Greetings to everyone.

Today, we would like to lead your attention to the province which you may already get familiar with it. " Krabi" is on the southern part of Thailand.

We are invited by TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand ) of Krabi Branch to let us prove the beautiful scenery during this green season. It s not only high season that is suitable time for visiting Krabi but there are still many beautiful attractions which are awaiting for your visit throughout the year, thus you are able to come to visit here at all time.

I am really pleased to take you to discover the wonder towards the attraction whether it is all right to have a visit. So, I would like to take this opportunity to prove at Krabi.

We start our trip with Bangkok Airwy, it is the direct flight from Suvarnabhumi Airport.

It takes around 1 and half hour, we are now at Krabi airport. Once we arrived, we are not reluctant to fulfill our stomach with one of the famous restaurant in this province, it is " RanRuen Mai" restaurant.

I had ever come to this restaurant last year , I fairly impressed this restaurant.

We can take sometimes to have a look at the restaurant decoration and taste some menus.

To attract your digesting juice with stir fried pork with pakria, it is highly recommended for pakria lover.

To be continued with the menu of boiled shrimp with coconut juice and Bai Liang leave. This is my first time to try this menu, it is very delicious.

And another menu which should not be missed, I have ordered Kaeng Som (sour curry) with baby coconut. It is very tasty.

For my master menu is shrimp mixed with chili paste, it is served with various veggies which can be found in the southern part of Thailand.

For my another favorite dish is wired seaweed, it is generally found in the southern part of Thailand especially in Krabi province and Phang Nga province. This is the real treasure in the southern sea . It is very delicious.

For the recommended dish of this restaurant is shell, it is called " Chak Teen" shell. Even though, it is a small shell but the taste is very great, it is even better once it comes along with the spicy dipping sauce.

We end up this meal with sticky rice and durian.

Once the stomach is full, our eyes are automatically closed. In order to refresh ourselves, we decide to visit the nature beauty of mangrove forest at Ban Tah Laen. It has been given green world award from TAT in term of the outstanding environment.

If you would like to do kayaking, it is available 2 times a day, the first is from 08.00 - 12.00 hrs and the second is from 13.00 - 16.00 hrs. It opens daily.

The surrounding environment of this mangrove forest is very important for underwater creatures. Likewise, Tah Laen Gulf is very well know place for kayaking.

Firstly, we need to choose the boat and we finally choose colorful fiber boat, its weight is very light. Thus, we do not loose our energy that much. We really enjoy with the nature and have a good exercise as well.

This gulf is very suitable for kayaking because it has really absolute mangrove forest which is surrounded by marble mountain. You can easily see many animals along both sides such as monkey, fish and crab.

Meanwhile, you do kayaking, you can also enjoy the beautiful nature at the same time. The nature is enfold by the mangrove forest. It is not that long time that our guide has leaded the kayaking, he then turned back to the original route. This is also one of happy trip for kayaking I highly recommend to do it around 4 pm in the evening. However, for those who desire to get some sweat during kayaking, they can also do it the mid day.

Once we arrive at the bank, we have consulted each other to find the nice place to take the photos. And we finally decide to visit Nopparat Thara Beach, it is recalled as the beautiful and calmly beach. It is suitable place to watch sunset. And this is the final place of our 1st day trip.

Nopparat Thara beach is the area which is managed by Napparat Thara National Park - Phi Phi Island, that is located in Muang District, Kra Bi province. It covers almost the western Andaman area in the southern part of Thailand. The outstanding point of this national park is its beauty, it is surround with the coral reefs and the beautiful scenery of marine lives. Limestone along the beach is also the uniqueness of this island.

The beach is in Muang District, Krabi Province. If you visit this island at 4 pm, you will see that the water level has been decreased. The white sandy beach has been appeared instead. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy seeing the various sizes of limestone. The villagers calls the beach at current moment as " Had Khlong Haeng" (Dry Stream Beach) because the stream is flown from the northern mountain, it is the freshwater and it is dry very fast. Thus, we are able to see the white sandy along the way.

