It was the 32th Anniversary of Amari Don Muang Airport on 09/09/2015. It is actually not relevant to me but one of my friend at Amari has sent an e-mail to invite me to participate in this special event. After getting the invitation, I am interested to attend and have the delicious meal in the restaurant at this hotel (I take my wife to this event too). To be honest, it is hard to reject the complimentary offer, hence I reply to his e-mail and ask whether it is possible to reimburse the transportation charge. Then, he tells me that it is not an issue as long as the van driver of ordinary route Rangsit - Vibhavadee - Lad Prao accepts to write a receipt for me.

Amari Airport Don Muang Airport might be familiar by those who frequently fly because this hotel has been established for 3 decades. Furthermore, this is also the most convenient hotel in term of accessibility among other hotels in this town because it has the sky walk behind Don Muang railway station connecting to the hotel. I have just noticed that this hotel does not only comfortable room but it also has delicious menus for outside guests and it is our main target for this visit.

It is not necessary to mention further, I think it is the time to enjoy our moment in this hotel.

I carry the big bag as if I get off from the plane but I actually get off from the van. Finally, I reach the hotel around 10.00 hrs. It is not difficult to find the hotel because to you can obviously see its outstanding sign since you stand at the railway station.

Once I come inside the hotel, I can feel that this hotel is more suitable for traveler, business trip or seminar than leisure. The lobby lounge is luxurious in according to 4 star hotel.

I have left my bag at cashier, then I start searching for the right corner to take some photos and take the escalator to the 2nd floor. So, it is the time for lunch buffet at The Bridge restaurant, the name of this restaurant is given very clear meaning because it is located on the bridge which connect to Don Muang Airport. If you prefer to cross the road, you can also do that. Indeed, I would like to share some point that the bridge is well built in the good condition, it is better than normal bridge.

The Bridge restaurant opens daily from 07.00 hrs. - 20.00 hrs., it is not necessary that you need to stay in this hotel because the main target of this restaurant is served for those who come to the airport, await for the flight, pick up someone etc. The highlight of this restaurant is that there will be lunch buffet at 11.00 hrs. - 14.30 hrs., it costs 170 baht per person. This is very cheap price for having buffet in 4 star hotel. As I can see now, most of guests are Chinese, Thai and European.

There are various men to choose for both authentic Thai and international menu. And I have fermented rice flour noodles with chicken green curry. The taste is so good. There are also interesting menus such as spicy minced pork with glass noodle, stir fried meat with black pepper, stir fried chicken with sauce, steamed mussel with herbal, deep fried fish, Tom Yum fish soup etc. I forget to tell that there is also mushroom soup to eat with bread.

For light food, we also have veggie salad, fruit salad, fruits, dragon fruit, cantaloupe, grape and dessert. I can be sure that I will be extremely full.

If you would like to order for cake or other beverages apart from drinking water and soft drinks, they are subjected to additional charge. For buffet will be served in according to your order, the price is not so expensive, it is cheaper than many restaurants in airport. It is no doubt that there are many customers in this restaurant. I have spoken a lot, it is time to eat.

After finished having meal, it is time to go to my room, I take the lift right away after I have finished checking in. My luggage and tripod are already in my room. Once I open the room, I feel worried a bit of how to use such the wide space of this room. The hotel has arranged Grand Deluxe room for me.

The amenities are promptly provided in the room. Furthermore, the iron and ironing board are also available to serve the target customers. The wide bath tube in the bath room can make me feel so comfortable once I soak my body into it. But, I also have a doubt that there is no spray hose in the toilet, I ask the staff and been informed that it is not available due to the position of sanitary wares. But, the spray hose is available in other room types.

As previously mentioned, there are 5 floors in this hotel but the balcony is available on the fifth floor only.

