If I am allowed to give definition for this buffet I would give " the public buffet", I think it the best for this, with the price which is not too high, convenient location, big variety buffet line and offers all food for all dietary preferences. Here is one of the place you should never ever missed especially with the current hot promotion 50% off!!!

Location is on 24 floor, hotel Centara Grand at Central World, this is a prime location with easy to access. After eating you can rush your digestion by shopping in CTW department store....

Let me take you for a tour in this restaurant!!

For Sunday branch, both restaurants serve buffet, The World and Ginger

Let's have a look at The World first, serves international buffet on week days
This restaurant is very large and consider as Bangkok sky line view point, where you can see clear Bangkok view from above.

Ginger restaurant

This restaurant offers Asian food buffet line. There are many private rooms for the ones who would like, but the Bangkok view might not be as good as the World restaurant.

Let's see the variety of the food as I have called it "the public buffet", that is why buffet line is numerous.

( I could not take all photos from the food)

Seafood on ice and Salad bar

Bread varieties

Som Tum, Thai spicy salads and Thai food section...

Teppanyaki station

Sushi Bar

Chinese food station

Soft drinks and juices station with popcorn near by..

I love this!!! really love it!!!!!, Fresh coconuts as much as you want....

Dessert Station, there are more variation of dessert I have seen for this visit, could be because of the new French Patissier!!

Let's get some food here, Fresh seafood, freshness is A grade I guarantee!!

Varieties of Sushi and Sashimi is A too, but for the quality I gave B++

Chinese food, this is just some of them, there are many of dishes, for the taste I have got it B+

Som Tum, Pomelo Salad and Mix seafood Salad, two of these were my favorite, but the pomelo salad was not my cup of tea. My two favorite dishes were very tasty and the ingredients were very fresh, I gave B++

Nothing WOW for my Pasta Carbonara, it was just too normal, so I gave B+

A big piece of grilled meat, here I have got B++

Seafood Teppanyaki and Shrimps tempura, B++

Foie gras with grape sauce, A

Snow fish and Potato Gratin, A

Finishing up with dessert!! the varieties made me so confused, I could not decide what do I want. Everything I have tried were so good, A+

Blended fruit, fresh coconut, A ( because of fresh coconut)

Closed up my dinner with tea and coffee, B+

There is a kid room for the kids, plus a joker with balloon for them!!


This would be one of your choice for buffet, where you can enjoy the wide varieties of food for all preferences. The taste and quality are very up to standard even it was not that overwhelming. The ingredients are good quality, not the top quality, reasonable for it's price, 1,190++ ( free flow 1,490++). Hot promotion 50% off makes it very worthy price for the moment. It's environment is comfortable in my eyes, may be not really as when it gets over crowded. The total scores I gave is 8.9 out of 10.......

P.S. Children age between 6-12 years old will be charged a half price, below 6 years free of charge.

( Kid Room is provided)

Promotion from The World & Ginger @ Centara Grand, Central World.

Citibank Ultima / select /patinum , come for 2 pay for 1!!

Central Card All Card, come for 4 pay for 2

K Bank All Card , come for 4 pay for 2

SCB Beyond Patinum / Patinum , come for 4 pay for 2

KTC Patinum / Infinit / Titanium , come for 4 pay for 2

Krung Sri Visa Patinum / Prestige MasterCard ,come for 4 pay for 2

Last but not least, Dinner & Free Flow 7 days 7 options

Monday; Foie Gras & Prosecco 1,390++

Tuesday; Maxican & Margaritas 1,390++

Wednesday; Lamb & Bordeaux 1,390++

Thursday; Wagyu Beef & Cabernet Sauvignon 1,390++

Friday; Australian & Aussie Cabernet Sauvignon / Shiraz & Chardonny 1,490++

Saturday; Argentine Grill & Argentine Malbec 1,490++

Sunday; Seafood & Red and White Wine 1,490++

Chakhrit Paksabuy Chart

 Saturday, April 25, 2015 8:59 PM