The goddess of fortune. Let me tell you more fortune for the year 2020 or the Year of the Rat

The misfortune of the year 2020 is Year of the Horse, Rat, Chicken, and Rabbit.

It is said that in the past, Chinese people gave importance to a lot of fortune. " Chicken " in the Chinese meaning means " diligence, completeness and match the word of fortune " is considered a good story in New year

Goddess Tod ... highly recommend Fortified chicken rice. Add fortune to life at the Montien Riverside Hotel. The location of the hotel is in Bang Kho Laem area. Traveling is not difficult. Open to follow by Google Map. The hotel is on the edge of the Chao Phraya River.

Upon arriving at the Montien Riverside Hotel, walk straight to The Cafe with plenty of tables to choose.

There are many views to choose from garden and river view according to Feng Shui. Extremely good fortune

The goddess of fortune is confirmed !! I have already eaten. The horoscope depends on weight. hahaha+

Chaophraya river view Looking at the view then calms the mind.

Or if coming privately, there is a Private Room for a reservation, but must be booked before. Bring relatives to bring friends or family. The goddess of fortune Tod confirmed that if bringing his girl/boyfriend to launch with the family to come here, get married together for sure.

There are many beautiful spots to take pictures. and can book a room, banquet room.

We say that the famous chicken rice first. This chicken rice recipe is at the Michelin level. Use the same recipe as the Ruean Ton restaurant at the Montien Surawong Hotel as following this link.


The chicken with rice is a Hainanese style, cooking oven with extra-fine rice. With dipping sauce, 4 different sauces traditional (soy sauce, ginger, and chili), sauce, bean paste, ginger sauce , and soya sauce.

Eat and feel the deliciousness, wonderful chicken meat, tasty sauce With yummy soup

Eating will be Lucky Lucky Luck !!

The price of this Chicken with Rice Set is 330 baht (net). Can eat 2 people. If you are not full, you can order more rice.

Eat and then add energy. And increase the lucky in the year 2020, Good work, lucky love, and Happy life.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------

But if you're still not full, offer a great value buffet recommend

This promotion is valid until February 23, 2020.

This one is a normal price. I said that it is worth inviting my girl/boyfriend, family, friends to come here. Parking a lot

Delicious food taken Everything is delicious Can't choose

But recommend not to miss As famous as chicken rice, it is the original "Kanom Phak Pad" Original flavor.

As for the restaurant, the buffet food area is very clean. If coming around noon on Saturday-Sunday, people might be a bit busy.

Lastly, you can see more detail on this link to follow.

Do not forget to invite family, friend or girl/boyfriend. Delicious food is waiting for you.

Montien Riverside Hotel

372 Rama 3 Road, Bangkhlo, Bangkok 10120, Thailand.

Hotline: (+662) 292-2999, (+662) 292-2888

Hotel website:

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