Not many people stay over the night at Ayutthaya....

After I have public the details about eating, travelling and accommodation on the page.

I will tell the story about what I have been through for 2 days 1 night at Ayutthaya, Let follow me!!!

- We go by a car for this trip, travelling for only 1 hour to reach there.

- For those who want to follow my trip, I have already summarized it here!

- Each place we have visited is not far from each other, just drive around there (actually I make so many lists to visit but we can't tolerance the strong sunlight haha).

- We reach there around 10 o'clock and start at Wat Yai Chaimongkol to pray for luckiness first.

- We walk in to pray to Buddha image in a temple inside before we go to visit a big pagoda which is the main point of this temple.

- Around a big pagoda, there is a big Buddha image inside the wall.

- Walking up to the top, there is a ladder on the side which connect to the way around the pagoda.

- My legs are little shaking when walking down the stair after a long walk.

- Before we go back, we go to worship Reclining Buddha image in the temple.

- Now come to the end of the first temple. Second temple, we go to visit is Wat Chaiwatthanaram.

- This temple is very beautiful and magical. The architecture is prominent and elegant because it is always renovated and worth seeing it.

- We have already bought a ticket and let go visit it ( Thai people pay only 10 Baht for admission fee)

- We can feel a marvelous of this place like bringing our self back in time haha.

- Visit inside the place

- There are many types of Buddha image both setting beside the river and in the middle inside the wall which is a Pratarn Buddha image.

- There is a trace of history around here, each corner tells difference story but all are beautiful.

- I would like to invite you guys to come to this place. Thailand still has so many places to visit.

- It is about 12.00 pm. now after visited the temple, then we are going to have a big meal.

- Starting with a meat dish at Pare Krung Kao, the restaurant is next to the river too.

- We order only 7 dishes // Fried fish in a fish sauce, Kale Pork, Curry Chicken, Green curry with fish ball and stuffed salty eggs. Omelette with pork and River shrimp.

- Next dish is a sweet menu @ Sala Ayutthaya

- A popular corner at the entrance

- The tables are provided both indoor and outdoor zone but we have to sit at the outside zone because it is fulled inside, people mostly want to sit in the air-conditioner room.

- The atmosphere beside the river, we can clearly see Wat Phutthaisawan, very beautiful.

- Menu that I choose for today

- Blend coconut and orange juice

- Serving with Thai ice tea and fried banana+ chocolate ice cream.

- You can also go down to take picture at this corner, this corner also a popular place haha.

- On the way back at the private pool, an area only for customer who stay over night ( I meet with friend there so I skull taking some pictures.

- So beautiful like this, I should plan to stay over night next time.

- We go back after we are full and ready to go back to check in at the hostel.

- This trip is occurred because of the hostel that I have mentioned on the page haha

- We stay at Stockhome Hostel which is a small hostel, cute at Naresuan road at the entrance of the G H Bank. It is easily be seen.

- Mostly is a foreign customer, the price is not expensive.

- เค้าให้ check in ได้บ่ายสอง check out 11 โมงนะ

- They allow to check in at 14.00 pm and check out at 11.00 am.

- ด้านในตกแต่งแบบโมเดิร์น เน้นสีขาว น้ำตาล

- It is decorated in a modern style, focus on white and brown color.

- It is time to go to the room to keep our stuffs and take a nap for a while

- The room is arranged in both doom type and private type (only 2 rooms). The room is available only 1 room. So another 2 fellows have to stay in a dorm type.

- This is my room for tonight, personal bathroom + TV

- We go out for dinner after we take enough rest.

-Let's see the atmosphere downstairs.

- There are sofa and TV provided to watch movie on the mezzanine. For those who buy food or beverage, you can put it in the public refrigerator because the refrigerator is not in the room.

-It comes to an end of our first day

- We wake up in the morning. On the second day, we check out around 10.00 am. and ready to departure.

-Most of the customers are really a foreigner. You can see from the pictures.

- I go out from the accommodation and go ahead to Busaba Cafe first. Yesterday we went there but there were so many people so we step back and get out first haha.

-The cafe is at the opposite side of the Wat Mahathat

- Entering the cafe, before we reach the counter, there is a small corner for selling cute thing. All products are Thai loincloth.

- It is an early morning time so I order a cup of coffee to wake me up ( after that we will have breakfast)

- and Blending Matcha green tea

- Last glass but the best one. A blending coconut, coconut jelly is outstanding ingredient at the bottom of the glass too.

- Cafe's signature is there is a cotton candy putting on the top of every menu as a topping.

- After finish drinking a beverage menu, now let's go on to the next menu ( Are you not going to wait for it to be digest? haha)

- That menu can't make us full, each people also buy many set of cotton candy back home

- Arbidin cotton candy is located on the oppersite site of Phanakorn Sri Ayutthaya hospital, near 7/11 store. It is not hard to find. There are many stores there, be careful don't confused.

- Now I feel relieved to have some lagniappe. Next we are going to the last store of this trip @ The Summer House.

- The store is located on the route no. 3477. It is the way from Chaophaya bridge to Phanan Cheng Temple. In front is a brick wall, very distinguish.

- There are both indoor and outdoor area of this store. The outdoor seat is empty because the weather is very hot during the time I go there.

- I am hungry now, let's order

- Our lunch for today // I want to start with special menu of the store. Aloe juice, fresh longan juice is served only 100 glasses/round only.

- Next menu is a meat dish // A fried chicken with herb, Tom yum kung spaghetti , Ama grilled pork and a salty fish with fried rice.

- The food tastes very good, I can give a thumps up for it. Unfortunately we haven't order a sweet menu because we have already had a blending drink before.

- End with the atmosphere beside the river. There is a bean bag for customer to sit there. I think it would be very chill to come here in the evening.

It comes to the end of our 2 days 1 night trip in Ayutthaya.

I never think that there are many places to visit like this. Thailand really has a lot of travelling places. This trip I have met with foreigners riding a bike around to see the city and many temples.

I want to invite many people to go travelling in Thailand.

Lastly, please follow my page haha.

Follow my page to read the previous review and follow us to see what we are going to go in the next trip!

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