Those who live out of Bangkok might find it difficult sometimes to find a place to stay overnight when in Bangkok without friends or family living here. For me, I normally come to stay at my own house but this time is different because I am kind of lazy to do so. Therefore, I am looking for a place to stay, a place with good location in term of approaching and finding something to eat (eating is a big issue for me!).

I have some business to do at Samitivej Hospital in Sukhumvit 49 this time. So my mission is to find a place to stay in this area. I have ended up finding only one that is available which is Adelphi 49, a serviced apartment. This serviced apartment is not only a great choice for short-term stays but also long-term stays. Moreover, they have a transfer to and from Samitivej Hospital available.

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It is easy to get to Adelphi 49 especially by the BTS Sky Train. You need to get off at Thong Lo BTS Station and then walk toward Phrom Phong Station to Sukhumvit 49, Adelphi 49 is located at the beginning of Sukhumvit 49. You can also drive there since Adelphi 49 offers parking space in the building. Adelphi 49 is not big, it is a 7-storey building and all rooms are one-bedroom apartment.

Once I open the door, I feel so surprised because the room is fully furnished comparable as a condominium. There are kitchen wear, iron and ironing board, as well as washing machine.

I am in love with the toilet here because the toilet seat is installed with Japanese System, for example; it has a warm air-drying function. hahaha The bathroom is spacious and well-designed as well.

I like Adelphi 49 a lot because of its location. It is located right at the beginning of Sukhumvit 49 surrounded by restaurants, supermarket, and shopping plaza such as Rain Hill Plaza, Fuji supermarket, and soon-opining Piman 49. However, since it is right by the street so you might find it noisy at night. For me, it doesn't annoy me much and I am still able to rest well.

In addition, they offer such an exceptional service here. All staffs including security officers, housekeepers, and receptions are all service minded.

All in all, Adelphi 49 is perfect for those who need a place to stay in Bangkok especially for long term because it is fully furnished. Those who need to look after your friends, family, or relative who is admitting in Samitivej Hospital would also find this place a good choice.


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 Monday, July 25, 2016 3:25 PM