"A picture is worth a thousand words, Bolaven Plateau"

Sabaidee everyone, today we would like to take you all to the place that plentiful of nature in Southern Laos which is Bolaven Plateua

Bolaven Plateua is located in Dong Hua Sao National Park, Paksong, Champasak. In the past, it used to be inactive volcano and located at the height of 1000 - 1300 metres above sea level which make it cold all year. There is no summer here as the average temperature is about 25 degree Celsius. It is a good place for planting coffee beans especially Arabica.

Moreover, there are also many falls which local people call TAD such as Tad Fan, Tad Pha Suam, Tad Yueng, Tad Champa, etc. Those falls can be reach by car and by feet.

We probably see Caulokaempferia blooming all over Bolaven Plateau. They are blooming during May - July of every year. Then we can go to the falls which are Tad Kamued and Tad Sue. Moreover, there is Tad Taget which is known as the Lung of Southern Laos. We cannot go this falls at that time due to there is too much water and we are afraid that it is going to be dangerous.


  • Bangkok - Chong Mek Border, Ubonratchathani; 700KM.
  • Chong Mek - Pak Che; 40 KM.
  • Pak Che - Pak Song; 50 KM.
  • Pak Song - Baan Nong Luang 12 KM.

We rent a car from Chong Mek to Nong Luang....

Due to traffic during Buddish Lent Day, we arrive at Baan Nong Luang about 6.00 pm. So we have to hurry to Yai checkpoint for camping. This is our first time to be hiking at night with the distant of 5 KM. and take us about 3 hrs. to get there, it is very exciting.

For slug, do not worry, we only see one of them.

It is muddy everywhere....

Crossing the canal or using sling bridge...

The water level is above knee length and rapidly flow so be careful.

Finally, we are here at Yai checkpoint.

In the morning, walking around the pine yard or Yai checkpoint which is full of fog and Caulokaempferia blooming.

Feeling so fresh^^

The atmosphere is similar to Phu Kradueng or Phu Soi Dow in Thailand but different.


Burmannia Disticha

Monkey Cups

Waking up, washing face by the water from the ground....

The next day

We walk to Tad Sue and Tad Kamued : Distant of 3.5 KM.

Mostly, we have to walk down the mountain, we spend 2 - 3 hrs at the falls and come back to the camp for the beautiful sunset.

Leaving the camp to the falls

Tad Kamued Waterfall

Tad Sue Waterfall

Look!!! Around our camp is full of Caulokaempferia and the weather is not hot at all.

It is cloudy tonight so we cannot see anything, let's come back for a photo next time. We believe that it is going to be a wonderful sky.

The last morning here, enjoying Caulokaempferia for the last time.....

Thank you very much

- Khun Oat and Team from Share Trip Tiew that take care of us during the trip

- The friendly carriage person from Baan Nong Luang

- Everyone on the trip that we all have a very good time together

It is time to go home...

We will definitely come back again....

Hahaha....the car is down at Pak Che

As people said a picture worth a thousand words, we might not be able to explain every feeling and moment. We would like you all to come and see for yourself. We guarantee you will not be disappointed and will fall in love with it.

"If you do not go out, you will not see anything" Life is a journey...

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 Sunday, August 20, 2017 12:03 PM