It's time that a cameraman has a hunger for adventure and fun life.

And it's a must to leave a professional camera behind but still cool photos are wanted.

The result is...!!!

A chill out trip to have fun at Thongsomboon Club, Pak Chong District


A Great Action Camera Panasonic HX-A1

From Saraburi Province, we turn right and head to Pak Chong District about 66 kilometres then we arrive at the adventure land.

GPS Coordinates of Thongsomboon Club: 14.729838, 101.391376

Finally we arrive in Thongsomboon Club and we head to the Adventure Zone immediately.

There is no admission fee but the round trip shuttle service to the Adventure Zone costs 50 baht. To walk is about 2 kilometers. I don't recommend at all, as it's so hot and sunny.

Alright, we are so ready, we drop a professional camera and take a new Action Camera with stylish look similar to a small flashlight. Its colour is orange like a kind of orange that use to make a sacrifice to gods among the Chinese. Richer and wealthier!!

We are ready to go! Please follow. There are more than 10 types of playthings, which cost the same at 150 baht each. If you buy 5 tickets, you will get 1 ticket for free.

Those yellow circles mean we have played already. We are 2 people and we buy 10 tickets so we get 2 tickets for free haha.


It is similar to hill tribe racing cart, which has no engine. It counts on gravity to move along the slopes of the mountain. Photos are wanted so what should we do. We have this Panasonic HX-A1.

We stick it in the middle of handlebars.

To enjoy in the air with

Flying Fox

I stick the camera in one ear and quickly go. I have both fun and impressive photos. (I will put them in a short clip at the end of this review).

After playing Luge and Flying Fox, we take a free chairlift back to the starting point. However, it is chargeable and count as one type of plaything if you want to take a chairlift forwards and backwards.

Let's continue. It's super fun. There are not many people on weekday and this means we don't have to queue up^^.

Log Ride

The Log Ride is a great fun with water splashing. There is no need to worry about Panasonic HX-A1 because it's waterproof camera without wearing any covers. Let's go!

Racing ATV

An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or a four wheel bike. We drive this through the given directions about one and a half kilometers distance.

What a great fun!!!

Next to the ATV racing field, it is a Go Cart station, a four-wheel low loader kart. We don't have enough time to play this because there is another racing plaything nearby, which is...

Buggy Ride

A four wheel, two seat buggy. It requires two people with two tickets. Although you want to go through this fun alone, you still need to have two tickets. It's count by buggy.

We attach Panasonic HX-A1 camera at the rear of the buggy to shoot through the dust. Again, there is no need to worry, as it's a dust-proof camera. Wow!

We look at the time. It is already five o'clock. Just about run out of time while there are still four tickets left. What to do? At first we are to pay BB Gun but we afraid that we can't make it on time. However, staff tells us that there is something available.

It is at the outside zone (somewhere at the parking). It's a laser gun and there is a photo studio to wear cowboy outfit and take photos. Oh! It's quite interesting thus we agree with the staff. The shuttle service is called to take us to outside. We use the same ticket that we buy before at 50 baht for this ride.

The sun light is so beautiful, thus the staff is so kind to start up the buggy engine again, drive out and park it for us to shoot a few photos while we are waiting. At this point, I take my mobile out and open Panasonic Image Application that I already downloaded to be a remote screen. Then I adjust the camera mode to still image.

Click , click and click about two to three times. I have such a pretty model with a scarf on, she looks like a young cowboy girl in this portrait.

The still image mode on this camera can be adjusted to only two modes. These are a normal frame at 120° angle of view and a wide frame at 150° angle of view. Super wide!!

Shuttle service is delayed! We almost can't play anything. The Photo Studio is close so my girl can't have the cowboy outfit on and take photos hahaha.

However, laser tag station is still open for us to play. // It's almost close as well.

Laser Tag

Staff explains how to play, how to aim and how to shoot. The mission is to win over the enemy. The room is almost completely dark. Only fluorescent screen such as walk way and LED lighting on outfit can be seen.

I am told that there will be infrared light to help in aiming to shoot. Once, I know this I change the camera to the mode of O LUX ... Night Mode and take it with me to record the excited scene inside. I am really satisfied.

It's already 6 o'clock in the evening. Time is over with half day trip on a normal weekday but very special. It's full of fun and many memorable photos.

On the way back to Bangkok, we find a restaurant to eat, see the photos and watch the clips through application then share to social medias.

Here you can watch a great 3 minute clip.

Thank you to Panasonic in providing this product to be tested for using during this trip.^^/


 Thursday, October 15, 2015 8:49 PM