After returning from 17 days dream trip to Switzerland-Italy, I told myself as well as announced to the world via Facebook that...

"This trip made me very full with travel.....from now on, I will stop travelling for a while."

But only less than a month time, the desire to travel comes again.

Oh my....this is really unchangeable habit. I search the internet and find that many people are taking train to have a chic time. But I only have the weekends, where should I go?

....Ayutthaya? I've taken a train alone there, but it's not so cool as it's too hot.

....Sagklaburi? It's so inviting? But weekends alone seems not enough, we should have at least 3 days.

Well, think about it again. Why I only see Bangkok people take the train to chic at other province? Why not us also taking this free train to chic in Bangkok?

Then.... this trip started....I thought about it on Friday and we started our trip the next day right away. I tried to invite some friends on Friday late night and I got 3 companies.

Since I live in Bangkok (suburb area) so I get on the free train at Hua Mak Railway Station. If you are living outside Bangkok, you can check the train timetable at Our destination is "Bangkok" and this means Hua Lamphong (at first I also tried to find Hua Lamhong for a long time).

Our trip starts on the Saturday's afternoon at Hua Mak Railway Station. The plan is we will go take some photos at Hua Lumphong before going to eat at Chinatown in the evening.

Thai railway station can keep the retro atmosphere like no elsewhere.

13:37 p.m. is the time that the free train will be running to Bangkok Station and I arrive 15 minutes early.

We wait for a while and the staff is out to distribute the free ticket at 13.38 p.m. (yes, you read it's already a minute delay). Then, we just need to show our national ID in exchange for the free ticket.

Now that we get the ticket, let's go to Bangkok.

The atmosphere inside the train is quite lovely. If you haven't taken one in a while, you should try it out.

Looking back to the old mode of transportation, despite the Thai train moves slow, it is faster than the cars in Bangkok.

Graffiti in Thai Way

The train stops at each station for about 5-10 minutes for passengers to get on and get off. Then the train officer will come out to swipe the flag.

( When I go abroad, I see the same gesture. Even with the speed train, the staff also needs to make sure that no passengers are in dangerous zone.)

When going pass "the Makkasan train storage place", it signals that we are near to Bangkok now and we can get ready.

Then, the train stops at Hua Lamphong station. Looking at the time.....who said Thai train is not on time, it's "only" delayed by 22 minutes.

This is the train that we took on.

According to our original plan, we meant to take street style photos at Hua Lamphong. Let's see some of them here.

Bicycle in the Railway Station

While many people are doing their duties, some are......

being very diligent.

Hua Lamphong

Finding Directions

After 15 minutes of photo shooting, it's time to stop being a hipster and going back to the normal me.

Chill : Guys, I finished taking photos, let's go to Chinatown, I'm hungry now.

Companies: Really? I thought you wanted to come here for photography, haha.

Our route for this trip is a bit confusing, it's just up to our feeling at the time. At last, we went like this. This is a very good route as some of our friends in the trip used to work in this area and he leads the way.

Hua Mak– Hua Lamphong – Wat Traimit – Wat Leng Noei Yi – Sua Pa Plaza – Khlong Thom– Chinatown – Hua Lamphong

From Hua Lamphong, we are walking towards Wat Traimmit. While we are waiting to cross the street, the people on the opposite side are standing very hippy.

On the way, we also found the super cool car that is not matched with Chinatown at all.

The question is.....then why did you take it?

We are not even reached the temple but already found our first deliciousness "Thai Bovorn Restaurant".

One of our members said that “this restaurant is quite delicious."

Ok then, we will not miss any yummy restaurant. Our target is to enjoy 10 highlighted eating places. This one is just the first soft start.

We order Red Pork Noodle and Shrimp Fried Rice.

The Red Pork Noodle is quite yummy, I give it a score of 9/10.

But the Shrimp Fried Rice is too ordinary, so it only gets 6/10 from me. This is just some snack to fill up our energy and now we are walking to Wat Traimit again. This is a famous temple with golden Buddha statue on top.

When we walk about half up to the stairs and we find "Yaowarat Chinatown Heritage Center" which is looking so elegant and very attractive. So then I asked.

Me: Do we need to pay any entrance fee?

Staff: It's free for Thai people.

Ok then, we do not say no to fee thing. The air-conditioning is cool and the place is looking noble and it's just the place for us to take a walk.

The atmosphere inside is well done. It tells the story of how Yaowarat (Chinatown) was born in Thailand. It also shows when the Chinese immigrants moved here and during what period of time.

My personal opinion is that this place is superb. It exhibits in the way that is similar to oversea museums' standard. Let's say it got my full score. It's even happier when it's free. So, do not forget to pay a visit here.

From the Yaowarat Chinatown Heritage Center, now let's continue our walk on the stairs to pay respects to the golden Buddha.

P.S. For the ladies wearing shorts/skirts above the knees, you will need to rent the long dress.

After that, we also give the offerings to the monks at Wat Traimit for adding some merits to our lives. When we have some merits now, our stomachs also call for some food.

Then we walk pass "Lod Chong Singapore". There's no way we are going to miss it. Why wait, let's enjoy.

We come here as 4 people so 4 glasses as it is. The deliciousness is 10/10. I recommend you guys to try it out too.

P.S. This kind of Lod Chong Singapore, you cannot find it at Singapore. It is in Thailand only.

