Those who like the cartoon " Nong Mamuang ", the little girl with a cute yellow shirt from Khun Tum - Wisut Pornnimit, should not miss the Mamuang Shop in Lan Luang area.

Don't fly as far as Japan, The shop is near Lan Laung Opposite Thai Airways Office Walking is not difficult at all. If driving, suggest to park at the Susco petrol station, park for free, and then cross the road. The google map as below


The shop is open on Wednesday-Sunday from 11.00 - 19.00 hrs.

The storefront has a small entrance. There is a cute chair in front of the shop. Can take beautiful pictures.

The shop has a souvenir of Nong Mango. In addition, the shop also has cute clothes brand VL BY VEE from V-Hiroka Limwipu to shop. As far as I know, they say that this shop is Japanese people who come to shop a lot. Famous shop to Japan Mostly only foreigners See very few Thais

The things that are mostly seen are A collection of notebooks, cloth bags, stamps, fresh mango designs, key chains, scotch tape books, perfect for collectors.

Cute clothes brand VL BY VEE. Cute like the brand owner.

Mango is also available for comic books.

Because hurried to hurry back a lot Might not have taken a beautiful angle to look at

Most items made in Japan. Many people may feel that the price is too high. But if compared with quality And creative work Personally, I think it makes sense. Every piece of work is really attentive.

There are also Gachapong cabinets. The melting point of wealth ever

When entering the store to meet khun Tum - Wisut Pornnimit and Ms. V - Hiroka Limwipu with a little embarrassment. At first I wanted to take pictures with, but it's not 555, not a big fan, but I love what Mango already.

Okay !! Let's get into the story. Legendary ice cream is so delicious.

When I only had 2 flavors, mango and strawberry Different in the color of the shirt of Mango

The back is a chocolate flavor. The price is 100 baht per stick. After eating, it feels like Khun Tum's shop really cares about every detail. The block making ice cream This is not an easy thing. Including the taste of the popsicle, it's very delicious Wanted to buy it for mother at home but was afraid to melt first

Finally, I chose strawberry flavor 555+

Delicious ...

Better to eat at the store Afraid of the ice cream dropping in the shop

Just came to know later when searching for information, he said that the ice cream has quotes in the wood too. After eating, throw away the wood. Too bad I didn't keep it. 555+

Finally, Can follow Mamuang Shop, Location Lan Luang.

Facebook Khun Tum - Wisut:

Instagram: @mamuangshopofficial


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