"Bang Kachao" is an artificial island formed by a bend in the Chao Phraya River and a canal at its western end. It lies south of the Thai capital Bangkok in Phra Pradaeng District of Samut Prakan Province. The island, covering 16 square kilometers or 12,000 rai has been traditionally agricultural with only a relatively small population. It is sometimes referred to as the "green lung" of Bangkok". In 2006, Bang Kachao was named "best urban oasis" by Time in its "Best of Asia" series and is frequented by nature lovers and cyclists bur we will run around this oasis by SCOOTER!!!

11 December is good day because there is long holiday in Thailand started from 10-12 December which everyone normally spend first day of long holiday for wake up late, clear all personal business, clean their house while the 3rd day of holiday will be kept for preparing for working on Monday. The 2nd day is good to go out with friends. So, 7 of us (P Lhin, P Hong, Fon, Kero, Anna, Yui agreed on this day to ride scooter around the green lung of Bangkok.

P Lhin (P = Older sister in Thai) , P Hong, Fon, Kero, Anna are never try scooter before but they all were excited to try while me and Yui were together many trips already.

7.30am is our meeting time and Asia Hotel Bangkok is the best meeting point in Bangkok where very convenience for all. 

And in the morning she was always standby at this bakery shop with smiling face like this. And I like croissant here (even I'm not bakery lover).

But as always, P Hong prepares boiled egg for everyone.

We all were on time and we left Bangkok around 7.45am. after we finished all breakfast. 

There was around 1 hour from meeting point on the express way and we reached to the meeting point in Samui Prakarn province where we got scooter for today tour.

We tested and tried and checked all functions to make sure of safety. Helmet is one of the important equipment which we must wear while we are riding. 

And finally we were ready. The tour today is 3.5hours program. So, we had some snacks and Thai dessert.

Tour guide lead us on the small road along the canal.

There are some houses turned to be small restaurant and cafe.

After the proper road we got out of the road to the nature track.

This road called "Flower Road" when the guide said we all were looking for flower garden but the answer is not the flower plantation but it's means the flower which pained on the road.

Fon who tried this activity for the first time but she was enjoying.

P Hong also tried for first time but also like it.

And even Anna.

Along the green area, we were enjoy seeing the houses, flowers, boats.

And see the friend enjoy sunbathing (please zoom in this picture).

In the middle way. We stopped at the Bangkok Tree House www.bangkoktreehouse.com as P Lhin really need coffee.

The cafe located by the river, they served drink and some light menus.

She was the first one or order drink and a piece of Tiramisu. 

Fon ordered coconut coffee which look tasty. 

I like their decoration which merge designed and local products together.

Actually, we all like this place but as our program still have many places to stop by so we left the cafe and continue riding.

Fon who is new for scooter and Yui who expert with many trips.

And here is the superstar's checked in point.

When the tour guide told us that this is the place where superstar came and took nice shots. 

Then everyone want to get same shot.

I can only say that everyone are beautiful in their way. We left that popular checked in point and continue to next stop.

I think the people who living in this area are nice. We can see how clean the area long the road. We were enjoy and happy with fresh air but P Lhin request to drop at some shops or restaurant as she missed breakfast this morning. 

Luckily that our next stop was "Klong Boun Local Museum" which is an old house where the owner opened the door for visitors to visit and see all the antique things. But the reason why I said luckily is. There is a local noodle shop at the museum.

While all of us listening the tour guide explained about the history of this museum.

P Lhin walked direct to the noodle shop in front of the museum and order. Then everyone follow her and all had noodle as a pre-lunch.

After everyone finished noodle then we continue to the museum.

This museum actually is a private house which the owner have lots of antique stuff.

And lots of magazines and books, some of them was printed since almost 50 years ago.

And she who is antique lover really like these magazines and books.

I like this museum as they keep all stuff in the way like you keep things in your house. So, when we walk around we fell like we just visit our grandma's house.

We left the museum and continue to next stop.

Along the way from place to place are similar. Small road which is good for bicycle, scooter, or motorbike. So, no wonder why this area call best green zone near Bangkok.

The next stop was a bird watching tower. But our purpose was not to see the bird. But to get bird eye view shots.

We left the bird watching tower with lots of good shots (without bird). And next stop was for young (at heart) people as well.

This is the place that I can say it look like one of hidden gems. 

The places where the parents can spend the times together with activities which adults and child can enjoy.

They also have restaurant but the table was full so we did not try their food. 

So, I suggest this places for group for friend look for fun activities but not too much adventure or the parents who have kids. We left the community farm and return to the staring point and the time was 2pm. 

We started the tour around 9am and finished at 2pm mean we were in the green zone for 5 hours but we did notice that it was a long hours because we were enjoy everything along the way. Enjoy food, say hi to strangers, drink new menu so 5 hours fell like just 2 hours. So, we finished the tour happily today.

I think no matter how old are you because the kid's instinct still in your heart. Then don't afraid to fall down and try to create a chance to let your kid's instinct show out and then you will enjoy and happy with everything in everyday like kids.

See you in Samut Songkram province SOON!!!



 Saturday, December 11, 2021 11:04 PM