Hello! I'm back again. This time I'm back with a romantic review because I get a chance to have a dinner cruise on the river. I have never done cruising and dining in a magical atmosphere along the Chao Phraya River like this before. Thus, I'm very excited about it.

We must come to River City Shopping Complex to embark at Si Phraya pier. It's not difficult to get here. Those who don't have a car can easily take MRT to Sam Yan station then continue with a motorbike taxi. It's pretty convenient and fast. Some people may take taxi instead which is also fine.

Firstly, we must go to the check in counter of White Orchid River Cruise to get a ticket before embarking. The officer will inform the gate number and I am to embark at gate 1. It's better because it is next to the Tom N Toms coffee cafe.

Shortly afterwards, the cruise ship is anchored near the pier. It's so mighty and magnificent. The music is on. The crews then stand to welcome guests on board.

When we enter to the cruise ship, there are always crews to assist in finding the dinning table. If you can't locate, they will take you to your table. Once, I am seated, I run to capture the buffet line first. There are a variety of foods such as Thai, Chinese, Western and dessert. There are really a lot :).

After we eat for a while, the show begins. There are Thai classical dancing, singing and a beautiful cabaret. Guests can join in singing together with the singer. I see there is a Vietnamese tourist joining also.

The White Orchid River Cruise is cruising from Si Phraya pier along Chao Phraya River till Rama VIII Bridge and return. The White Orchid River Cruise has a sundeck that is open to the sky as well. Unfortunately, I can't really capture that many photos up there as it is raining. :)

The distinctive prang (spires) of Wat Arun or Temple of Dawn is currently reconstructed. I am sure it will be beautiful again soon. :)

After the show is ended. It's time for guests. The music is on for guests to step out and dance. It is so much fun. Love couples open the floor and following by randomly and funny dance hahaha. (Vietnamese girls dance like their shoes are to fall off)

This dinner cruise is very much impressive. I enjoy the atmosphere that usually Thais may not have experienced. It could have been nicer if it is not raining so I can get up to the sundeck where atmosphere is surely better.

Thank you to the White Orchid River Cruise for this special dinner cruise:).

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 Thursday, October 1, 2015 6:00 PM