This trip starts it all from the need ... the need to rest, rest my brain from work and rest my brain from so many other things.

I am looking for a company though. One is enough and I am fortunate to find that one from my office. She has a lot in common with me so no more waiting. Let's find a flight right now!!!

This trip is for 2 days and one night. And of course it is on the weekend since we work in a regular office. So weekend is the best choice and we have finally got the flight with AirAsia.

It is time to look for an accommodation now. Not long after, we have found that it is quite difficult to contact them by calling the resort there directly because there is no phone signal around the area. That's why we have ended up booking a package with the Siam Catamaran travel agency.

The package we have got is 2,950 THB per person for 2 days and 1 night.... The flight is booked, the accommodation is arranged so we are ready and let's go!... #For further details please message me directly

:: D A Y 1 Our flight is in the early morning. We arrive at Surat Thani Airport at 8.15 AM. Then we take the local van at 8.30 AM for 200 THB per person.

We are in time to take the boat at 10 AM. After the boat starts to sail, we now feel so relax and peaceful.....

:: It is pretty cloudy today. The weather is super nice but the photos we have got are not that good. On the other hand, the boatman starts to make a tour for us right away ::

:: This is what we have for breakfast. Our flight was too early so we couldn't really find something proper. And we are completely hungry at this point ::

:: By the way, I would like to tell you now that most of the photos I have, there is me in it. hahaha There is only a few without me ::

:: Let me introduce "Uncle Sum" to all of you. He is the one who is so kind to show us around the lake ::

:: Uncle said the water level in the dam lake is pretty high this time so we can see the well-known Three Rocks like this only ::

:: We are here at Nang Prai Raft House to see Red-tail Tinfoil Barbs after being on the boat for a while ::

:: After the stop at Nang Prai Raft House, it is time to go to our accommodation for tonight ::

:: Here we are! " Saichol Resort ", Our accommodation! ::
I feel so refreshing and I am so ready to seek as much happiness as I can.

:: This is our first proper meal of the day, our lunch at Saichol Resort ::
The food is very delicious but I am not sure if the high level of hunger has anything to do with that though. hahaha ... but I am pretty sure that it is very delicious ...

:: Lunch is done and we are going to our room, working on our belongings before going to visit the cave ::
I am a bit sad that all the rooms with private bathroom are occupied. We have got the room with shared bathroom ... The room is good in overall. It is just the numbers of shared bathrooms that are limited.

:: We have settled well and have been walking around taking photos for a while. We are ready to depart for our next destination now ::

We are walking through the forest to the pier to take the boat to the cave.

:: We are now on the motor raft to the cave...This is totally amazing ::

:: Let's take a welfie! ::

:: This is Mek, our little tour guide for the cave tour...He speak Southern Thai language only and it is kind of hard for us to understand. He speaks so fast. hahaha ::

:: We are very tired walking back from the pier to the resort after the cave visit. We really feel like jumping into the lake right away...So why not? Let's do that! ::

:: The water is clear, cold, and nice. This is very refreshing...There is no sunlight neither. This is so good. Our slow lives go on and on, kayaking and jumping into the water ::

:: We have spent time in the water for hours ...We are starving now. It is almost 6 PM and we guess we should probably go to take shower and get ready for dinner ::

This is our dinner and they are all tasty.👍🏻👍🏻

:: And a must to have is this... The one that will help you to sleep so well on the raft house but you might get drunk instead hahaha (make sure to drink just to be tipsy) ::

:: D A Y 2 We woke up quite early to feel the fresh new day...We walk and take photos to capture the happiness all around ::

:: Having some coffee on the boat like this is like a dream ::

:: I just can't breathe in the fresh pure air enough...Anyway, it is time for breakfast ::

We have Boiled Rice for breakfast before going back home.

:: Lastly, I would like to say goodbye to all of you with these last 3 photos ::

I hope what I have shared here would be useful for those who are planning to visit Khao Sok one way or another. Goodbye for now.


 Tuesday, January 19, 2016 10:13 AM