Hello! It's SUMMER Time! Where do you guys plan to go for this summer vacation during Songkran holiday?

For those who do not have a plan to go anywhere yet, we would love to recommend “Hua Hin" to you guys. The location is not far from Bangkok at all and there is also a new fascinating attraction that you guys should not miss out!

We are talking about “Camp Meating" which was held in Chiang Mai before. This time they are holding a camp on the beach, thus, now let's follow me and see how cool it's going to be!

Day 1

- For this trip, we would travel for 3days and 2nights (9Apr -11 Apr 2016).

- We make an appointment to meet up at Portochino Community Mall around 08.30am, and then we will start our journey from there.

- Upon arriving at Hua Hin, we stop by having some meal and then go to sit back at Remix Dessert Café.

- The café is located at Nab Khe Has 5 alley.

- After having some dessert and drink, then we go to do our check-in at the hotel, keep our stuff and get ready to head out.

- This night we will stay at Stonehead Hua Hin which is located at Hua Hin 16 alley.

- We will meet up at the Lobby around 03.30pm. And around 04.00pm, we would go out to the Camp Meating. Yeah!

- The camp will be open around 04.00pm

- Moreover, the camp is set in En Bleu theme. Easily speaking, it is in blue color theme.

- When arrive at the place, we go to register with the staff and they will give us postcards like this, together with discount coupon for all drinks at the party.

- The atmosphere now is considerably hot; I think we might come too early as I have seen that there is no one right now. Therefore, let's go and take some photos first. 3 2 1 and go!

- This table set is for a group of 6 – 8 people.

- This corner is for 2 people; get some kind of romance on the beach.

- Let's look around the place.

- -

- Washbasin and restroom corner.

- Continue exploring.

- I do really love this corner, sitting around campfire.

- Let's picnic on da beach before then.

- A cute white beach house.

- There is an enormous size of rock over there that we could climb up and take some cool photos with.

- The sea.

- People are starting to come...Yeahhh.

- The camp also offers welcome drink for all the guests which are very colorful refreshing glass of punch.

- The atmosphere starts to get lively.

- Children are running and playing around the place, they look super cute.

- This table is only set for taking photo.

- There are also horses to go for a ride and get some awesome shot.

- After we take photos of all the corners, we then head to our table, take some rest, send and upload photo to show friends.

- There are a lot of people now.

- All utensils are ready on the table!

- Side dishes, start with Seasonal Vegetable & Mixed Mushroom.

- Tiny Seafood Platter & Bread Basket

- Let's observe the Oyster bar, each oyster is in a big size.

- It costs 300baht for 4 oysters.

- We order one set to try.

- There are salmon too; guests could call staff to have it grill. Great!

- The sky is getting dark and the weather is pleasant.

- It's BBQ Timeeeee.

- We are all occupied with grilling and eating that we did not take any photo at that time.

- I will end today with this photo of the atmosphere at the night time.

- They even have Marshmallow for guests to grill on the campfire.

- And it is the end of our trip in day one.

Day 2

- After get up (late) and then we check-out from the hotel at 11.00am.

- We then head to Debo Café which is located at Hua Hin 37 alley to have noodles for our lunch.

- Cream Cheese Wontons.

- Hot and Spicy Noodles adding soft-boiled egg and a big piece of pork.

- After we are full, we continue our journey to Seenspace Hua Hin which is located at Hua Hin 35 alley.

- Before we travel here, we have seen in social network that the place is about to open and they will hold Hua Hin Beach Market between 13 – 17 this month. Thus, we decide to stop by to have a look as we will have to head back before the festival start. What a pity!

- When we arrive, I feel a bit surprised as the place is still under-construction.

- Although we are not sure whether it is allowed people to enter or not, but we still walk inside and take a photo. Lol.

- Since inside area is still under-construction, thus, we just walk to take a photo at the area next to a sea which the scenery here looks spectacular.

- Let's walk back.

- From what we have seen, I guess that it would take quite some time to open all the area; however we will definitely come back!

- Let's continue our journey; we stop by for some coffee before we get to another accommodation.(We would change our accommodation style a little bit tonight)

- Tonight, we would stay in a condominium called Vimanlay which is located at Cha-Am district. The condo is located next to the beach with a nice pool. Impressive!

(You could find the details of the place at Facebook “Luxury Vimanlay Condo for rent at Cha Am-HuaHin")

- We wait until the sunlight is not too strong, then we do some swimming and walking by the sea.

- We drive to Hua Hin in the evening for dinner at Hua Hin Night Market.

- We have our dinner at Go-Thi restaurant which is located just opposite to Hua Hin Night Market. It's our favorite restaurant!

- Then, we eat some Roti, should not miss out when you travel in Hua Hin.

- Ice-Cream also a must here as well.

- We eat along the way that we feel really stuffed, thus, we take some walk for digest for a while, buy some food and then get back to the condo.

Day 3

- There are not many activities for today. We just wake up, swim, walk by the beach, have lunch and then head back to Bangkok.

- And this is the end of our trip before Songkran holiday.

- For upcoming long holiday like this, if you guys still don't know where to travel to, Let's try travelling here!

- Finally, please follow our page to read all previous reviews and where will we travel in next time, let's follow and find out!


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 Monday, July 25, 2016 10:50 AM