Peggy's Cove Resort

Now is the season of eating Durian. We think of Chanthaburi because it is a big source of durian. We can find the best durian from the garden here.

The lobby is designed like the church of Christ of the fishing village

Coffee Cove Shop

We traveled to Chanthaburi province in late because Chanthaburi not far from Bangkok. We only take three to three and a half hours only. The first place we went was the Peggy's Cove Resort. Because my sister ืnever gone.

In side the Coffee Cove

On top of the coffee shop

View on the lighthouse

At Peggy Cove Resort

Pastel house

There is a real stream flowing through it is a swimming pool.

Big swimming pool

Kung Wiman Bay

Sunny at the hillside.

Public Corner

Nang Phaya Hill

Then it was lunch time.

Sea view in the restaurant

Next Stop

Aquarium of Honor, 6th Anniversary of Kung Krabaen Bay

Various types of fish exhibited here.

Moray eel, Mora.

Fish tunnel will be a short tunnel upward looking up to see the fish swim across.

Underwater tiger shark

Watch the fish inside the tunnel.

There are also many fish tanks.

Lamp Sa Ded Beaches.

Grilled octopus

Lamp Sa Ded Beaches.

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