ROOTS specialty coffee shop, special for coffee lover, you cannot say that you do not know this cafe...

In the bar area, there is an Espresso Machine "La Marzocco" 2 heads size and other coffee maker style "Filter" (Photo from THINK BEYOND)

The ROOTS opens only on Saturday and Sunday from 12.00pm to 6.00pm. Actually, ROOTS is a coffee roaster (until present) by Khun Tae, Warat Wichitwathakan Thailand Barista Championship who is an owner and was a representative of Thailand to compete in Barista Championship at Rimini, Italy in 2014. (His last name is familiar because he is a nephew of Major-General Luang Wichitwathakan). ROOTS roasts coffee for ROAST and OHANA which are owned by Khun Tae as well. Moreover, there are other coffee shops that order roasted coffee from ROOTS

Khun Tae, Warat Wichitwathakan the owner of ROOTS
Thailand Barista Championship, the representative of Thailand to compete in National Barista Championship 2014

Normally, If you come to the coffee shop, you will probably order from menu; espresso, caffe latte, cappuccino. But if you come to ROOTS first thing you have to choose is Coffee Beans, if you want it BLEND (Mix) or other recipes at the shop such as Bruna, After Sweet and so on. And Single Origin is selected coffee beans by roaster both from Ethiopia, Brazil, and you probably can find rare coffee beans, expensive price as Geisha from Panama which is BEST OF PANAMA 2014. There is Senior Roaster, Khun Korn Sanguankaew who a professional roaster responsible for the shop. Moreover, staffs of ROOTS are mostly THINK BEYOND's Staff who control all productions both bakery and coffee at ROOTS. You can say that every coffee cup is from a real Barista which makes it different from other coffee shops.

Coffee Roaster Machine of GIESEN

For single original ETHIOPIA which will come with card that explain the origin of coffee, from which source, planter, sea level and TASTING NOTE of this bean. For the first sip, you will sense a Lychee smell right through your nose like Wasabi :)

Now let try BLEND !!!

Combination of coffee beans from 5 origins

Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil, Burudee and Sumatra (Indonesia)

JOURNEY BLAND gets 92/100 from coffeereview

And today we also try BRUNA BLEND which Khun Tae - Warat recommends.

We try both espresso and caffe latte.

Moreover, there is also delicious bakery that you can see right through the kitchen from the mirror.

Additionally, for the payment customers will put money in the HONEST BOX and get change by themselves. The price for coffee is 100 baht/cup and 50 baht/piece. If I find rarely coffee I will give them more than the price rate.

(Entry parking photo)

As I am also a Barista (and about to open a coffee shop #FrancoCafe#FrancoBKK near Akamai-Ramintra toll way next to Lertlah International School. If you come from Kasetsart University, look for milestone no. 234 stay on the right and U-Turn. It will be in front of Autsawayon Showroom# for advertisement), so I have known Khun Tae, Khun Korn and other staffs that why I can go inside and see all the process.

Barista Nook- Krisada shows how to make espresso in ROOTS style that draws on the graph of taste.

For Barista (actually for all profession), adapting and learn new knowledge are very important, no one right, no one wrong only if it suits customers' satisfaction. :))

Even it is closed (But Think Beyond still open), I still come to visit ROOTS.

These bottles that you see are for Batch Brew; there are both Black and White.

And these are BATCH BREW of ROOTS: BLACK (Top) and WHITE (Below)

Photo from RootsBKK

Explaining like a fairy tale but forget to tell the location of the shop. ROOTS is located in Akamai (Sukhimvit 63 the same alley as Esco Bar) in between Akamai 13 and 15. For parking, you can park beside the shop 20 baht per hour (which is very cheap). If the parking lot is full, you can park in alley near by just have to be careful not to obstruct other people exit :)) and again the shop only open on weekend from 12.00 pm to 6.00 pm. :))

Direction by public transportation, the easiest way is BTS and get off at Akamai station, the same side as Major Cineplex Akamai and take motorbike to Akamai 15 "ROOTS coffee shop" it is quite well known around here or taxi.

For payment, using HONESTY BOX; coffee 100baht/cup, Bakery 50 baht/piece and it is now about your honesty and satisfaction to put in this box (It seems like public transportation in Japan)

This is HONESTY BOX and behind that is Thailand Barista Championship trophy in 2014

Photo from

There are also coffee maker and coffee beans selling for you to enjoy at home

Photo from RootsBKK

*BLEND = Mix coffee beans more than 1 type may Robusta, Arabica or Mix Single Origin

*SINGLE ORIGIN = Coffee beans from specific location which has specific taste. They are different in each country, area or even farm because the differences of mineral, soil, water, planting and harvesting create it own unique of coffee beans. And it is often very expensive

Remark: Some photo I take it from fan page and the Internet for explaining clearer to readers that why I add credit under each photo. If there is any photo that original does not like me to use please let me know at [email protected]

Sarun Asawanuchit

 Thursday, April 16, 2015 5:17 PM