Hi guys, it's me Chill Journey. This trip I was given an opportunity from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to collect some photos for publicizing the 7 Greens Project " Travel by Heart, Think about Environmental Friendliness" of the TAT at Krabi Province.

I will take you to Krabi in the green tourism way and the TAT is very kind to allow me another company. So then I invited my mom to go along with me on this backpacking trip again after the backpacking trip in Japan and Taiwan that I have already put forward my review.

This trip I especially am excited as I have been reading the TAT magazines ever since I was a child and now I can actually work with the TAT :)

Before going on this green tourism trip, let's see what are these 7 greens.

1. Green Heart

2. Green Logistics

3. Green Attraction

4. Green Community

5. Green Activity

6. Green Service

7. Green Plus: Social and Environmental Responsibility

For me, in brief it is "a concept for the involved people to give importance to global warming and sustainable tourism". For more information, please click http://7greens.tourismthailand.org/ .

We start the trip by departing from Don Mueang International Airport with Nok Air at 10.05 a.m. to Krabi. The travel time is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. It is faster than from my house to Don Mueang.

The view before we reach Krabi from the aircraft, it is very beautiful. And I would like to admit that I've never been to the south of Thailand. I usually travel to either the north or abroad.

Once we reach the airport, I call the rental car that I have booked in advance. This time we use the service from car rental in Krabi. After that, we drive to have our lunch at the famous "Ruen Mai" restaurant in downtown Krabi.

"Ruen Mai Restaurant" has a very shady atmosphere. I talked to the owner of restaurant, he said that the restaurant only uses fresh materials and will not extend the current tables so that they can fully take care of their customers. The owner also said that they usually buy raw materials from local people as in addition to getting fresh materials, the also want to support the locals. I think this idea is brilliant.

After lunch, we then set out for our first mission. We visit the green community at "Ban Koh Klang". Once we arrive at Koh Klang Pier, we need to take a crossing ferry. It takes about 5 minutes and the fee is only 10 THB, very cheap.

The crossing ferry and the locals. We also take something similar to this but with a keel (like the left one).

Looking over to the Koh Klang shore, there's many mangrove trees. This is indeed a green community.

Ban Koh Klong is a green community that emphasizes on nature, so no cars are used. The transportation on this island is either bicycle or tricycle.

Since I have my mom with me and the weather is too hot, to cycling ourselves is not the option so we choose the tricycle service. We got to see the chief village who will give us the information about this village. Bang Roj explains the way of life of people at Ban Koh Klang to us. Most of people on this island is Muslim, so there's 4 prohibitions here.

Alcohol, dog, pig, and Spaghetti Strap.

And there's also 3 great highlight things about this island, which are:

1. Long Tail Boat (Rue Hua Tong)

2. Sang Yod Rice

3. Batik

* If you are interested in visiting Ban Koh Klang, please contact Bang Roj, you will get a really good and sound information back. Tel: 0815690224 (the leader of long tail boat association).

After listening to the great lecture from Bang Roj, now let's go see how they actually make this long tail boat.

I asked Bang Roj curiously.

Me: So how is this long tail boat different to other kinds of boats?

Bang Roj: Long tail boats have bigger bow that can encounter better waves as waves in Andaman can get as high as 2-3 meters.

Oh... in addition to being beautiful, it also helps encounter the waves.


From long tail boat, we walk a little bit further and reach the Sang Yod Rice Center. It is a renowned rice of Thailand. It is very famous that on Ploughing Ceremony, Sang Yod Rice is being put as part of this ceremony. I also get to try this rice, it is very delicious and sell in 100 THB per kilogram.

At Ban Koh Klang, rice is farmed once a year only. They mainly do fishing for living. The time we visited is yet their rice farming season. If you have come here during rice harvesting season, it would be very beautiful.

After the lecture and the talk with Sang Yod Rice Center, Bang Roj takes us back to the tricycle. Now we are going to the batik group.

Let's take a look at batik, another highlight of Ban Koh Klong. Here, they also let you try to make batik. I let my mom shopping and making the batik.

