Pa-Karb Durian garden

We came to Chanthaburi with the purpose of finding good durians. Until now we have not found durians. So this will take you to the garden.

Farmer's Market for Garden Products

The first durian garden we went to was. Pa-Krab Durian garden. Here are both fresh and processed garden products.

This is not provided in the garden. But to sell fruit outside. There are Durian, Mangosteen and other.

Out of the garden, we headed to the next garden with a GPS. But we can not find it. Someone says it's gone. He introduced another Durian garden to us. We have to drive for half an hour. The durian garden is near the Khow Sukim mountain, called Arun-Bhurapa.

ArunBhurapa is a newly opened durian garden. They sell fruit such as Durian, Mangosteen, and processed products from the garden. They invited us to visit his garden for free.

Arunbhurapa Welcome

Wholesale fruits are preparing to transport.

Rambutan in the garden

A lot

Durian garden is a beautiful line.

Durian tree

Durian is sold in Arun Burapha


Processed products

Chao Lao Tohsang Beach Hotel Chanthaburi

Tonight we will be at Chao Lao Beach Chanthaburi. We have a deluxe room on the building. But not far away, the beach and rain all night.

Room type

The sun set on the beach

My Deluxe room

The morning activity. Donation with priest

Morning at the Fish Bridge

Near the hotel there is a fish bridge. Every day, fishermen sell sea animals like crab fish, but today it is raining no one comes to sell.

The beach is shallow.

Swimming Du-gong roundabout

We bought the product at the Swimming Du-gong roundabout. Here are a lot of sales. Souvenir Seafood, dry food

Fruit Shop

We buy durians here because they are cheap and of good quality. They guarantee product quality. Then we went back to Bangkok and stopped by the road for visit interest place.


Dry food shop.

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