What???!!! You never heard of the word ‘Samgyeopsal’ !?

Sam in Korean means 3 ! It’s the yummy pork belly (3 layers, you know!). Such a popular Korean dish and most of the time yes, they do it on BBQ grill!

I just went to one with a real Korean friend who lives here in Thailand so I promise, this one would be such a great one if you ever crave Korean BBQ at all while in Bangkok!

Seoul BBQ

The place we went called ‘Seoul BBQ‘ located just by the BB Building in Asok area where all the business people hang out and work. That’s why there are so many international food and all around! Good food! This place we went to is all you can eat Korean BBQ 299THB ($10) per person with 90 minute time limit. ‘What!!?’ Yeah, I did that unhappy face about the time and then ended up being super full since the first 60 mins lol

Big pieces of meat, fresh vegetables, kimchi (Typical Korean fermented veggies. Come on! You know what it is!), pickles, deep fried chicken wings and other goodies, soup, stir fries, fried rice/noodle and 3 types of sauces to add on some flavours.

All you could imagine so no word ‘Boring’ during this 90 mins session.

Hey! I did say Big pieces of meat, right?

That’s because the way Koreans eat BBQ, they grill the whole big pieces and cut them with scissors afterward. A pair of scissors and tongs provided Any other things could be cut also, like, those big pieces of mushrooms on the grill.

Eat Korean food the way Koreans do!

Here’s roughly and easily my Korean friend told me how to eat this type of BBQ. You grill whatever you’d like to put into the bites including the fresh whole garlics provided. ** Cut the grilled meat into perfect size. Make a wrap with the sesame leaves / lettuce they provide with meat, garlic, sauces. Eat along with pickles, kimchi or the fresh green chilli.

It was a perfect bite!!

Tteok-bokki heaven!

Oh!!! The Korean rice cake in spicy red sauce ‘Tteok-bokki’ was sooooo good here. My friend told me that a lot of Koreans in Bangkok, ***when they crave some tteok-bokki, they come here! ***Yeah, it’s that good and yes, it’s all you can eat. The tteok-bokki alone (Small little cup) somewhere even at the street food stalls at night market would already cost you around 59+ THB so why not come here to enjoy the whole pot along with other food stuffs

I love the place and would totally go back any time soon when I’m in need of meat and Tteok-bokki. Man, just writing a post here, I’m already drooling!

Oh! and if you love this BBQ buffet, I’m sure you would also love this one here in Bangkok as well! $11 All you can eat BEEF!!! Check it out!

Address : 54 Soi Sukhumvit 21, Khwaeng Khlong Toei Nuea, Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110
Tel : 02 115 7211
Hours : 11am-10pm everyday
Official Facebook Page

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