To be honest, we don’t eat at restaurants much. More like street food kinda people or cooking and eating at home. Not me, my step-mom and my aunts do. Totally once in a blue moon to go eat a bit more fancy in a big hotel. This time its my dad’s pick and that’s because he got some good deal! Yes, it’s always about the deals! Na Ha Na Japanese Sushi Bar at The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam located in the centre of Pratunam, popular shopping area in Bangkok.


This was probably first time in forever or if not, long enough that I didn’t really remember no more when was the last time. That’s why everything looks so exciting to me. All these golden decorations and how spacious it was.

The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam has many restaurants and buffet for you to enjoy. Seafood, Chinese food (dim sum too!), Japanese and much more. The seafood one attracted me the most. We’re supposed to be there for that but oh daddy, it’s open just on weekend

That’s alright, the Na Ha Na Japanese Sushi Bar also looks decent and that’s why we went for it..

Homey Japanese style decoration with that big Sakura tree. I almost believe it’s the real one but.. Anyways, the napkins folded beautifully. They looked just like the chef’s uniform. I don’t think I have seen anywhere folds it like that.

Japanese lovers would love how the waitresses dress too. They’re all in kimono. Imagine how cute is that? It’s like you really dine in Japan!

Enough said for the cute waitresses and the atmosphere. We went there for Japanese food. It’s buffet and no time limit so.. We ate quite a lot.


We ordered 2 types of salads. Avocado salad and salmon sashimi salad. The greens are fresh and refreshing along with its clear sweet and sour dressing we all love. Daddy said ‘This is not like any other ones I’d ever had‘. I’m like.. ‘Hmmm..’


I can’t deny that I love their sashimi. Even though there’re really not many to enjoy. Salmon, Tuna, Saba, Yellow tails and that’s pretty much it. I love how it’s firm and not at all mushy. It’s just how I prefer my sashimi. The wasabi (Japanese horseradish) that’s served with the dishes was also great. It stimulates the nose more than the tongue. I sometimes made me cry and I loved it still..


We got one a few of each. Grilled Saba (In Thai and Japanese also use the same word ‘Saba!’). Crispy on the outer, nice and tender from the inside. The sauce and everything was just the right taste just like the grilled beef we got. Oh man, have you heard something like, ‘the meat melts in your mouth‘. Yes, for this one daddy said the same thing about this beef dish.

Tako Yaki was bomb! For those who don’t know that it is, it’s a a deep fried octopus filled balls topped with some mayo and seaweeds. For me, as long as there’re real big pieces of squid in them for me to enjoy, then we’re all good here!


Their saba was nice. I’m a fan of noodle but not really a cold one so I’m not too sure how nice it was compared to any others. Though, I knew the udon was just too firm / I would also used the word ‘hard’ for it. It was not enjoyable and that was the only thing we couldn’t finish.

We also order the Tom-Yum Ramen as I wanted to try their Tom-Yum soup if it would be hot and spicy the way it’s supposed to be. Also, after all the raw fish we’d been eating, some sourness and spiciness just needed. So…. No, it didn’t really help much. The soup was too mild to be something they would call ‘Tom-Yum‘ Oops!

All these you have seen, whatever and how much ever you could stuff into your stomach, get it right in! No time limit sushi buffet right in the centre of Pratunam Bangkok for 800 per person. Sounds about right?

Too bad the menu’s not that big and not various types of food. That’s probably one big disappointment of dining here. I mean, it’s fun and nice to come try the food here if you feel like having some quality Japanese food while shopping in Pratunam. Would I come straight to Na Ha Na Japanese Sushi Bar at The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam again just to dine? I don’t think I would.

Oh! One good place to go enjoy sushi around there with a bit lower price but decent quality, Give Shinkanzen a go! We loved it there!

Na Ha Na Japanese Sushi Bar at The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam
Address : 558 Ratchaprarop Rd, Khwaeng Makkasan, Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400
Hours : 11AM – 10PM Everyday
Tel : 02 309 9999

All copy and photos are original content by me.



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