I still remember one paragraph in tourism magazine which describes the long story of this place.

It gives the clear picture of crowded community with mountain behind and stream in front.

These are just normal photos but so charming and attractive.

This is also another area of my trip " LIFE FOR TRAVEL"


The charming vapor which is floated over the water and covered village thoroughly. And this photo has inspired me coming here.

This trip diary has started at Mae Moei National Park in Tak province.

Then, we have driven along the border to city of the mountain and fog in Mae Hong Son.

We start our journey from central region of Thailand to Mae Sod district in Tak province.
We have seen Muser market on the way to Mae Sot district, we are able to find local product over here.

The season fruit is strawberry at this moment.

As I mentioned previously that you will also find other local fruit and vegetable with reasonable price.

We have also found a small coffee shop where is pretty close to Muser market. The atmosphere of this coffee shop is very nice, it is deserved very with its name " Mitaphab Klang Thang"

There are various corners where you can take many beautiful photos.

Since this place is surrounded with complex mountains, thus you are able to also take the photos from high angle.

We drive the car pass Mae Sod, Mae Ramat and arrive in Tha Song Yang city.

The route is well developed, it is better than last 5 years.

We arrive at Mae Moei National Park in late evening. Even though, it seems quiet but there are still some tourists.

There are 2 choices of the accommodation available in Mae Moei National Park which are house and tent

It is necessary to reserve in advance for staying in house in order to avoid facing with fully booked situation.

For tent, it is available in 4 areas which are Mon Kiew Lom, Mon Phun Suda, Mon Kcru Ba Sai and National Park office.

The first 3 areas are not that convenient but once you open tent you will see foggy see right away.

At Mae Moei National Park area is the most convenient area because it is close to the bath room but it is quite far from view point for 12 kilometers.

Below photo is taken in Mae Moei National Park office area, it is close to the stream.

Below are houses in Mae Moei National Park

I wake up in early morning and walk from Mae Moei National Park office at 5.30 am heading Mon Kiew Lom area where is the highest view point. However, the way up to this view point is not convenient, it is not suitable to drive a car.

The distance is around 12 kilometers in order to get up to the top, we really enjoy this wonderful atmosphere.
There are a lot of tourists' tent over there, they also want to more close to this wonderful atmosphere as well.

Mon Kiew Lom is just the same way up to the top, but it is lower than the top for 2-3 kilometers.

Next will be Mon Kcru Ba Sai.

Today is also another day that we can see the beauty of foggy curtain and it would not be the same like every morning.

The is the charming point of Mae Moei which impresses tourists coming to visit this place.

We have noticed that there are not so many tourists' tent on Mon Phun Suda and Mon Kcru Ba Sai.

Most of tourists will raise their tents at Mon Kiew Lom in order to touch with the first light of the day. Then, they can spend their time in visiting other Mon afterwards.

It seems like there are not much change from the last 5 years.

The number of tourists are not obviously increased. The symbolic tree at Mon Kiew Lom still have the same height. Generally, Every thing at Mae Moei National Park still remain the same.

The road is well developed from start to Mae Sod. On the way to Mae Sod, we have also passed Karen Tribe Refugee Center. We think that Karen population have increased more than before, we just simply say that as we have seen many new houses.
Furthermore, there are many groceries and resorts along the way to Mae Sod.

The food is sold with reasonable price such as grilled chicken, Papaya Salad, grilled fish.

We get off from Mae Moei National Park in the late morning and continue driving the car to Mae Hong Son.We drive the car on the road along Mae Moei river.

The road condition is pretty good at the beginning journey of Mae Moei to Mae Hong Son.

But, it is sometimes difficult to drive the car because the road is rough.

Finally,we are at Sop Moei district in Mae Hong Son zone. We have found many villagers and groceries. Again, Mae Ngao National Park is in this city.

There is the view point which we can see two shaded river, the place where Mae Ngao river and Mae Yuam river are connected to each other.

We arrive in Mae Hong Son in the evening, it takes around 8 hours. We are unable to increase the speed because there are many curves and escarpment. It is well reserved with " 1800 curves" road.

Below photo is taken at Prathat Doi Kong Mu temple in the evening, it is the view of city which is surrounded by mountains

It is such beautiful view of mountains and trees.

There is a small coffee shop named " Khon Tawan Lub Khob Fah", it is located in the parking area of Prathat Doi Kong Mu temple.

The ambiance is very nice in this coffee shop and it is very crowded.

The definition of happiness is to be pleasure once you are in that place no matter how much you pay for it or you come across to get it without paying money.

Likewise, we are so happy to sit in this coffee shop even though it is not luxurious shop.

And if time is the indicator to stipulate happiness, the happiness has been passed very fast at " Khon Tawan Lub Khob Fah"

We arrive Ban Rak Thai at almost 20.00 hrs.

This morning is such the beautiful gift for welcoming New Year day.

"Ban Rak Thai" is Chinese community where are located around the big reservoir.

The charming point of this community is the foggy curtain that covers over the area.

Once we come to this charming community, it is necessary that we take many photos of this resort.

The resort is built in Chinese style where is surrounded with tea plantation.

It is necessary to reserve the room in advance because it is always fully booked, the charge per night is quite high.

We feel this place has the same things as Doi Mae Salong after the first step that I get into this place.

But, local life style and simplicity are the special thing of this community.

The sun starts rising from the mountain, it really gives us the warm feeling and it has also faded down foggy curtain.

It is the real gift for those people who wake up in early morning.

We highly recommend to walk around reservoir, there is a small pavement where you can enjoy the beautiful moment.

Apart from the beautiful view, we can see local life style once people start doing their routines.

Tourists start having breakfast at the restaurants around reservoir.

The temperature is at 12 degrees in this morning but we feel much colder in real.

It is almost 1,000 kilometers from the start to this place.

The foggy curtain is faded down and this makes us see things more obvious including our shadow on the river. It is very beautiful.

The monks also start doing their routine of giving alms.

It is such the beautiful scene.

Apart from local people' houses, there are many accommodation built around the reservior.

If it is not the big resort, the price per room per night is quite cheap. You will have variety of the accommodation.

We go to Pang Oung Lake in the late evening, it is not far from Ban Rak Thai.

The ambience has been changed from our previous trip because there is no foggy curtain on the surface of the river.

There are many tourists raising their tents here.

We feel that this place is really nice and shady.

Even though, we come here first time but we really impress with the atmosphere. We will surely come back once we have a chance in the future.

We continue riding to our next destination in the mid day by using main road Pang Ma Pha - Pai.
Ban Ja Bo is our destination for having noodle over there.

It seems this noodle restaurant is the normal restaurant but the view is not normal, it is so beautiful.

It is well deserved with the name " Popular Noodle at Ban Ja Bo".

The noodle costs THB 30 per portion.
It is even more beautiful if we come to this restaurant in the morning.

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