As for me, I allow myself to take some photography on the opposite field as they have many animals that are awaiting for my photography ^^

The Goat

Did you see myna on that buffalo?

It's a bit unbelievable that Krabi also have this kind of great atmosphere.

After the batik lecture (they also let us try it out, sorry that I didn't have any photos here as I was busying taking photo of those lovely animals), we go to the sea. I aim to get a sunset shots here (Moo 3). On how to find the angle at new places? I usually save photos from the internet and see how can I also go to the same place. I asked Bang Roj for it and he gives me the full details of this route, a very big thank to you here :)

Before the sun is set, let's get the community atmosphere shots. I see these young kids playing with the nature, it just feels so good.

Little ducks are walking in order, so cute.

The sun is about to set. This photo is the goat, not a dog (remember that dogs are forbidden on this island).

This is indeed another small unseen place. Ban Koh Klang is a very beautiful viewpoint and we can also overlooking to several famous islands of Krabi.

I take photos until the sun is completely set from the sky. Then it's time to go back to the hotel. I cross the island to the other side and continue the drive to Ao Nang.

We will be staying at Pakasai Hotel, a 4 star hotel that has a great location and very close to Ao Nang. Just a few minutes walk and we will reach Ao Nang. Once open the door, I'm quite stunned by the splendor of the room. The room is beautiful and fully equipped. Such a great place to take a rest.

There's also a Jacuzzi in front of the room. If you asked me is it comfy? My answer is no.....I didn't get to use it. I come home late and go out early......I have no time to enjoy it.

Start our 2nd day of the trip

Today we are going for a diving trip. We hire the boat for 4 people in the price of about 3,000 THB (as of June 2015) for a half day trip. We will be going to Koh Hong, Talay Nai, Koh Pak Bia, and Koh Lao Lading (Paradise). We choose this route because it's beautiful and not so famous like Railay so that it won't be too many people.

If you are interested, please contact P'Kiat at 093-625-3257, the price is not expensive and negotiable.

Our first stop is 'Koh Hong Nai". This place truly reflects its name as being inside the room (Hong Nai) as there's small room between two mountains. It's very impressive. Inside is a small bay, the water is not deep.

The atmosphere inside Koh Hong Nai, you can dive and swim as long as you want as there's almost no people.

From Koh Hong Nai, we are moving to Koh Lao Lading (Paradise). It is also a small beautiful island that you can enjoy diving and swimming.

This is a small beach inside the Koh Lao Lading. My mom doesn't dive so she enjoys her time on the beach.

Then, we move onto Koh Pak Bia. Here, the water is very clear and the sand is very fine.

Did you see those fish? ^^

Selfie Time

After that, we are going to dive at Talay Waek (separate sea). I asked the staff of where is the most beautiful place for diving and they said it's Talay Waek. The staff see that we still have time left (we travel quite fast and stop at each pace very shortly as we get tired easily, haha). So then they also take us to dive at Talay Waek.

Then, I get on the boat and use my DSLR to take another big set of photos. I'm very impressed by this atmosphere and now I also completely understand why many foreigners cross the sea and come this far to enjoy Thai sea and beaches.

Talay Weak is still somewhat separated but not as much as before (I just take form afar and didn't get to go in).

Thailand sea is incredibly beautiful.

This is Koh Hong but we didn't get to stop by for walking as we will go dive at Talay Waek instead.

Take a closer look here and you will see some foreigners are climbing the cliff, I'm so envy them.

The half-day driving trip now ended and we go back to Pakasai Resort to take a shower. I also take some shots of the hotel's atmosphere. Staying here, we can easily hashtag #good life and post in social media. This hotel also corresponds to 7 greens concept by emphasizing the low carbon. They also offer bicycle for rent.

Swimming Pool

After taking shower and having enough rest, we now go to our next green mission. Today, there's activity of "Pan-Ploog-Plem (cycling-plating-eating). Krabi invites everyone to cycling and then plans the mangrove before enjoying several food provided by several hotels in which we can't enjoy much as we have another great dinner awaiting us tongiht.

The activity is held next to this Mud Crabs Sculpture.