So, it is time to take the impressive photos before the last light will disappear from the sky. Then, we can find some place to have the dinner afterwards.

We will have the nice dinner at Khao Thong Terrace

It is located at 135 Moo 2 Tambon Khao Thong Muang District Krabi Province 81000

Tel: 0831074400

Open daily 11.0 hrs. - 22.00 hrs.

As this restaurant is located on the mountain, thus it is not surprised that you will also see the nice sea view.The nicest time will be the sunset, we unfortunately come to the restaurant quite late. Anyway, the restaurant ambience is also nice with friendly staffs.

The main ingredient of the menu in this restaurant is vegetable from the owner's garden. The purpose of growing vegetable by the owner himself is to provide the purely organic for the customer. So, we start with rice noodle boiled with crab and coconut juice.

To continue with sea bass salad, it is not as spicy as southern style but the taste is really good.

Furthermore, we also try the chicken curry with the soft layer of banana tree. The restaurant owner also comes to greet and welcome all customers with his warm hospitality. He also emphasizes that vegetable is the organic one.

My most favorite menu will be salad. Once we mix with salad sauce, it is so delicious. I could not find any salad menu could beat the salad here.

Another menu is chili paste, it is not so spicy. We also discover the new local menu, it is stewed mushroom with coconut juice. The texture of mushroom is like pork, this is incredible. This type of the mushroom is found in the southern part of Thailand. It is really exotic menu.

After our stomachs are fulfilled with the nice menus, all restaurants where we go, they are the recommended restaurants. For the accommodation, we will stay at "Pakasai Resort" - Boutique Resort on Ao Nang, it is the most well known beach of Krabi Province.

Once we arrive at the Lobby, we are welcomed with the welcome drink, it is fruit juice mixed with syrup. It is a good refreshing though.

Even though, the lobby is not so big but it is quite interesting due to the decoration.

The reflecting light tone once it is almost the night time.

We will stay at superior room, there is the king sized bed in the middle of the room.

There is the bathtub at the balcony, so you are able to soak your body right away after travelling from your long day trip

The accommodation is quite wide.

The restroom is well separated and decorated with modern style.

So, we have a look at the dining place.

The surrounding area is very shady, there is the garden nearby the restaurant. You are able to have breakfast and enjoy the nice view of the garden at the same time.

The food line is generally served with 4 stars hotel standard.

Sra Morakot (Emerald Pond)

After finishing breakfast, it is time to start our trip and we will go to Sra Morakot (Emerald Pond), this is one of the popular attraction in Thailand. You are highly recommended to visit this place once in the life time . Before you reach to Sra Morakot, please follow the signs and they will lead you to Sra Morakot easily. Khun Teena Joleef, the British pioneer who discover the route to this pond. He had an idea of how to preserve the rainforest. Later, the monument of Khun Joleef has been built in order to recall his hard work in order to preserve this beautiful land. Furthermore, the route accessing to Morakot pond is named as Teena Joleef. In addition, the tourists also learn the tree' s name and its specy along the way.
The tourists are required to pay the for entrance to Sra Morakot. The fare for Thai tourist is 20 Baht per person and 200 Baht for foreigner. It opens daily from 08.30 hrs. to 17.00 hrs.

Emerald pool is the best given name for this place because it reflects crystal-clear color throughout the stream. This is my second time of being here. It really impresses me.

The origin of this pool is from the warm steam in the shallow forest, there are 3 hot fountains with the width 20 metres, length 25 metres and depth 1.5 - 1.8 metres. The temperature in this pond is approximate 30 - 50 degrees Celsius. There is the sign indicating that the emerald color of this pond is generated from the various mineral liquid at the bottom of this pond especially Magma. This liquid has evaporated and become Calcium carbonate dissolving in the pond. Once this mineral is settle, it will appear Emerald colour while reflecting with the sun.

