Hello friends! Finally I 'm back after a while. I'm really sorry.

I have been travelling in many places to find something interesting to write for all of you to read.

Recently, I have been to Khao Yai to enjoy the winter breeze, the beautiful place and great atmosphere at Castello Khao Yai.

How great the atmosphere is and how chill it can be, let's go through together.

And as usual, I use just a mobile phone to shoot throughout this trip, let's see what I get in return

The Castillo Khao Yai is located in The Eyries Khao Yai, which is in the project development of Toscana Valley Khao Yai. It is quite complicated thus no need to focus on it. It's beautiful therefore let's get to know it more.

The architecture of all buildings is Italian style. It's like the entire Tuscany is moved from Italy to here at Khao Yai.

Let's see the house that we will stay and chill out during this trip. We are really serious about it as you can see that we drive here by 4 cars in total.

The building that we stay is the one on the left, which is the Castello Khao Yai. It is the only one, which is painted in white and located in the heart of the Eyries project.

After arriving, we find a small lovely pantry, which we can prepare food or cook small stuff inside the house.

This zone is the living area and dining room. It is perfectly decorated and I am kind of getting hungry now.

Before continuing to explore this house, let me quickly choose my bedroom and drop my baggage. ^^

The Castello, which we stay, has 4 floors and 6 bedrooms. There is a beautiful lawn and outdoor space for dining, drinking, and chilling as well.

I notice that the sun is about to set thus I rush up to the rooftop. The floor is covered with artificial grass. There are table, chairs and daybed for us to chill. There are many spots to chill up here.

Looking to the left, we see the view of Toscana Valley, which I will take you there later.

Looking straight out, we see something like a tower. After asking the representative of this project, we found that it is the mock-up of leaning tower of Pisa. It will be the same size as original tower but it has not been completed yet.

After walking for a while, the sun is ready to set. Thus, let me shoot the beautiful last light of the day.

It is almost the dinnertime, let's go down to the living room which can seat up to a dozen people.

And this is the place for our dinner tonight. The twilight has completely gone right after shooting this photo.

The table is nicely prepared by the Castello team to welcome our dinner. This is really impressive.

Our dinner is barbecue. We have been shooting a lot during the grill.

I 'd better end it here for today otherwise you will be super hungry. Let me continue eating and skip directly to the following day.

Good morning everyone, it is 08:30 hrs. I have slept really tight. The weather is pretty cool especially during the morning like this.

The idea is to have a good cup of coffee to start a beautiful day. I have heard that the Clubhouse of Toscana Valley serves great coffee. I don't want to miss that, let's check it out.

Driving out just a little till we arrive at the front of Toscana Valley. We still can see the house that we stay by looking up from here.

After continuing to drive inside a bit further , we arrive at the downtown where the Clubhouse should be located.

But where it is, let's walk around to find it. You see that everywhere is so beautiful by looking around.

The atmosphere at the downtown is really like being in a foreigner country even the car park hahaha.

There is also a small state for outdoor event, announcement or news from the village.

There is also florist shop. There are many pretty corners hidden along the way.

And finally, here is the Clubhouse. Let me quickly get some coffee.

Looking out from clubhouse, you see beautiful views of Toscana Valley, mountain and panorama pool.

And here is the iced latte from Toscana Valley. The taste and the scent are exactly like its well-reputation. I like it a lot.

Let's go to chill at the pool after getting a cup of coffee. The atmosphere is not bad at all.

There is also a guest room for 2 people at 4,500 Baht per night inside the Toscana Valley. Guest can access to all facilities inside the valley except playing a round of golf.

The atmosphere around the Toscana Valley is so beautiful. I enjoy walking and shooting very much especially in the evening when the weather is cooler.

It is almost evening not long after walking. I really enjoy it. Let's get back to the Castello and here is my snapshot during the sunset.

I am out at almost the time of meteor shower thus let's lie down, watch the stars and take some photo.:)

Living in Bangkok is hard to see a sky full of stars, it is so amazing here. Therefore, I like to end this trip with this photo.

Thank you everyone for following and reading my review. Sawasdee Khap.


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