The rainy season is almost ended and I have been invited to stay at Mountain Creek Golf Resort and Residences in Si Khio District, Nakhon Ratchasima at the same time.

Mountain Creek Golf Resort and Residences is located right in the middle of the mountains and lush greenery surroundings in Si Khio District, Nakhon Ratchasima.

It is about 200 kilometer-far from Bangkok at the kilometer marker 92 on Mitrapap Road. The resort occupies about 4,400 acres and it comes with Modern African-style guestrooms and three standard golf courses.

I am going to stay in Winter Escape room type with breakfast included for 2 nights.

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Let's get this trip started!

I travel by my private car from Bangkok along the highway number 1 on Phahonyothin Road to Saraburi Province.

I turn right into Mitrapap Road and before getting to the resort, I have stopped at Tao Suranari Garden by Lumtakong Dam to rest for a bit.

Firstly, we are going to pay homage to Lady Mo Monument or also known as Ya Mo. Then we are going to view Lumtakong Dam from the pavilion.

The weather today is kind of on and off. Sometimes it is sunny, sometimes it is cloudy. Anyway, I just enjoy taking photos around.


After that we have left to Uncle Chart Garden directly at the kilometer marker 85 which is not far from Tao Suranari Garden.

It is a popular spot for those who travel to the North Eastern part of Thailand by car to rest, enjoy the view, give a break for the car, use the restroom, or stop for some lunch.

I have never missed this viewpoint overlooking Lumtakong Dam every time I am on this road. It is amazing.

Imagine if you are here in the morning with fresh chilly weather, it would be the best.

Mountain Creek Golf Resort and Residences

Actually, I have driven passed by this place for numbers of times. The entrance to the resort is right by the main Mitrapap Road at the kilometer marker 92 and the clear huge sign can be seen from far away.

I am pretty excited though to go in for the very first time. I have imagined that the resort must be extremely enormous.

Even though it is still in the rainy season, it is not a problem. Because all the trees, shrubs, and garden are all so green. It offers you another relaxing atmosphere.

We have got to make the U-turn from Uncle Chart Garden to the resort which is not far.

After driving in, we are now all surrounded by the forest. I am getting more and more excited so I have stopped for some photos shooting from time to time.

Club House

We are finally here. We have well arrived to Mountain Creek Golf Resort and Residences.

We drive a little bit further in after the resort's sign and the parking space is on the right-hand side. From there, we just need to cross the street to the Club House.

Club House is a huge building with an interesting design. The weather have turned out to be pleasant right now. The sunlight is pretty strong on a clear blue sky like this though.

Let's get in and start the check-in process!

This is the check-in counter.

The check-in process is completed and now it is time to explore the golf course around the Club House a bit. Because the weather is so good but it is very hot.

Let's go and see the view from the top at the rooftop! You can see the mountains and Lumtakong Dam from far away.

Winter Escape Villa

There are 34 Mountain Creek Forest Villas in total. They are designed and decorated in Modern African style and can be divided into 3 types as follows.

1. Winter Escape Villa 26 villas

2. Summer Pool Villa 4 villas

3. Spring Breeze Family Villa 4 villas

I will go into details on each type of the villa later on.

Since it is getting hotter and hotter, I think it is a good time to go to our villa. The golf cart is taking us to the Winter Escape Villa.

Winter Escape Villa is the first category of the villa here. It is about 65 square meters including a terrace, lawn, 1 bedroom (Double or Twin), and 1 bathroom.

The villa that we are staying this time has got a view of the golf course.

There is also a lawn in front of the villa which can be used for activities. It would be so nice especially in winter.

Let's go and have a look inside the villa! As I have mentioned earlier that all villas are in Modern African style so it is very simple and nothing much in decoration.

There are a working desk and a free Wi-Fi. If you lie on the bed, you will be able to enjoy the green golf course scenery. It is very relaxing.

It starts to rain suddenly once we have arrived at the villa. Anyway, there is no doubt since we are still in rainy season.

We are not scared of the rain though. It is even refreshing.

All standard amenities have been well prepared in the villa.

The bathroom comes with a shower and a bathtub. You can enjoy dipping in a warm bathtub anytime.

Twilight Of Winter Escape Villas

Let's see Winter Escape Villa during the twilight in rainy season!

This is the view from outside overlooking the whole villa and the neighborhood.

The new day has come and you can start the day sipping some coffee on the terrace like me.