The stream is somehow donated by the nature, thus it is our responsibility to behave well by not breaking the twig or lettering rubbish into the stream. As a result, we can sustain the beautiful nature.

There is a caution for those who would like to swim in Sra Morakot , please do not drink water from this pond because it is mixed with calcium carbonate as per mentioned above, it will thus harm the urinary system.

We do not miss to visit one important pond it is called " Sra Nampud", it is the origin of the stream and Emerald pond.

Sra Nampud has very temperature around 50 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is not suitable to swim in this pond right now.

This is really amazing Thailand because of the beautiful pond. It is also one of the nature source that we need to preserve.

To be continued with " Hot Waterfall Klong Thom"

The Fare: Thai Children 10 baht / person, Thai Adult 20 baht / person and Foreign Children 100 baht / person, Foreign Adult 200 baht / person.

It opens daily from 08.30 hrs. to 17.00 hrs.

This waterfall is not quite far, it is the hot waterfall which has been appeared by the nature with the temperature around 40 -50 degrees Celsius. The hot water is absorbed from the soil surface. The stream is gathered together according to the slope of the area. We still see with the calcium stains which are arranged in different layers. It is quite interesting and beautiful. The hot stream especially flows into Khong Thom, it creates little fountain.

After visiting the beautiful attractions which are called as Unseen Thailand. So it is time to relax, we do not hesitate to find some place which can be both the accommodation and relaxing place. And we finally find Wareerak Hot Spring Retreat Resort, this resort greatly emphasizes on health retreat. It is the only resort where is close to Klong Thom waterfall, it can be said that they join the same fence.

This is also a resort and spa where combines hot water therapy and Thai massage together.

Once we arrive at the hotel, it seems they have prepared the illustration of half day course for spa therapy. Let go and have a look what they are going to show us. Before soaking ourselves in the hot water, we need to have our skin rubbed in order to refresh our skin in order to absorb minerals easily.

The therapist will prepare all thing concerning with spa package, the service is all inclusive package. We are able to choose e.g water therapy with food or relaxing closely to the nature. It really depends on which package that we will choose.

After our skin is rubbed, it is time to soak in the hot water. We will start with warm water, the temperature is controlled at 30 degrees Celsius.

For soaking in the 1st pond should not be more than 15 - 20 minutes. Then, we need to continue soaking in the 2nd pond where temperature is controlled at 40 -50 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes. If you prefer to soak in the pond a bit longer, you are required to follow steps as per provided by therapist.

For those who are still tolerant to soak in the pond further, they are able to soak their bodies in the first pond because it is the highest temperature more than 50 degrees Celsius. Once we have completely soaked all 3 ponds. Then, we need to soak in the cold water in order to balance the temperature. Otherwise, we will feel tired easily. At this part, we are suggested by the therapist. This hotel greatly concerns about the guests' privacy.

After soaking in the hot water, we are able to have Thai massage. For our point of view, water therapy is suitable for those who are interested in relaxing. The nature somehow retreats us to be fresh. We really impressed.

We have ended up our half day with healthy menu, the menu which we have chosen is the set menu. The taste is not spicy.

For the accommodation, it can be said that the concept of this hotel is really focused on relaxing. This hotel provides convenient amenities except television. For those who are addicted in watching TV, so it is the time to say good bye to TV temporarily. We would take a look at the first room, it is the bamboo room. It is really clean but no air conditioner. There are single bed and double bed available for this room type.

However, the air conditioner is available for another room types.

There is also the bathtub to enjoy the nice view.

After fulfilling our stomachs, it is the time to find some place for the trip today. We are very lucky because there is almost no rain throughout our trip. Thus, there is no obstacle to obstruct trip. Today, we will end up our day at Khao Kwang Beach. This is the important beach for mining industry.

