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Last weekend, I had an opportunity to visit a secondary city like "Chanthaburi"

Read Thai version: https://www.follovv.me/trip/150/

This trip, We went to Chanthaburi with a local guide (my friend)

I am sure we will never get lost. Haha

1st day

- Baan Nam Prik Kao Suay

- Chantabul Riverside Communities

- Fu Cafe

- Pen Ta Zaab

- Phlio Waterfall National Park

- Peggy's Cove Resort

2nd day

- Lighthouse Bar & Grill

- Coffee Cove Cafe

- Sea Farming Demonstration Unit in Krungkrabaen Bay

- Blue Church

- The Sea Cafe

- Chaolao Tosang Beach Hotel

3rd day

- CHIM Cafe

Let's get started!

1st day. Nice to meet you, Chanthaburi

Having breakfast is the first priority.

We went to Baan Nam Prik Kao Suay. This restaurant is expensive but its dish decoration is purely beautiful Thai style.

This place doesn't use plastic cup and straws. This is the World Saver!

After our breakfast, we decided to visit Chantabul Riverside Communities.

The atmosphere here is old-school. There are some shops on both side of the street.

We tried "Tiled-Ice cream". Inside of it is milk ice-cream but its cover is hard-coated sugar. Quite nice, can try one :)

Between our street walking, we noticed a sign "Thai Spicy Crab 20 Baht each". How could we miss this ? Just bought it!

The Crabs were fresh, very juicy!

The weather was too hot. So we had a little rest at a nearby cafe named "Fu Cafe".

So many seats inside, but not many photography spots.

Ding-Dong! Time for a luncheon.

We love eating thus no meal will be skipped.

We drove to "Pen Ta Zaab". One of the famous restaurant in Chantaburi.

Highlight of this place is Sauced Pork Ribs.

At that time, we wanted another feeling which is not the beach.

Then we directed to Phlio Waterfall National Park.

For those who will bring a car, there is a parking spot. The fee is 30 Baht per car.

There is another fee 100 Baht to enter the park.

After entered, there is a golf cart ready for a service.

It will cost 10 Baht or else you can take a walk for 400 Meters.

There is additional 70 Meters walk to reach the waterfall.



We were tired after a few visits, time to rest.

This day we booked Peggy's Cove Resort.

We saw so many reviews about here, so we wanted to know whether they are real?

Not a word for this. Just wanted to show the pics :)

Ps. I didn't take a snap in the bedroom, because all my friends' stuffs were scattered inside. I was late for it. So sad.

There was a private pool for our house. Also there was a big pool for every guest.



2nd day, Traveling around Chanthaburi.

Good morning~ It's time to have breakfast.

We had breakfast at Lighthouse Bar & Grill because it's the service from resort.

This is a Western-style restaurant and the atmosphere is excellent.

Lighthouse has coffee for you but we like Coffee Cove's atmosphere. So, we ordered a beverage.

The cafe is next to the Lighthouse. Walk a few steps.

Then we went to Sea Farming Demonstration Unit in Krungkrabaen Bay.

Unfortunately, since we spent time at the hotel until checking out (at noon).

The shark that we intent to visit was fully fed, it didn't show up.

In front of the entrance, there is a fish feeding snack for tourist. Recommend to get here early because most of them (fish) will show up when they are hungry.

And we took a short visit at the Blue Church.

The church in this temple is colored in blue.

For those who wanted to visit, a formal casual dress code is required. I didn't get into the church because I wore shorts. Crying

We left the Church, and again. We went for a cafe !

The Sea Cafe, looking great, the price is around 80 Baht for a cup. But if you bring your own cup here, they will give you 20 Baht discount.

After we went to many attractions. I said with my friends that we should left the baggage at our accommodation before we going out for a night squid fishing.

The room size is big. Nice decoration. Since it is next to the beach. You can enjoy at the beach anytime.

For those who doesn't like a beach, there is a pool available but not a private pool.

The hotel also provide a squid fishing service. You can ask for this service at the lobby.

The day we went for a squid fish is a full moon day. Squids didn't take our bait. We got only 3 squids from of 20 persons in a boat.

Recommend to go in the night with no moonlight.

The expense is 500 Baht for each. But if you want to have a private boat will cost 1,000 Baht each person.



3rd day, Come back home.

It's time to come back.

We found CHIM Cafe from the Wongnai review. The cafe is located in Rayong.

Noodles taste good but not much. But the sweet is quite nice.

The end of the trip.

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