb). Well, what am I going to eat today? And then I saw a menu that look like pork so I try it with boiled shrimp and rice. This meal costs me 88 RMB (440 THB).

In China, people do not really eat pork, chicken, or fish like Thailand, they are more into lamb, beef, dog and cat meat which I really can't take it so I try to avoid them.

After that, I turn left in order to walk about 2 km more to my accommodation. The temperature is quite cold, only about 8 degree. Now I start to get shivering (it seems like the more I walk, the further it is away). I'm thinking that I should have just paid the taxi. When I reach my hostel, I also feel like I just want to find the new one but that it's too cold outside, I decided to check in anyway.

Tonight I'm staying at Zoo Courtyard Hostel. Once I'm inside, it's quite beautiful, the owner is super friendly and we can talk some and don't understand some. At the end, the owner offers to take me to the bus station in order to go to the Tian Sheng Shan Qiao.

The room is quite nice and spacious. It offers warm water and heater, I love it here (I would stay here again if I come back).
Here is the end of my first day. I'm extremely exhausted and cold. I take a warm shower and quickly go to bed.

- Day 2 -

( Wulong– Chongqing )

I wake up around 8 a.m. and the owner takes me to the Wulong Bus Station in order to buy a ticket to the Tian Sheng Shan Qiao (it'd be a disaster if I come to buy a ticket alone). The owner helps me a lot, explaining each place for me with the price (no extra charge). After a 15 minutes talk, we go to buy a ticket and the owner helps me to deposit my luggage at the counter (free of charge). It's a pity that I didn't get to take a photo with this friendly owner.

After getting a ticket and depositing my luggage, the owner writes down the telephone number and massage on a brochure in case for emergency and that I can call the owner at all time. The owner also takes me to buy gloves at the front of the station. Here, Chinese sell lots of food like grilled potatoes, grilled corns which do not look appetizing but it surprisingly tastes very delicious. Chinese people are very cute and since I can't talk with them, all I can do is smile.

After that, I take the escalator down to take the bus. If you cannot find your bus, just show your ticket to the staff and they will point the bus to us. The seat is a first come first serves service, you can choose to sit wherever.

The ticket is 138 RMB (135 RMB for the national park and 3 RMB for the bus). After half an hour, the bus stops at the national entrance with a giant yellow Bumbleebee robot outstandingly stands there. If you wish to go to the grass bridge, you can get off at the next stop (the ticket is 25 RMB at the entrance). But I did't go. I go into the entrance once I'm here using the ticket I bought earlier.

Wulong Karst National Geology Park ( Tian Sheng Shan Qiao )

It's one of the most beautiful natural world heritages which registered as the world heritage by the UNESCO in 2007. It caused by the collapse of the crust, making huge natural holes. Some part of them were pushed up and formed 3 holes. Between each holes have something like caves and the bridge connecting these three holes. These three bridges are called "Blue Dragon Bridge, Green Dragon Bridge, and Black Dragon Bridge". The Transformer 4 was also shot here.

On how to view these bridges, it is about 4 km walk which takes about 2 hours. We need to take about 100 levels of glass lift down towards the deep down.

After that, we walk about 200 stairs and we will see creation of the great nature. After getting out of the glass lift, there's a carrying service for those who didn't want to walk (I didn't ask for the price).

Here is the tea shop built by Zhang Yimao for shooting the film "Curse of the Golden Flower" (2006) which considers a photography iconic spot for this place (now, it becomes the place for writing postcards and souvenir).

There're two photography taking spots inside the park. Once we are done, they will give us a key chain and a coupon to take our photos near the exit for 10 RMB.

When we walk further in, we will meet "the Transformer Grandpa" in Transformer 4.

The bathroom inside is quite clean. But it seems like Chinese people don't like to lock their doors, which is quite shocking.

It is very shady along the way. Here is a 5A tourist attraction of China which is the highest rating. However, it's too cold so I didn't feel like taking too many photos.

Here, I can truly feel the greatness of the nature like the cliff, the mountains. It is just so amazingly beautiful. I'm very impressed. It's so worth the 700 THB for having a chance to see this hundred years of beauty.