The most interesting part of this beach is bridge at the pier. It is incredibly beautiful view, we do not hesitate to park our car to take the photos. Normally, it is very difficult to find some kind of this view. As it is well known that Krabi has the important piers to transfer the essential minerals in the southern part of Thailand. There are around 10 trucks to deliver minerals throughout the day. This beach is not suitable to take the photos at some parts. But there are the various hard rocks, they really attracts you to take the photos during sunset. It is really beautiful.

The villagers who stay around this beach, they seem happy once they do fishing.

Today, we dine at Lae Lay Grill Restaurant, Ao Nang, it is close to the resort.

This restaurant is located on the mountain. Thus, we are able to enjoy the nice view of Ao Nang especially full moon day. The decoration is modern style.

Even though, this restaurant mainly serves fusion food but the food taste of this restaurant is quite spicy. We start with lobster menu, it is really fresh.

To continue with grilled duck curry, the taste is super good.

Spring roll is the appetizing menu, it is delicious. " Moo Hong" this menu is cooked from pork leg, it is a bit sweet.

This is third day trip (last day at Krabi)

We attend to go to Thale Waek (Separated Sea),it is always Unseen Thailand of Krabi. It is very easy to reach Thale Waek. The long tail boats are well arranged to service tourist. It has clearly indicated for destination The boat driver will wear the uniform to represent themselves. For the half day price is at 1700 baht or refer to the destination and price. Furthermore, you are able to try the whole day trip to visit various places . There are popular 4 islands; Kai Island, Mor Island, Tub Island and Poda Island. It is not expensive if we go together in group.

Thale Waek is separated by the sand ridge, it is really white sandy beach. It occurs once the level of the water is increased. It connects Kai Island, Tub Island and Mor Island. It is natural phenomenon.

If you visit the beach within the 7th day (lunar calendar) of each month. You need to come within 09.00 hrs., you will see sand ridge. If you come around the 15th (lunar calendar) of each month, you need to come after 16.00 hrs. Then, you are able to fully see this natural phenomenon.

It seems the weather is not quite well at the beginning of the trip. But, the weather is finally very nice.

The houses located on the beach are belong to national park, you can have the feeling of the sea in overseas.We are able to choose the activity to do on the island by ourselves. The most popular activity is taking the photos.

Our next destination is "Poda Island", this is one of beautiful island. It has white sandy beach, it is close to Tub Island.

We can have the background of limestone island.

This island is a small island, we can wander around the island within short period of time. The outstanding point of this island is the white sandy beach. The water is very clear especially in Summer.

After the half day trip, we go back to the hotel to check out. We keep our luggage in the car. We then head to our final destination of this trip. We need to keep the symbol of Black Crab Island.

Our final destination is " Klang Island", it is the island where is pretty close to the pier and Krabi bank. It takes around 15 minutes by boat.

How to get to Klang Island.

You are able to take long tailed boat from the bank to Klang Island, you are able to take the boats from 2 piers;

1st From Tara Park Pier to Ta Lae, it takes 5 minutes

2nd From Chao Fah Pier to Ta Hin Pier, it takes 15 minutes.

The boats are available from 06.00 hrs. to 21.00 hrs. Moreover, you are able to rent the bicycle at Ta La to ride around the island. The duration is about 11 kms. to ride around the island.

The modest life of villager at Klang Island.

We choose to have lunch at " Ban Ma Ying", it is the floating restaurant . All local people who stay in this island are Muslim. The main occupations of the people on this island are fisher and farming. They spend their everyday lives with the concept of self - sufficient.

Once you come here, you will get the chance to see the fish that are feed in the floating basket. It is very interesting activity while awaiting for your menus.

Here come the food. The seafood is very fresh. So, we start with sea bass menu.

To continue with the menu of shrimp in the tamarind sauce. This is the recommended menu, that should not be missed once you come here.

For sour soup with young coconut, Ma Ying also cooks this menu nicely.

Stir fried clam covering with fried garlic is also delicious.

We are really full and we are ready to explore the attractions on this island. The best transportation on this island is tricycle. If you do not prefer to be that slow, we recommend the bicycles, they are available for renting at the pier. The duration around the island is only 11 kms.

