Hey there!!!, today I'm going to take you to Andaman Sea at Koh Lipe, Satun. This trip, I spent 3 days on this island.

Opening with clear seawater at Sunrise Beach>>>Let's Go!!!!!!! ( We spent time in Had Yai for 2 days before go to Koh Lipe, which I will review later)

We start our journey at Kasat Market, take a van to Pakbara Port. We buy a round trip ticket for both van and Speed Boat for 1,200 baht (as I remember) haha. It takes about 2 hours by van and another 2 hours by Speed Boat to the island.

During the trip to the island we stop by Tarutao National Marine Park and take some photos for about 15 minutes

Seawater is so beautiful and peace ... First time in Koh Lipe is so impressive

The second stop is Koh Kai located between Koh Tarutao and Koh Adung Rawee.

I really regret that I did not go down in clean and clear seawater.

Green emerald of water and Blue color of the sky >>> it is a heaven for sea lover

From Speed Boat Port we have to continue with a long-tailed boat to Pattaya beach. I cannot remember the price but it does not take that much time.

Arriving to the beach, it is time to find something to eat. Both car sickness and sea sickness are made me feel dizzy so I take Pink Lemonade to refresh myself.

Today we are going to stay at Lipe Power beach Resort which located on Sunrise Beach or Chao Lay Beach

The resort is just right next to the beach

There is not many service boats as Pattaya beach because of the wind shore

So here is quite peaceful and not many tourist attraction places

A small swimming pool in the front

We stay here for 2 nights in 2 houses for 4 four of us

They turn off air-condition from 10.00am to 4.00pm.

Feeling so relax and peaceful such a happy hour for me

Today we are going to Walking Street. It is only 600 meters long but there is a lot of tourist who are mostly foreigners and they are going for scuba driving tomorrow !!!

Our diner is about 400-500 baht which I think it is a medium rate for food on the island. One dish is almost 100 baht already so we order it separately like this.

While walking back, we take some pictures by using cellphone so these pictures are not sharp .... Good night

Good morning, we are going for a scuba diving today >> such a good day, blue sky and nice weather.

8.30am. Starting our journey with happiness and turquoise of seawater, it just likes heaven on earth

Keeping all beautiful moments into my memory card

Look!!! It looks like this boat hits a big stone. It is strange and also beautiful, enjoying a beautiful nature in the way that I have never seen.

Yeah!!!! We arrive at our diving location... Errr >_< I forget the name of the island hahaha

If anyone has any ideas please let's me know, I would appreciate that.

If I remember it correctly, I think it is Koh Adung Rawee but I am not quite sure. There is sunbath beach and shallow dive where you can see Nemo right through the water...

My brain is error hang blank hahahaha. Just see in the picture it will explain everything

After diving it is time for lunch

Our menu today is fried rice with squid and one big bottle of water which are including in the tour package.

After that we chill out, looking around to see how other people are doing hahaha

White shell, soft sand and wave sound... I really want to lay down right here right now

Now it is time to move on!!!

Look like an emerald pool with clear water. You can see through corals at the bottom. It is definitely heaven I would say.

Oh my GOD...Fishes are all around us.

This is the only island that I remember the name hahahaha "Koh Hin Ngam" or Beautiful Stone Island

Tarutao Shrine...

Near the shrine, there is a small pavilion for you to take sit and the one that lay down over there is actually my friend. She has a sea sickness T_T

“If anyone take a stone out of this island, that person will face all disasters, accidents, unemployed and other bad thing will continue happen" They believe that it is a spell of Tarutao Godfahter

They also believe that if you can put stones overlapped for 13 pieces and make a wish. That wish will become true. That is why there are overlapped stones all over the area.

Our boat driver is so nice and very kind.

Clear blue sky and bright sunshine make it really hot >> do not step on those stones otherwise they will burn your feet<<

Walk down to the shore, these grey stones when they touch with water and sunlight create a beautiful sparkling, changing from grey to black. It likes OH WOW as its name Koh Hin Ngam (Beautiful Stone Island).

Sitting for a while in cold water and some waves around

Twig that has no leafs... does not mean that it is not beautiful

Finish our diving trip for today...(Actually we have another diving trip but I did not take a photo )

Then we continue our chill out trip on the island.

Come back to the resort, taking a shower and go out to have some walks on the beach.

Here we are "Happy Vibe Bar" Reggae style beach bar, not too far from where we stay

If you like to sit on the sand they also provide pillows and mat or a bed chair as you wish. We like lay down here and see stars are shining.

Or even on the boat that give a feeling of floating in the sea in the middle of the night

Our last night here is so peaceful and quite as we are expected our leisure trip to be

The beautiful moon and good atmosphere... I shall return

I wake up early to see the sunrise

It is valuable for waiting to see this

The most beautiful sunrise scenery as its name

It is time to go home!!!

The uncle who was our boat driver yesterday, volunteers to pick us up to the Speed Boat Port today.

It is time for departure...Goodbye Lipe.

First time here is so impressive, I will not forget.

Next review is going to be about chill out at Had Yai, Songkla and all food

Bye Bye ^^


 Saturday, April 18, 2015 11:12 PM