Then I continue the day with exploring the golf course nearby. I am telling you it is very beautiful.

Summer Pool Villa

Let me take you to see other type of the villas. Let's start off with this Summer Pool Villa!

There are 4 Summer Pool Villas. They are similar to the Winter ones but with the private pool.

Summer Pool Villas is about 80 square meters including a terrace, a lawn, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and a private pool.

The bedroom is well designed and decorated. The bed also comes with a beautiful mosquito net.

Spring Breeze Family Villa

Let's move on to the next type of the villa, Spring Breeze Family Villa! There are 4 Spring Breeze Family Villas. They are perfect for a family or a group of people.

It is about 252 square meters including 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, and a 10-meter long private pool.

This is the second bedroom, it comes with 2 single beds.

The main bedroom is in Safari design and the bed comes with a mosquito net.

A 10-meter long private pool.

The main living room is located between the two bedrooms.

The Rock Restaurant

The evening has approached. I am going to show you The Rock Restaurant where it is located in Club House building.

The restaurant is opened for all meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can enjoy the view while eating here as well.

The restaurant has been well designed. It is totally beautiful especially at night with all the lighting.

The Club House area around the restaurant during twilight is so pretty.


The last morning here just says hello.

I always wake up early to take photos when I travel to both tourist attraction and hotel because the lighting is good.

This trip is without exception, I wake up early and walk around taking photos while enjoying a fresh refreshing air.

Club House in the morning. There are green lawn, green shrubs and trees throughout the resort.

I would say that the atmosphere in the morning is something you shouldn't miss. It is very special.

I am still enjoy my time wandering around, taking photos, and breathing in fresh air.

It is not easy to put my feeling into words. I truly would like you to go somewhere and experience it yourself. It can be anywhere with the nature.

It is time for breakfast. And this is how the restaurant looks like at this very moment with all the bright sunlight.

You can choose to sit indoor or outdoor according to your preference but you might be able to get the better view if you sit outside.

Please keep in mind that these photos are from two mornings together at the breakfast.

After filling up our stomach, it is a good choice to digest the food by walking to Pro Shop, a store where all sport stuffs including golf equipment are available for sell.

Pro Shop is in Club House building near The Rock Restaurant.

After looking around the shop (I didn't buy anything though), I guess I better walk around taking photos again. The weather is so nice.

Swimming pool.

I have come back to my villa for a while and I think I should go out once again to take a look at the swimming pool.

It is not a long walk at all from my villa to the swimming pool.

Golf course.

Mountain Creek Golf Resort and Residences has a golf course with 27 holes.

It is designed by Seve Ballesteros, a professional golfer.

I am going to take a tour around the golf course with this golf cart.

There are 3 golf courses.

1. Creek Course, located near Winter Escape Villas

2. Valley Course

3. Highland Course

Highland Course is the most beautiful one and it is the one that I am going to show you.

Actually, the golf course is temporary under regular maintenance. The staff has confirmed that it is more beautiful during the opening season.

There are some birds and squirrels around.

From my point of view, the golf course is already very beautiful now. It is just the weather that it is partly cloudy so I can't get good photos.

3 days and 2 night of Chaicatawan at Mountain Creek Golf Resort and Residences.

In summary, Mountain Creek Golf Resort and Residences is a golfer paradise indeed.

The golf course is beautifully surrounded by green forest and mountains.

It is also a good choice for those who just want to refresh yourself, and recharge your energy.

The beautiful relaxing scenery will offer you a total relaxation. It is not far from Bangkok either only 200 kilometers away.

Moreover, you are able to enjoy the spectacular infinity panoramic view from the rooftop of the Club House.

The gigantic conference room is also available which comes with a high privacy in the middle of the beautiful nature.

However, the villa itself might be outdated. It would be perfect if some renovations are done. The Wi-Fi connection is not that good either.

If you have got time, please don't forget to fulfill your happiness here at Mountain Creek Golf Resort and Residences.

Tel. 66 (0) 44 756100-5

66 (0) 85 773 9773

I always want to remind all of you that what you have seen in this travel review are just photos, sometimes they are more beautiful than the real ones. On the other hand, sometimes the real ones are more beautiful than what you see in the photos. Therefore, everything has to be seen with your own eyes, go, witness, and experience this beautiful world by yourself.

Smile while traveling through our own nation. And I will see you all again next time.

With love..Chaicatawan...


 Monday, November 16, 2015 11:11 AM