"I was traveling to China two years ago. And I suddenly falling in love this country. I visit some main city like Beijing,Shanghai,Shenzhen,Xian,Guilin and Guangzhou. Since that time I plan to visit some nice city in China. And because I saw some nice scene from the big production movie "Transformers" shooting from this place. Then I decided "Chongqing" will be no.7 city of China which I will visit."

Chongqing is the main destination which we planed for this time but because my friend recommended to visit Wulong as well so we spent one night in Wulong.

Today afternoon after we visit all the places we want in Wulong then our tour guide took us heading to Chongqing and it was around 3 hours not because of traffic but distance from Wulong to Chongqing is quite far (similar distance from Bangkok to Hua Hin or Khaoyai)

We arrive to hotel in Chongqing in the late evening so we just checked in at hotel “Wanyou Confier Hotel, Chongqing”.

The hotel is so nice and staff took us to the room and he taught us some Chinese words at least we know that our room number is “Er Sue Lhin Sue (2404)”.

Our room is on 24th floor with nice view. Room size is big with carpet floor. But their carpet floor look clean, bath room also big and clean. All amenities are set up and some small lovely “Lady Set”, so lovely.

After checked in we went out to find somethings for dinner. Crossing the road in the area must be by tunnel and it good that our hotel located next to the entrance so very easy for us.

Along the walk way in the tunnel, we saw lots of shops selling mobiles stuff, foods, snack, juices etc.,

We walk along the road to see what we want to each we found a noodle shop next to the BBQ shop. It is perfect choice as I want to eat noodle as well as BBQ.

Actually, it is not easy to communicate with Chinese people especially in the local market or street food shops. But lucky that I have translator application then it fun and easy to communicate with them. And most of all people here are so lovely as same as Thai people they try to understand us. Especially the owner of noodle shop.

She is very lovely lady, I took photo from cut out in front of her shop to show her which menu I want and to make sure that I can get the meat which I can eat.

I am beef lover while he prefers pork. After tried to order finally we got want we want. Besides of that that lady help me explained to the BBQ shop to get my order with one pork,2 chicken and one pork sausage.

We were enjoy eating noodle and BBQ and that lady keep tried talking with us via translation application.

After dinner then we walked back to hotel to unpack and relax as we will stay here for 3 nights then we still have lots of time to explore around.

“Second day in Chongqing”. Tour guide picked us from hotel around 9am and took us to visit the Art Town where all the buildings in that area got painted by artists.

I like this kind of art. It look lively and fun, I can imaging the feeling when the artists paining these graffiti.

We walked in to the art gallery where we saw some amazing art of sculptures in the garden.

And when we got in to the gallery we found that there are 4 floors and Charlies who is our tour guide suggest us visit all four floors but he preferred to sit and wait for us outside to let us spend time as much as we want.

And we finished all 4 floors in 30 minutes. I like art but sometimes art is not easy to understand and too many pieces of sculptures here which we do not understand what the artists tried to present.

We left the gallery and next place is the old market. Charlie told us that this market is look like “China Town” in Chongqing. The name is Ciqikou Market.

We arrived to the market and first thing I did is go direct to the black jelly with ice because this is his favorite menu.

After that my favorite menu BBQ.

This shop selling only pork and squid but there are many people on que to buy. I got 2 pork and 2 squid. And yes the taste is so good.

You can see many people in the pictures carry BBQ in their hands. This is what you can not miss if you travel to this market.

We continue walking and enjoy seeing people try to present their products to tourist. I ask Charlie take us to buy chili powder which I can put on any BBQ when I reach home to get the same taste like here.

I got what I want.

We still keep walking in the market and I told Charlie to wait for us and let us walk by ourselves. We keep walking deep into the market.

There are small streets where there are shops, restaurant and even hostels.

We spent around 1.30hours at the market and full with the street food especially BBQ. The most I like is this one.

Before we left the market. I saw a shop selling fresh orange juice so I tried one. The taste of the orange without syrup is so good.

And I got small cute souvenir for my sister.

And nice blue skirt.

The day is not finish yet Charlie took us to another art gallery call “TESTBED2”

He told me that this building use to be the apartment for the employee of a industrial company but now turn to be modern art gallery and there are shops, restaurant, café, coffee shops.

The old building still keep some old style while they decoration with modern architectures to make this place so cool.

I got many shots from this place.

See this amazing car on the top of the building.

We had noodle for lunch today and my menu is noodle with pig’s liver.

Before we left I got one ice-cream

Last place for today is the park where there is the house which some of Prime minister of China used to stay here.

The park look nice but the highlight is the view to see the river and another side of the river.

Chongqing is big city in my opinion and Charlie said that Chongqing is very good developed city in China and I agreed.

After enjoyed the view then we left the park and heading to the hotel.

On the way back we asked driver drop us at one shopping mall as we want to see what they selling in the shopping mall here as I saw lots of small shop along the road.

At the shopping mall which is not that big but they selling variety of stuff. However, we did not get anything from this mall.

We walk back from the mall to hotel by using tunnel to cross the road and when we reach to hotel we decided to continue to find dinner before go to our room.

