Co-Working Space (Service Free). A lot of tables!!

Co-Working Space, the Boonthavorn strain WORKSPACE, which will have the largest office space, meeting room, Café and Material Library in the country. With an area of ​​over 1,400 square meters

Who is in the area of ​​Nonthaburi should not miss it. Go to shopping for furniture or find ideas to decorate your house

Boonthavorn Ratchapruek will be on the Ratchaphruek Road. Near Rattanathibet Road, not difficult to find but there are no buses passing If coming, you may have to drive or take a taxi.

Google Map:

A lot of car parking spaces and no parking fee.It was good for my heart!! You can choose the parking space.

As for the Co-Working Space, there are 4 floors with the alley divided in half.

Let's see the first floor first. (Almost every table will have all the electrical outlets)

There is also a chair outside. Get more good feeling in the garden view

Let's look at the co-working space on different floors. Every floor has a seat to work. And there are products of Boonthavorn inserted everywhere

Now Amazon Cafe is already open. I'm happy.

The 3rd floor can meetings for many people. Turn on the TV for free. So kind!!

There are 3 small meeting rooms available for groups that need privacy.

Every table have a socket. 

Can take a photo of a chic work corner. Looking diligent and working hard

Let's take a look at another shooting corner. Hey, can I come to work or take some pictures? hahaha+

This section is on the 4th floor.

Actually, we have come from the Boonthavorn to open. Because here is near my home and not many people. Therefore, I will give the information to friends who want to come to work in a good workplace Here, if Boonthavorn executive comes to see this post, he will be happy or sad? hahaha+. That did not buy anything (But actually, I came to buy things into the house here)

Let's look at the bathroom. It's luxury more than my home. Auto open lid It feels like you're in Japan. This furniture is really good.

Come to this place for free Then don't take anything out of the area. Keep clean !!!

Finally, You can see more detail on this website link:

And follow this social media fan page as below 

facebook fan page: style="text-align: center;">Line: Boonthavorn Official Account

Easy registration By putting the ID card into the automatic cabinet Can apply now

Reserve a meeting room and get Wifi too.

Terms of service

DESIGN VILLAGE Ratchaphruek branch,
Google Map Link:
open 8:00 am-8:00pm daily (workspace zone open 8:00 am-10:00pm)

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 Saturday, January 4, 2020 5:52 PM