Because of hot weather in Thailand, today Foh Fah have one chill & chick cafe to introduce, you can sit and work here instead of stay at home and turn air condition whole day. This cafe is not hard to find if you come by BTS, get off at Victory Monument Station exit 2 and walk to Soi Rangnam around 300 metres. Then you will meet Bean Around Cafe. It is right opposite the King Power Complex.

Bean Around Cafe opening hours is between 7.30am -8.00pm. For anyone who is looking for a breakfast restaurant that easy to get, this could be the one of your choice. They also provide All Day Breakfast too.

When we get in, there are many styles of tables that you can choose whether you come by yourself or in group. The most important thing is there are electric plug for connecting in every corner. Do not have to be worry about your lap top's battery because you can recharge any times while working here.

Today Foh Fah intend to come here for reading books for up coming exam. I order Caramel Macchiato Freppe' and Sandwiches while reading. At least I have something to eat so I do not fall asleep. ^__^

For Caramel Macchiato Freppe', it is less caramel for me and for a caramel coffee lover might not like it. It should have more sweet and smell of caramel. But for sandwishes I will give full marks. When I taste it, it makes me feel like "Hey it is taste so good" and it can make me full even it does look very little.

Zoom...Zoom ^^

And end with Hot Chocolate, I think it is already perfect do not have to add any more sugar. But for somebody who does not like sweeten it might be too sweet for them. There is also Dark Chocolate if you like to order one.



Trip: I would say that it is very easy to get from the BTS and it is not hard to find as I thought. But it is going to be difficult for some one who have their own car it quite hard to find a parking spot so I give 4.5/5 :)

Atmosphere: I think it is good, not too busy, and I think it is good for reading and working too. Providing free wifi and connecting plug I really like it. so I give all I have 5/5

Price: All drinks here are medium price such as blending caramel big cup is 95 baht, Sandwiches 89 baht and hot chocolate 60 baht. so for the price i give 5/5 as well

Taste: I am caramel coffee lover so this Caramel Macchiato Freppe' is a lilttle disappointed me so 2/5. For hot chocolate, I like it because of sweeten from Chocolate I give 4/5. And the last one, as I said before it is taste so good so 5/5 for that too.

It is almost Songkarn now I wish you all travel safely >>> Do not forget to follow me where I will go next >>> To be continued. ^^

Fahpawa - Travel and outing

 Friday, April 10, 2015 6:27 PM