Travelling on Klang Island is to see the real life style and culture of local villagers.. They still remain the same life style as ancestor. It is modest and self - sufficient life style. Klong Prasong sub district is the first place that we visit. We have seen the greenery field that are grown with organic way.

We come here to meet with the excellent farmer Mr. Prawat Klongrua, who initials to grow organic rice on Klang Island. He said that the people on this island do not grow rice previously. They used to exchange the fish with rice and they continue this style since the ancestor. But, he is the pioneer who starts growing rice and he finally find " Sung Yod Niaw Rice"

This rice specie is the sticky rice and it has been taken to be tested in Rice Center of Patta Lung Province. It is the only rice to be grown that it needs to be approved by rice department. On the other hand, if it is not approved by the rice depart but it is used to grow, it will not count as organic rice. This can refer that the people here really give an importance on organic rice. The rice will be grown once a year. The area of Klong Prasong are now full of organic rice field. The villagers have divided agricultural product into 2 parts; for eating and for selling. I also want to buy and try it. Unfortunately, the rice shown in the picture is the rice from other district.

And we get the chance to visit the village that creates Hua Tong boat model. We meet the first pioneer who executes this business, this is one of OTOP (One Tambon One Product).

And the pioneer of this product is Mr. Somboon Munka, this kind of this boat was widely in the former time especially in the competition. Krabi is the center place to build up this kind of boat.

It seems like this kind if boat has been disappeared because it needs big log to dig down in the middle of the log. But, it is recently changed from digging down to be assemble and install automatic motor instead.

For Hua Tong boat has begun since 1999 and it became successful product and it has been appointed to be OTOP in 2004d.

The body of Hua Tong boat model is made from light wood, the price starts from 300 baht till 100,000 baht. It really depends on the size. Furthermore, the price is around 100,000 baht - 300,000 baht (excluding motor) for the real boat.

For another exotic product is lighter. The villager will use the edge of buffalo horn to light the fire. The villager will use the layer of Tao Rang tree and completely dry it with the sun. Then, the layer will be contained in the buffalo horn. Once the villagers wants to light the fire, they need to pull out layer and it will automatically light.

We visit the village in Klang Island to see the illustration of make Pa Te Frabic, it is the part time job for housewives. They gather as the group to make Pa Te Frabic.

The step of making Pa Te Fabric, they still follow the original method by using imprint and candle.

The combination of making Pa Te Fabric of Malaysian and making Batic Fabric, the color and pattern are very beautiful.

The fabric needs to be imprinted, it takes a few minutes and we can color it afterwards.

The fabric after coloring.

The fabric are dry in the shady area.This is the handicraft that villagers have worked as team, it can be sold in urban area.

So, it is the time that we need to go back. We take the boat at Ma Ying pier heading to the bank.

This trip is one of wonderful trip to know Krabi better in the season which many people thought that it is not able travel in this season.

We forgot to mention about our trip to Krabi, we traveled by promotion. We fly with Bangkok Airway, they have arranged nice promotion with accommodation for 3 days and 2 nights.

The advantage of flying with this airline is that it has its own lounge in every airports to welcome the passenger. For the lounge at Krabi is also beautiful. We spent 1 hour and half to enjoy the food at the lounge.

Once we arrive, there are not so many passengers at the lounge.

Would you like to join us for the next flight.

To sum up, we really want to take this opportunity to thank for TAT of Krabi province to persuade us to open many attractions during greenery season. This trip really impresses us to discover exotic attractions in Krabi. It lets us the chance to learn newly beautiful attractions, villager lifestyle. We really hope that Krabi....the place that we always think of and we also hope that this trip will generate happiness for you.

We really pay attention to take the photos in order to record the special moment of travelling Thailand in the new aspect.

We really persuade you take a decision to step out of the house and discover this blue world.

Till we meet again for the next trip. Good bye.

Piyapong Chantong

 Thursday, April 30, 2015 6:32 PM