Before exit, do not forget to collect your photos and a key chain at the photo booth for 10 RMB. After going out we will see the golf cart which takes people to the parking lot (15 RMB). I highly recommend you guys to take it. It might not look that far but it's really far.

Once we reach the parking lot, we can take the same bus back to the Tourist Center, the triangle building.

After reaching the Tourist Center, I go collect my luggage and then take the golden mini bus at the front in order to go back to Wulong. It takes 30 minutes (9 RMB). Here, the last bus is 18.00 p.m.

Once I'm back at Wulong Bus Station, I buy a bus ticket to Chongqing (60 RMB). The bus here leaves on time. We seat according to the seat assigned in the ticket. It takes about 2.30 hours. As soon as I'm on the bus, I sleep and wake up again when we reach the station. After that, I go in to take the metro to go back to the hotel.

Tonight, I'm staying at Chongqing Travelling With Hotel.

How to get there : Take the metro from Sigongll Station--> get off at Lianglukou station in order to change to the red line --> get off at Jiaochangkou Station Exit 4. Then, I walk across the street to the 4th floor to check in.

After leaving my luggage at the hotel, I go get something to eat at Time Square and try the signature mango drink of "Chan Yuk Mak" shop (I'm very busy).

Chongqing Time Square
How to get there : Take the metro at Jiaochangkou station and get of at the green line at Linjiangman Station Exit D.

After getting off, we turn around and walk straight to see the left intersection and the clock tower. This area is Time Square.

From the clock tower, we walk straight on Jiefangbei Street (Chan Yuk Mak Shop location).

If turning left and keep walking straight, we will see the Tourist Information. Turning left and walking straight, we will see the Chongqing Art Museum.

When crossing street to the right, it is Hongyangdong, the night life street here. Many people are walking here. It offers a beautiful bridge view. Many shops, food, and souvenirs are available here.

- Hongyangdong -

The 11-storey antique building along the Yangtze River offers restaurants, hotpot shops, snacks, etc. This place is another iconic tourist destination of Chongqing. A ship is also here because Chongqing used to be the most important economic trade port of China. Since Chongqing is located near Yangtze River, the ship was the main transportation means.

Postcards are also available here at Hongyangdong as well as sending back to Thailand service which costs 15 RMB along with a postcard album. After that, I take the taxi back because the metro stops at 22.30 p.m. The taxi fare is 10 RMB. Once I reach my room, I take a shower and sleep right away.

- Day 3 -

( Dazu, the Rock Carvings)

Today I leave around 8 a.m. in order to go to Dazu (the Rock Carved Buddha Images on the cliff). We are going to take the bullet train which will take about 40 minutes.

How to get there :
Take the metro from Jiaochangkou station --> get off at Lianglukou Station in order to change to the blue line --> get off at South Square of Chongqingbei, Exit 2.

Then, I go out to take the bus number 663 (2 RMB) towards the North Railway Station in order to take the bullet train to Dazu.

In front of the station, Chinese jujebe and crapes are sold. After that, let's go into the station.

Then I buy a ticket from North Railway Ticket No.2. We must present our passport every time we buy a ticket. The ticket towards Dazunan Station is 46.4 RMB (a 40 minutes ride). I recommend you to buy a round trip ticket because it fulls quite quickly. After that, we need to go through luggage scanning machine before we can go to our gate. The train station is quite huge, looking like an airport.

The train from Chongqing to Dazu: 07.40 10.30 11.42 12.30

The train from Dazu to Chongqing: 10.30 12.00 15.29 18.09

Once we reach Dazunan Station, we need to take the bus no 206 which is parked on the opposite side of the station. This bus will take us to the bus station, from there, we need to take bus no. 205, we can tell them that we want to get off at Dazu Shi Ke, the fare is 2 RMB.

The bus will stop us at the intersection before it turns into an ancient village on the left hand side. We just need to follow the sign to the entrance.

It's raining since I'm on the bus.

The ticket has 2 prices: 130 RMB and 170 RMB (we can visit two places).