Nearby offers a lot of deep-fried snacks. One of our group member said that it's very delicious and get us the "Eiw Kuai", the traditional Chinese snack. It is the deep fried stuffed dough. It feels a bit sticky when chewing it, the filling is like Gui Chai. It's quite delicious.

After that, we are walking to Wat Mangkon Kamalawat (Wat Leng Noei Yi). On the way, we see a lot of Chinese herbs shops and many other Chinese things.

Not so long after, we arrive at the temple. Now is about 17.00 p.m. and there's almost no people. Usually, all I see is the incense smoke. I think it might be closed already.

But I really like it when there's no people since I'm allergic to the incense smoke. Usually I have to quickly run out.

Then I pay respects to the sacred gods to ask for more merits to life, wishing this year a safe and fortunate year and that I can travel a lot ^^

From Wat Leng Noei Yi, we walk a little more and then we reach Sua Pa. At this "Sua Pa Plaza", you will see a lot of phone accessories, especially mobile cases, they are so cheap.

If you were buying 3-6 up pieces, you may ask for the 'whole sale' price. You might be surprised that the price can be dropped by 30%. So then, we are having a great time shopping around.

After shopping, our directional leader person said, here, if you walk a bit further, you will see "Khlong Thom".

Ok, let's go. It's not yet dark and Chinatown might still be sleeping. So let's enjoy here first.

The atmosphere is a bit rough. A lot of 18++ adult movies. Some are censored, some are without. They all are clearly categorized by nationality.

Toys, electronic devices and many more are also available here (for the 18++zone, I didn't take any photos).

After having enough pleasure walking and shopping, now it's evening and it's time for our important mission of the day "eating at Yaowarat (Chinatown)" (oh first we just wanted to take photos).

On the way to Chinatown, we see Tuk Tuk, the symbol of Thailand (that Thai people didn't use).

If you see this kind of signs, it means you are already at Yaowarat (Chinatown).

We walk pass many food, but we are so determined to have KuayJab (Chinese Roll Noodle Soup). Then, we arrive at "old market" which is located my number one target today, "Kuay Jab Nai Lek".

It is my favorite restaurant in this neighborhood, it has all my 10 score too. But....a bit warning is that.... this restaurant is suitable for those who love pepper because the soup is like the pepper has been all spilled in (I like it but some of my friend who can't eat spicy food almost cried).

Crispy pork at this restaurant is so great.

As soon as I sit down, my eyes see the sign on the next door reads " A Great Restaurant Level Delicious Hoi Jo (Deep Fried Crab Meat Rolls).

So then, one plate over here. I think it's quite delicious, give it a 9/10 as I used to eat at other place which is a bit more delicious.

After main course, it's now dessert time. We walk and find this shop. Great, one for each.

Chao Gui (Grass Jelly)

Ginkgo in Fresh Milk

Tub Tim Grob (Water Chestnuts in Coconut Milk)

Tao Tueng (Chinese Dessert)

Grass Jelly gets a 7/10 since it's too ordinary.

Ginkgo in Fresh milk (hot) gets a 10/10. It is very delicious in a mellow taste and the ginkgo is also not bitter.

Water Chestnuts in Coconut Milk gets a 8/10. It is quite delicious but still too ordinary.

Tao Tueng gets a 8/10. It is delicious but still too ordinary.

Then we walk a bit further.....Now we are all getting quite full but we see people are all around this place. So we also take a look and find that it's toasted bread shop. Again, we got it "one per each".

We swear that we are already so full, but see what we order....

We ordered 4 pieces.

Milk and butter toasted bread is a 10/10, superb!

Custard toasted bread is a 7/10, a bit too ordinary.

Peanut butter outer crispy toasted bread is a 9/10, delicious.

Milk and butter outer crispy toasted bread is a 9/10, quite delicious.

At first, we meant to enjoy 10 shops but the stomach is not supportive. Only 7 so far and we are super full. So let's go home. Since Chinatown is a one way road, we need to go to the other side to take the bus. After crossing to the other side, we see a shop that is full of people. Then we take a look and learn that it is 'T & K Seafood". If I have a chance, I will definitely come back for it. Is it so delicious that so many people are waiting in line?

Walk a bit further...we see they are cutting roasted pork, looking so delicious.

Once we arrive at the other side, we take the free bus back to Hua Lamphong in order to go home.

( Let's also take a look at the train timetable as it might not be available during late night).

The summary of our half day trip. From the initial intention to only taking the train to chic in Bangkok, I'm not sure how come it has become a trip of enjoying 7 highlighted eating places at Chinatown...

Let's see our expenses.

The Train Ticket…………………………............………..0 THB

The Bus Ticket………………………….................……...0 THB

Thai Bovorn Restaurant ……………............................174 THB

Lod Chong Singapore…………………...................……80 THB

Hoi Jo (Deep Fried Crab Meat Rolls). ……................…60 THB

KuayJab Nai Lek (Chinese Roll Noodle Soup)……….200 THB

Eiw Kuai………………………….............................……50 THB

Chines Desserts……...........................................….....135 THB

The Delicious Toasted Bread at Chinatown ……......…..72 THB

Total…………………………….........................….........771 THB

When divided by 4 people, it is 193 THB each. It is so worthy, you are more than welcomed to follow our route.

I recommend you to go in a group so that you can enjoy more of a variety of food.

More Information On Deliciousness Map

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