Regarding to the photo, we will see that the hotel building has been built for a long time but it becomes really clean and nice to stay once it has been renovated. This can be well guaranteed because this hotel has been chosen as the location for many tv programs and dramas. There is also a scene of a drama to be produced in the period of my stay. Believe it or not, there are about 400 rooms on the fifth floor but If you do not remember the direction, it will be easy to get lost.

I have got sometimes to have a look at another room types which are Deluxe Pool View, Deluxe Family and Bedroom Suite. The most luxurious room of this hotel is Bedroom Suite, this room type has bed room and living room separately. This room is for the lover couple who has wedding ceremony

in the hotel. But, this room is also offered for other guests in case the rooms are fully occupied.

I have enjoyed seeing around the hotel and found that the main customers of this hotel are passengers, airline staffs, seminar groups etc. This hotel has a very big convention room which can accommodate the wedding ceremony, seminar. I have got a chance to see that the hotel staffs are preparing for the upcoming wedding ceremony as well.

The fitness is also available in this hotel, most of the people who come to use this fitness, are those who attend seminar for many days.

I take a walk to the swimming pool where is located on the second floor, I do not hesitate to find the right corner to take the photos. Even though, the external building condition is a bit old but the internal condition is very new.

Once I check in, I have got 2 coupons for complimentary drink at the lounge. So, I will chill out over here, I am able to use the coupon to exchange for a small bottle of beer, soft drink or beer. I have compared the price of each choice, beer is the best choice. But, I prefer to order for a bottle of Coke at this moment.

I chill out and take some photos at the swimming pool for a while, then I go back to my room before having the dinner (my lunch has not been completely digested yet) at Henry J. Bean's Bar and Grill restaurant, this is American style restaurant.

Furthermore, this restaurant also opens for the general customers, it is not necessary to be the hotel guests. It opens daily from 07.00 p.m.. It closes at 01.00 a.m. on Monday till Thursday and at 02.00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. Most of the people may not know that they can actually have the dinner at this restaurant because this restaurant is located in front of the convention room, thus people may think that this restaurant is only for the hotel guest due to it location. This restaurant is one of the good choice for those who are seeking for the nice restaurant to have delicious dinner surrounding with perfect ambience at Don Muang.

As mentioned earlier that this is American style restaurant, it is American chain restaurant which can be found in many continents. Most of them are located in the restaurants nearby the airport. There are various menus available in this restaurant which are Western, American, Mexican and Japanese style. Whisky and draught beer are also available.

My table is reserved and Hack Snack is the appetizer and followed by Nachos with BBQ chicken wings, deep fried onion. BBQ chicken wings is so delicious,it goes along very well with Nachos. Our main course is BBQ spare ribs accompanied with mashed potatoes, it menu is super delicious but it is quite difficult to rip out. Grilled Sablefish with Teriyaki sauce is also nice and tasty menu.

However, Fahjita is the most recommended menu, it is Texas - Mexican style, the chicken meat is served in the hot pan (you are able to choose which type of meet you prefer), this menu is accompanied with Tortilla and various sauce. You can simply take chicken meat and put it into the Tortilla, it looks like kebab, the taste is so good. I really like it.

There is also live band to play music until 09.00 p.m., the live band performs everyday except Sunday. This is also the nice place to watch the football matches.

It is the perfect dinner for me because of delicious food, good atmosphere and beautiful music, this is really a good chance for me and my wife to have such the comfortable stay at this hotel.

Furthermore, there is another restaurant in Amari Don Muang hotel, which is Zeppelin. You are able to have breakfast and lunch buffet like The Bridge but food line is more luxurious than The Bridge, the price is higher than The Bridge, the main customers of this restaurant are hotel guests, I have taken some photos to present you as well.

Even though, it is the short stay but I can have various aspects of Amari Don Muang Airport, this makes me know that this hotel does not only welcome hotel guests but it also welcomes general people who would like to experience the tasty menu at anytime. I have talked with my wife that if we have got the chance to come to this area for having the flight or taking the train, we will come to visit this hotel again because I really like with the tasty menus of the restaurant in this hotel.

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