Since I arrive here after noon, so I buy a 130 RMB ticket and I need to hurry a bit because I still need to go back to Chongqing.
I recommend you to come here early. After getting a ticket, a golf cart service is there to take us to the entrance towards the rock carvings (5 RMB).
I choose to walk so that I can fully enjoy the atmosphere. If you want to know history about this place, you can also hire a tour guide.
I didn't hire one. I just want to enjoy the atmosphere the most possible and for the history, I will find out later from google :)

All along the way, it is so spectacular and I feel so amazed of how the Chinese carved all this. It is so beautiful and sacred. I can just take photos without getting bored a bit.

Soon, we will see Thousand Hands Guan Yin of Dazu which considers a highlight here that we must stop by to pay respect if we are already here.

Once keep walking, we will find the exit which has lots of shops.

Then, we will see golf carts and the bus no. 205. We take this bus to go to Dazu Station in order to take the bus no. 206. towards the bullet train back to Chongqing.
You can also take the bus back to Chongqing like me, the bus fare is 43 RMB.

After reaching Caiyuanba Bus Station, I take the metro from Lianglukou Station in order to go to my hotel at 7 Days Inn Centre of Jiefangbei. After putting off my luggage, let's go find something to eat at the old town Ciqikou.

How to get there
: 7 Days Inn Centre of Jiefangbei
Take the CRT metro from Lianglukou Station--> Change the red line to Xiaoshizi Station Exit 6. Then turning left and we will see the hotel on the opposite side. เ

Old town area, the Ciqikou Market
How to get there:
Take the CRT metro from the red line Xiaoshizi Station --> get off at Ciqikou Station Exit 1 and just keep walking straight

Here, we can try lots of food street and the most popular one is the BBQ (lamb, beef, dog, cat). I try to avoid but probably I also try some of those meat. Well, the unknown makes no sin, haha. After chilling here a while, when it gets dark, I take the metro back to the Time Square and enjoy the KFC. After that, I go back to my room. Today I walked a lot so let's take a shower and sleep.

- Day 4 -

( Chongqing and Home for late night dinner!! )

Today I wake up at 7 a.m. in order to again sightseeing Chongqing. My destinations today include Luohua Temple, Hongyangdong, Great Hall of the People, Three Gorges Museum and viewing the metro running through the building which is another iconic thing to do in Chongqing.

Opposite to my hotel is the CRT metro and Luohua Temple and behind is the Hongyangdong. I choose to go to Hongyangdong first before going to Luohua Temple. It rains again. The morning atmosphere here is completely different from the night time. Yet, many tourists are also out for photography.

After that, I go to Luohua Temple which is just behind the CRT. The entrance fee is 5 RMB. Inside didn't have anything much and some parts were under construction.

- The Great Hall of the People/ Three Gorges Museum -

How to get there : Take the CRT train from the red line Xiaoshizi Station --> get off at Jiaochangkou Station and change to the green line ---> get off at Zengjiayan Station, Exit A.

The Great Hall of the People is where the world-class concert was held for the leaders and the people. Opposite to this place is the Three Gorges Museum where it exhibits things and treasures found y digging (the entrance fee is required).
I didn't get to visit because I didn't have enough time.

- Metro running through building -

Then, I take the metro and get off at Liziba Station, Exit 2. Then I walk towards the lowest floor, turn left, and walk further about 100 meter to the end of the building. Then, looking up, we will see the railway and wait until the train comes. Here, people come a lot for this scene.

On the way to the airport. I take the CRT and get off at the blue line Jiangbei Airport Station (it takes about 1 hour and the fare is 6 RMB).
The metro fare is really cheap, it's only 35 THB. Once we reach the station, we take the Exit 2.

Before going into the terminal, the staff stick the white sheet on us to check whether we have any unusual substance. If not, we can go in to wait for checking in at the counter which only opens an hour before the flight. We must hurry, otherwise, we could miss the flight. No food is available here, good thing that I have a pie and water. After checking in, we go to boarding pass and passport check point and security check. Well, the security check here is very strict, I almost have to take out my clothes. I've been to many countries and found here has the strictest security check.

Then I reach Thailand safe and sound at 22.05 p.m. and go home.

For every journey... 
I capture the beautiful moment in front of me...
I try to express the feelings via photos...
Hoping everyone can feel that they are with me on the journey...
Also hoping it could inspire some people...
To go out, explore, and experience what I have seen and felt...