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Today, we would like to recommend you place to stay and where to stop by is Khao Yai. All these recommended places, we have been there before so some photos have taken long time ago.

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1. Sala Khao Yai

Where we will never forget and you should not miss with any reasons. At that time we stayed in Pool Villa No.4 which you can see the view right from your bed.

Direction: From Tanarat road to Khao Yai National Park, before the park turn left to Wang Nam Kiew

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2. Bar I Tim Khao Yai

A cute cafe in Modern Thai Tropical Loft style

Good atmosphere and menus are Hamburger, Spaghetti, Bakery and Coffee

The highlight is Homemade Product

Direction : From Tanarat Road turn to Pak Chong then turn right at the wind wheel intersection, you will be there.

3.Yellow Submarine

The cafe in submarine style which is very unique.

Chick and chill

Recommended menu is Black Honey Toast

Direction : located on Pan Suek - Kudklao Road

4. Birder's Lodge

A cute cafe with resort at the back

A wooden building is a good location for photographing.

Cute menu is Italian soda topped with candy floss

Direction : located on Pan Suek - Kudklao Road opposite Pen Laos Restaurant.

5. Mew

The Homemade Cafe & Bakery in the middle of greenery, chill and chick

There are both drinks, snacks and meals available

Direction : KM. 12 Tanarat Road (On the left)

6. Ribs Mannn

New restaurant of Smoke House in castle

Fusion food mixed with Thai style and variety of steak

And selection of wines as your preference

My favorite is Salmon in fish sauce with rocket salad

Direction KM. 4 Tanarat Road

7. Primo Piazza

The European Style Cafe and Vineyard

The time passed, it renovate and change from Primo Posto to Primo Piazza that provide cute cafe, sheep farm and Alpaca

There is entrance

Before 5.00 pm. : Child 50 THB Adult 100 THB

After 5.00pm. : Free when having dinner at any restaurant in Primo Piazza

Direction : Pan Suek - Kudklao Road (On the right)

8. Green Oak Bistro

The good atmosphere restaurant in Escape Khao Yai Hotel which is located on the second floor of the front building.

There are both Thai and fusion food

On that day we only have a drink and bakery but there are many cute corner for photos.

Direction : Escape Khao Yai Hotel Pan Suek - Kudklao Road

9. 23 Deegree Condo

Located in the same area with Escape Khao Yai Hotel

If you like a peaceful and silent room we recommend Pool Access which there is a pool right next to your room.

We have booked Favstay that has 2 bedrooms (For 6 people). The average price is not expensive and suitable for friends and family enjoying swimming together.

Direction : Escape Khao Yai Hotel Pan Suek - Kudklao Road

10. Larn + Lee + Larh

The healthy Thai restaurant, No MSG, Tasty and not expensive

There is Rak Kan Cafe located next to the restaurant with vintage decoration

Direction : KM. 9 Tanarat Road (On the left)

11. Larn+Lee+Lax Boutique Resort Khao Yai

The resort behind Larn Lee Larh Restaurant

At that time there are only 2 buildings but now there are more

With unique decoration, different coulor in each room

Direction : KM. 9 Tanarat Road (The same as Larn Lee Larh Restaurant)

12. Midwinter Green Restaurant Khaoyai

Before used to be the location of The Smoke House Khao Yai

Now become a restaurant that service for both Thai and fusion food, desserts, bakery and wines. There are both table indoor and outdoor.

Direction : KM. 6 Tanarat Road

13. A cup of love

A cute cafe in Wang Nam Kiew where people said that it is No. 7 Ozone area in the world

Good for relaxing day with greenery around you

There are food, drinks and rooms as well as sheep farm to visit.

Direction : From Tanarat Road heading to Khao Yai National Park then turn left to Wang Nam Kiew, continue driving passing Valavian Resort (60 KM. from Khao Yai National Park Entrance)

14. Toscana Valley

Toscana Valley, the Italy of Khao Yai is the luxury villa project that has golf field, villa, and restaurant inside the project

At that time, we did not go inside and take a photo around the area.

You can stop by enjoy the drink and walk around in the city of Toscany

Direction : From Tanarat Road heading to Khao Yai National Park then turn left to Wang Nam Kiew

15. Veravian Resort

There are many room types and swimming pool is available 24 hrs.

The resort is located on the mountain with wonderful view of Wang Nam Kiew

There is also a cute coffee shop in front of the resort

Direction : From Tanarat Road heading to Khao Yai National Park then turn left to Wang Nam Kiew

16. Flora Park

It is a botanic park that has many plants from each season rotating in the park

At that time we did not go inside due to limited of time

Mostly it is open during November - February

Direction : Road No. 3052 Wang Naw Kiew - Khao Phaeng Ma KM. 9 (Wat Pho Chalerm Phrakiat Intersection)

17. Penlaos

The I-sarn food restaurant which is very famous in Khao Yai

Delicious, No MGS and not expensive

Recommended menus is Fried chicken with salt

Has special menu in some days

Staffs are nice and useful

Direction : Pansuek - Kudklao Road opposite Birder's Lodge

18. Pha Keb Tawan Tublan National Park

Attend the Afforest activities by using catapult to throw the seeds into the forest and let it grow up. (Seed bag 10 THB)

Direction : Tublan National Park

19. Dairy Home

The restaurant that we always stop by

Recommended menus are Fried pork's leg with marsh potato and
sunflower seedlings spicy salad. These are the menus that we order every time.

There are also selections of wine per your preference

For the shop, there are organic vegetables, fresh milk and other souvenirs

PS. Photos was taken by mobile phone

Direction : The beginning of Pan Suek -Kudklao Road next to Mitrapap Road

20. Palio

Travelling to Khao Yai in Italian style

It is a community centre that provide restaurants, souvenir shops, cinema and hotels

It is going to be a place that you can take a lot of photo

Direction : KM. 17 Tanarat Road

These are all about the 20 places to stay and visit at Pak Chong - Khao Yai - Wang Nam Kiew.

Hope that it will be useful for you all to prepare yourself for the next trip

If there are any mistake please accept my apology due to most of them we have been there long time ago. We have been to Khao Yai quite often but did not do the review, but now we have put them together for all of you. If you have anymore question, you can visit my page at https://www.facebook.com/lattepunyenyen/

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