And we went to the same shop and I order same menu The lady remember us and she gave me bigger size of noodle with full of beef today and helped me order BBQ as well.

After dinner then we walked back to hotel to shower and relax.

“Third day in Chongqing” Charlie picked us around 9am as same as second day.

But today we will take long drive to another district (around 1.30hrs).

The place call “Dazu World Cultural Heritage Park” to see the rock carving.

We arrived to the park and after finished ticketing process by Charlie. We took the shuttle car around 10 minutes.

At first sight when we reached to the mountains with the carving along the way around 1 kms. and we say “amazing”. There are hundreds pieces of rock carving and Charlie told us that these carving have around 800 years old.

There are some pices still look almost complete while some already destroyed by nature.

All the carving is about Buddhism, sins, hell and heaven.

We spent around 1 hour at this place and enjoy seeing around.

There are some carving inside the small cave.

There are many carving of Quanyin.

We left the park and before we move to another place Charlie suggested us to have lunch here as there are not many choice of restaurant in another place.

The menu today is fried vegetable, spice pork and sweet and sour fish.

You can see what I have on the table to help me eat more. Because myself is spicy type so all meal for me have to have chili.

We finished lunch and then continue to visit “Beishan Rock Carvings”. Charlie told us that carving in this are much more older than Baodingshan Rock Carvings which we had visit in the morning” this area is more than 1000 years old.

I saw many pieces of carving are not completed because they are old but still understand what are those carving telling about.

But this place is much smaller than Baodingshan so we spent around 30 minutes then we finished all.

We left Beishan and heading back to Chongqing and the last stop for today is Hongyadong Cave Cultural Center.

We reached to the bid old building with full Chinese architecture styles. But it amazing that they built these buildings on the cliff and up above these building are modern style buildings.

They are the mirror which reflect the past and present and to see how good their construction quality.

We got some souvenirs for our friends.

And this is not the end of the day as Charlie told us that he will take us to try Hot Pot which is one of the signature of Chongqing.

The restaurant is nice and the waitress take very good care of us.

The food is also good but a bit oil so we can not finished all food.

We left the restaurant and heading back to hotel.

But because this is last night in Chogqing so we want to visit another shopping mall. Charlie told us the road to that shopping mall quite complicate and he worry that we might get lost. Then he walked us to that mall.

We reached to the mall in 20 minutes walk (for me it is not that complicate). We let Charlie go home and we enjoy walking around the shopping mall and lucky me I got a pants “Adidas” with very special promotion price.

We looking for sneaker, for me I prefer Adidas while he consider between Adidas and Nike.

But after long walk we did not get it and decided to go back to hotel.

It was shower raining outside but we think walking is easier than tell the way to taxi driver. Then we walked back to hotel.

We completed today with around 20000 steps and sleep very well at night.

“Last day in Chongqing” we do not have much places to visit today as we are flying back home this evening.

First place is cable car. Just we want to compare this one and the one in Hong Kong which we visit last year.

There was a bit long que to get on the cable car. But one car contain around 80 passengers. We wait on queue around 30 minutes.

The cable car took us cross the river to another side in 15 minutes and we have time to walk around the tower to look back the view.

And then we take the cable car back.

I think in Hong Kong is better because the distance is longer then we can see better view. But good to have this experience.

We came down from the tower and walked with Charlie to visit Arhat Temple. The photo is not clear because I took it while we are running to the roof because it was raining outside.

The old temple which many people visit for make a wish.

I like architecture of this temple as same as other temples which I visit.

We spent around 30 minutes at the temple and now we are ready to visit next place which is another one highlight “Outlet mall”.

But before shopping Charlie took us to visit the center of Chognqing.

There are office building, banks, hotels, shopping malls in this area. I feel it look like Siam Square area in Bangkok plus Sathorn road.

And we got nice shot by Charlie with clock tower.

It was traffic jam today so we decided to have lunch before move we asked Charlie to take us to the local restaurant because I want to have again noodle as we do not know when will we travel to Chongqing again.And Charlie never disappoint us.

We got noodle and besides of noodle I got spicy chicken.

You can see how much chili they put in.After finished lunch then we move to the last stop.

We reached to the mall around 2.30pm and we have to leave here around 4pm to airport. We thought that it is more than enough time for shopping.

But we were wrong because there are lots of shops here.

However, what we are looking for is sneaker and we firstly found Adidas then we immediately checked in.

Finally, we got what we are looking for. Both of us.

We left the mall around 4pm sharp because we worry about traffic because today a bit traffic jam.

And we reached to airport around 4.30pm. Say good bye to Charlie and checked in and the walked to the gate and waiting for flight which departed around 6.45pm. Charlie is a chubby guy with light blue polo shirt in the photo. A guy who keep cheering us to jump in every places. And took us to the good food.

It was fully good memories from Chongqing. I love every places we visit, and I envy people who live here as they have good weather (17-22 degree). No pollution, clean city, good food, easy life, mountains, river etc.,

I’ve told Charlie that I will try to convince my group of friend travel to Chongqing then I will come again.

I love Chongqing and I love China and I start finding the information about other city of China for my vacation next year. Bye bye China and see you again soon.



 Wednesday, October 16, 2019 10:47 AM