Today is an auspicious day for me to write a review of a beautiful resort, which many of you might have been to this place already.

Actually, there are many reviews of this resort on many blogs or websites but I would like to share my great experience with some pictures taken from my heart for all of you to experience together.

This is a dream resort that I really fall in love at first sight when I firstly saw a picture. I waited and waited for several year to have an opportunity to experience this resort by myself.

I have many pictures in my computer. Tons of pictures from many trips have not been reviewed and published but I would like to review my favorite trip at first.

.............Sala Khao Yai Resort ..............

I would like to start with the most favorite picture of this trip, which is a picture of two big sofas next to the pool, complemented with beautiful clear-blue sky.

Finally we arrived. The sunlight is quite strong today.

After parking a car, we will see the long stairs up to the hill top and it makes us want to pause a little bit longer...LOL..It is so high.

Just few steps we nearly reach the lobby...

This is the first view once we reach the lobby area.

It's the most beautiful lobby I've ever seen.

We arrived around noon, which is before the check-in time. So we need to wait for check-in as our room is not ready.

Today the sky is very bright and blue. Although the weather is quite hot, we are always happy when it is sunny with our favorite camera.

The lobby is quite spacious, complemented with beautiful scenery of green mountains.

A refreshing welcome drink made from pandan leaves

This is one corner in the lobby area where we can borrow DVDs and watch during waiting for the check-in time. And it's coming for me to see that the Sala Khao Yai Resort won the Thailand Boutique Award in 2011.

We spend time waiting for our room to be ready about 1 hour by walking and taking some pictures around the resort.

The restaurant is located near the lobby.

Today, the sky is really blue and very sunny.

There are many relaxing corners around the resort but I would like to say "No" after seeing and feeling strong sunshine.

Our room is ready for us to stay in!

By the way, our villa is no.4, which is called "Sala Pool Villa".

A villa with a private pool.

The oval-shaped pool looks quite small but actually it's okay. Our villa is located on a hill with such a great view but the disadvantage is that anybody can see us in the pool from the restaurant. It's not really private.

Our room key is just a normal key. And there's no keycard at all. Therefore, our room will stay cool the whole day because the electricity will not be cut by removing a keycard.

In front of the room, there is a daybed sofa to sit or lie on it while enjoying a beautiful mountain view.

The bed looks very white and clean. Also, it is very soft and comfortable.

There is a complimentary set of dried fruits placing on the bed.

There is a sofa bed in our room, which is perfect for lying down and watching beautiful scenery of mountains and the pool.

There is a bathtub for soaking ourselves with warm water. It is built-in on the ground...So amazing. Actually, this is the first time for me to see this kind of bathtub.

Full of bathroom amenities.

A minibar.

Coming to the evening. Let's go to have dinner!

Today the resort is not fully booked. Only 3 villas have been occupied, which gives us a lot of privacy. While we walk around the resort, we haven't seen anybody here. It's like this resort is only for us....LOL.

After finishing the meal, we are going to have a look at the 1-Bedroom Pool Villa Suite, which is not much different from the Pool Villa. The different is that outdoor area of this villa is quite large like a playground.

The sun is going down. The golden light is shining and sparkling in the sky.

The view from the restaurant is amazing....I hate myself from not carrying a tripod to take pictures in the evening since I am a bit lazy to carry up here, even though we've brought it to the resort. As a result, the picture is tilted and quite blur with lots of noises...So sad.

This is another corner of the resort at night. It looks so beautiful. However, we need to increase the ISO value because it is quite dark.

Now, coming back to our room, we can see that the restaurant is very close to our villa.

Our room has been cleaned with a turndown service. The towels have been changed and the bathtub has been filled with warm water.

Spending time in the pool before going to bed....

Good night Khao Yai...

Good morning Khao Yai...This is the first view after I woke up...Makes me so happy.

An outdoor bed where we can sit or lie down and watch stars at nighttime on our villa's rooftop. Unlike, we can be burnt by the sunlight if we sit or lie down on it right now.

Looking down from the rooftop.

Today, the sky is quite clear. Not much different from yesterday.

Now, it's time for having a meal. The menu is a la carte, which can be ordered the whole day...However, I think there are not many selections of food and drinks on the list.

The massage area is situated under the lobby floor.

Time to say goodbye to Sala Khao Yai Resort.

Sala Khao Yai Resort is located near the Toscana Valley Project. Giving such beautiful scenery of nature and those vintage buildings.

Ending the trip with this picture.

In summary:


- The villa that I stay is very beautiful. After wake up in the morning, the view of green mountains out of windows is stunning. Seeing this beautiful view is worth a thousand words.

- The room is clean. The staffs are helpful, friendly and polite.


- The villa no.4 has a little bit lack of privacy. Other guests can see the villa's pool from the restaurant. However, this can be compensated with a beautiful view from the room.

- There are quite small selections of food at breakfast comparing with the room price.

Overall, I am delighted to give 9/10 for everything here. I am really impressed. And if I have an opportunity to visit here again, I will come back for sure.


 Friday, April 17, 2015 9:16 AM