After that, the staff at TAT takes us to another recommended restaurant called "Ruen Chan". It is located close to Krabi Airport. The atmosphere is very causal, it's like we are sitting at our own garden.

The recommended dish is this one. It's called pork......oh well, I forgot the name but it tastes like Moo Palo (Stewed Pork with Eggs in Soy Sauce). It is very delicious.

Liang Leaves Fried with Eggs, this is truly a highlight.

Another must not miss dish is "Yum Ruen Chan". The owner said they don't mind if this recipe being further used as the highlight of this salad lies at using fresh shrimp and fresh squid so it's more delicious than elsewhere.

Nearby to Ruen Chan restaurant, there's a walking street of Nue Klong District. This is another recommended place for those coming from the island so you won't have to go back downtown to find something to eat. This place is very near to the airport and offers many delicious food.

The 3rd Day

Today I'm willing to get up since 5 a.m. from my very comfy bed in order to visit another secret unseen place of Krabi, "Nong Talay". That's right, you are not so familiar right? Nong Talay has not yet been officially promoted as the tourist attraction but it's not difficult at all to get there. It's about 10 kilometers away from Ao Nang. Since I've never been there, so I let Google Map take me there.

But the Google take me to the wrong side. It takes me to the front instead of the back which is the place where I want to go and I have marked in below map. It takes me quite a while before I can get to the right place.

I get here just on time right before the sun is risen. I quickly find the spot and take this breathtaking shots. It is so beautiful, everything is so peaceful. The water is completely still and reflecting the limestone mountains. I'm so happy. This is so worth of getting up this early.

Let's continue our happiness. Krabi is indeed not only beautiful for its sea.

After the sunrise, I continue photography. My recommendation is that we need to talk to locals and ask for their permission first as we will need to walk to their houses. This place has yet developed to a tourist attraction so the route is yet convenient.

This photo is me. I go alone so who takes it for me?

Of course, I use the tripod and a 10 second countdown mode.

Get the right angle and set the 10 second automatic taking photo mode.

Then press the shutter, running back and counting 10 to 3 and smile to the camera and 2 and 1 click!

The sun is all up now. Such a pleasant time just by sitting and watching.

This place is not Pang-Ung. Nong Talay in the morning also offers this fog floating over the water atmosphere.

From the Nong Talay, I drive back to meet everyone at the hotel and enjoy delicious breakfast from Pakasai Resort. Then, we go to the famous temple of Krabi, "Wat Tham Sua". It has more than 1,200 steps towards the temple. So here we can also view Krabi from high angle. This place is an ideal place for taking sunrise and sunset shots. I missed it this time as the time is limited. If I get to stay another night, I will definitely come for it ^^

From the Wat Tham Sua, we go to another great place of Krabi. We go enjoy hot spring time at "Nattha Waree Hot Spring". They offer 7 hot water wells in different temperature as you wish. They also have fish spa well and 2 more cold mineral wells. The entrance fee is only 300 THB per person and you can enjoy as long as you want. If you didn't prepare any proper dress, they can give you a free sarong which has already been included in the 300 THB. It is really not expensive.

My mom is a distinguished model for the fish spa well.

This hot spring is looking so elegant. I thought it might have cost at least 500 THB, but it's only 300 THB. I got a bit puzzled.

From the Nattha Waree Hot Spring, we go straight to the airport. And this is the end of our green tourism to Krabi. We also fly back to Bangkok with Nok Air. I love Nok Air for the fact that 15 kilograms free loaded baggage is allowed. My camera bag is already 6 kilograms, in couple with a tripod, if I were traveled with other airlines, I would have to pay extra fee for this. On board, they also serve snack and water which is enough for you to stay out of hunger a while, especially during the morning flight, it does help a lot.

I would like to end my very impressed trip here. Thank you so much for the sponsors and the Tourism Authority of Thailand for inviting me and my mom to backpacking in this trip. I would like to promote the 7 greens project for all the travelers here as well.

Please stay tuned to my journey reviews in following channels, in case it can give you some sort of inspiration.

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