Hello everyone...welcome to my journey^^

I have come to Phu Tab Berk many times but I have never seen the foggy sea at all. So I follow "Kao Kor - Phu Tab Berk Lover page", there are updated information about the recommended period when you can see the foggy sea. That helps me to complete this trip and see the foggy sea as I expect.

Again many thanks for the information from "Kao Kor - Phu Tab Berk Lover page".

Let's find the foggy sea in rainy season>>>

(The trip date 7- 9 June 2016)

........In the morning of 7th June, I go to Ducati Centre, Vibhavadee to get a big bike test drive. They arrange Ducati Moster821 for me. We pack everything on the back seat then we start the journey>>>

(I am so excited when riding this and it is Naked Design which is easier to ride than Sport Design. My own one is series Ninja 250)

We take the direction on Vibhavadee - Phaholyothin - Wang Noi - and turn left to Lopburi on Road No. 21.

(Normally I ride with the 250cc but I jump to 821cc, so I need some adjustment to get use to with this big bike)

Today is such a nice weather with clear blue sky ^^.

Beautiful mountain view

I my pack, there are tent, sleeping mat, water prove bag, camera and camera accessories.

Stop for refueling and eating at Bueng Sam Pan

This big bike is easy to ride and less front weight but the engine quite hot when wait for traffic light we have to switch off.

This big bike features such as:

- Riding mode: sport / touring /urban

- Distant control: trip a / trip b

- Burning measurement, Average temperature and time.

- No fuel gauge but indicated by the warning light

- No warning gear's light, only indicated neutral gear

- Full fuel 13 litres and can ride about 250 km. averrage and can be use with Oxthene 95 only

- The weight is 200 kg.

The Flame Tree is blossom on the side road, the charming of travelling in rainy season.

Plentiful of trees and greenery area

Breathe in the pure oxygen and enjoy natural surrounding

Then continue on Petchaboon Bypass Road

We can see the mountains are surrounded by fog.

We have to get to the top of the mountain before it get dark.

Turn right to Phu Tab Berk

It makes me feel really good when seeing fog all over in everywhere that I have passed.

Seeing 7/11 at the corner turn left to go up to the mountain

It is really beautiful along the road and there are cool stream of fog passing my body while riding^^

Caution: Some parts of the road are under construction so ride with full attention and be careful.

The higher you go, the colder you feel

No need to be rushed, enjoy the nature

Use caution when ride because the road is not smooth

Travelling during a weekday is so good because it is not busy.

Dogs and motorcycle is always together.

At viewpoint, looking back from where we climb up^^

Take another photo with fog near the school

This is the charming of travelling in rainy season.

You can also come...

Arriving to our destination

At the camping area, Rai Rim Pha, Phu Tab Berk

It is really beautiful as you can see....

No more energy, hungry and sleepy!!!

View from my tent

Even there is no star on the sky but we can see them on the ground.

Cannot sleep....just go out and have some walks

The contrast of darkness and the lights from the town so beautiful

There are only 2 tents camping today.

No more noisy sound entertainment from the car

It was raining and windy last night, my tent was fine. It makes me have a well sleep than ever.

Wow!!!! Foggy sea finally we can see it

The heaven on earth!!!

As I have expected to see, feeling great^^ .

Tree no leaves

Rain helps to cool off my big bike and we are not going anywhere today.

It is raining and very cold.

So I just stay in the tent to keep myself warm. (Sleeping all day hahaha)

Wake up again around 10.00 hrs. this is what I see ^^

Feeling so happy!!!

Look in the mirror

I have never seen flowing fog this close before.

Cabbages yard

Finally the sun is shining to dry up the rain.

If you are coming during the weekend you might not see the view like this because it will full of people and tents.

The advantage of camping in the private area is there is free WiFi because there is no phone signal up here.

Another beautiful view from lens 50 mm with a background of the city

I am so happy with this trip and always want to come back again even I have come so many times.

Always have my big bike aside as a friend!!!

Good morning, there is no foggy sea today because it was not raining last night.

8.00hrs. it is time for go back, say good bye to my friends.

This is Kanun my mum cat.

I like to go to Phu Tab Berk because I can stop by my mom house.


Distant round trip 800 km.

Total expense not more than 2000 THB

Refueling 3 times around 1000 THB

Eating and sleeping cost not more than 500 THB (Camping area 50 THB, each meal 60 THB, Rental pillow and blanket 80 THB)

During weekday we will not be facing business especially places that cars can reach, coming during weekend might not be a good idea.

Many thanks to Rai Rim Pha and P' Tom

Many thanks to Ducati Thailand Vibhavadee for test ride

Many thanks to people that I have met for their friendship and helpful

Charming of travelling in raining season

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 Monday, July 4, 2016 1:47 PM