The rainy season is approaching and the Siam tulips is starting to bloom. Many of us may be wondered how to get to "Siam Tulip Fields" in Chaiyaphum Province. The direction is showed below.

Our new destination for this chilly rainy season is Siam Tulip Fields. These pink flowers of the season are displaying their beauty to visitors.

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Before starting our journey, let's get to know more about Siam tulips.

This kind of flower is an annual plant with great benefits. People can eat it, just like other nutrient vegetables. The flower, besides, comes in beautiful color. It begins the blooming show only in rainy season.

During rainy season from June to September, the province always organizes a festival called "Yip Mok Yok Dok Kra Jeaw" (Hug the Mist and Kiss the Tulip). The festival is at Pa Hin Ngam National Park in Thepsathit District and Sai Thong National Park in Nong Bua Rawe District, Chaiyaphum Province. They have this event every year. Anyway, sometimes the blossom comes a little later than its usual, so it can be last to September. Apart from the Siam tulip fields, both national parks have got some other tourist attractions. Here, I have collected some information of interesting places around the park for you.

How to get to the Siam Tulip Fields

  • The fields are located at Pa Hin Ngam National Park and Sai Thong National Park. They are 70 kilometers away from each other (If you drive from Bangkok, you will arrive at Pa Hin Ngam National Park first.)
  • The most convenient way is to travel by car as you can visit both of the parks. You can also get there by public transports like buses, vans, or trains but you will have to take a taxi bike or a taxi afterward (Hitchhiking is an interesting option for ones who love adventures.).
  • If you don't have so much time, a day trip must suit you. For ones who have more time, I recommend you to stay a night in a tent. You will have a wonderful time with natural surroundings.
  • You'd better leave Bangkok around 2 or 3 am. if you plan to have one-day trip. You will reach there early in the morning to enjoy its fogs and fresh air.

Tips before starting the journey:

  • Both national parks require entrance fee.
  • Pa Hin Ngam National Park is more crowded compared to Sai Thong National Park because of its shorter distance. Sai Thong National Park, however, possesses much more of the flowers.
  • There are a great number of people on weekends. You'd better be there early in the morning since there are fewer people and better atmosphere.
  • In the morning, it is always cold and foggy. So, don't forget to take a sweater and a wool hat with you.
  • The best periods for their beauty is ususally in the beginning of August (depending on the climate of the year).

Pa Hin Ngam National Park is in shorter distance with crowded people. Sai Thong National Park, on the other hand, has fewer people with more beautiful Siam tulip fields.

You can visit the Siam tulip fields at Pa Hin Ngam National Park and Sai Thong National Park.

  • Pa Hin Ngam National Park
  • From Bangkok, you take Thailand Route 1 passing Saraburi Province to Thepsathit District. About 1 km. before reaching the District office, take a left heading to Nong Bua Rawe District on Thailand Route 2354. During the festival, there are many signs along the road showing the way to the event, you can't miss it.

Sai Thong National Park

It is 37 km. away from Nong Bua Rawe District on the Thailand Route 225 (Chaiyaphum-Nakhon Sawan). You will find a junction, then take a right. Keep driving for another 7 km., you will see it.

What do they have in " Pa Hin Ngam National Park"?

  • The Siam tulip field
  • Pa Sut Phan Din (End of the Land Cliff)
  • Lan Hin Ngam (Beautiful Rock Plain)

Let's start our journey from Pa Hin Ngam National Park.

  • The entrance fee costs only 40 baht.
  • There are shops selling food and refreshments in the park.
  • Local goods and souvenirs are sold in the national park.

After we get inside the national park, we can park the car at the parking lots prepared for tourists. There are shuttle buses taking us to the Siam tulip field organized by the national park. The fare costs 30 baht a person.

It stops by three tourist spots: the Siam tulip field, Pa Sut Phan Din, and Lan Hin Ngam. You can get in and get off any buses as you wish.

This is how it looks like.

At the first spot, you can walk along the path trekking to the flower field. It is recommended to come here very early in the morning. When the park is opened, there are fewer tourists and it is better atmosphere with much more foggy in the field.

I pretty enjoy strolling around in the mist. The people are getting crowded even I get here so early. I can't imagine how crowded it is going to be in the afternoon.

It is not their most beautiful period of the blossom when I visit. There are, however, a large number of the Siam tulip along the trekking.

Some of them bloom by the path, so we can enjoy their beauty closely.

Their colorfulness go perfectly with the natural environment in the morning.

There are plenty of the flowers which are really rich in color.

The picturesque scenery together with fresh air in wonderful atmosphere attracts thousands of people to experience it once in their lifetime.

Some interesting spots for tourists can be reached on foot.

Enjoy the spectacular views of green tropical forest at Pa Sut Phan Din (End of the Land Cliff). It is 846 meters high from the sea level, overlooking the Sap Langka Wildlife Sanctuary in Lopburi Province. This area is where the 3 regions of Thailand meet: the centre (Lopburi Province) of Thailand, the north eastern part (Chaiyaphum), and the northern part (Petchabun Province). You must take photographs at this scenic viewpoint. Anyway, you should be careful on the cliff.

At this time in the morning with this nice fresh air, I just want to hang around over here as long as possible without going anywhere else.

We are heading to the next spot that is Lan Hin Ngam (Beautiful Rock Plain). The rock plain consists of many rocks with different sizes and shapes on the area of around 40 acres. The rocks were shaped by erosion. You can imagine what the rocks look like. There are Nail Rock, Radar Rock, Giant Hen Rock, FIFA World Cup Rock etc. They are so beautiful just like their names.

This is one of the most outstanding rock, FIFA World Cup Rock. It looks so similar.

There are many striking and unusual rock shapes where you can take photos.

Everyone doesn't miss taking a photo with .... Mor Hum Tung Rock.

Then we get to the other national park " Sai Thong National Park" Let's see what they have over there.

  • Thung Bua Sawan (Siam Tulip Field)
  • Pha Pho Mueang (Pho Mueang Cliff)
  • Pha Hum Huet (Hum Huet Cliff)
  • Sai Thong Waterfall

To get there, we have to drive only a pickup to path trekking (nature trail). You can park your own car at the national park and go with the officers by pickup.

It costs 60 to 80 baht for the shuttle pickup (the more the visitors, the less it costs.). The attractions are about 10 kilometers away from the parking spaces.

The nature trail (Siam Tulip field) is surrounded by huge trees with their shades and fresh air.

There are many interesting spots in Sai Thong National Park, such as Thung Bua Sawan (Siam Tulip Field), Pha Pho Mueang (Pho Mueang Cliff), and Pha Hum Huet (Hum Huet Cliff). All of these are on the 4-kilometer path trekking. If you don't want to walk that far, you can plan to stop by some spots that really interest you.

After a short walk to the flower field, you will reach Pha Pho Mueang (Pho Mueang Cliff). It is on the west of the Khao Phang Hoei, about 800 meters high from the sea level. It overlooks the breathtaking view. You can enjoy the scenery along the cliff range but remember to walk carefully.

On the nature trail, you will experience the wind in your hair with truly tropical forest along the way.

Next stop is the most famous spot in the national park, Pha Hum Huet (Hum Huet Cliff). Some part of the cliff sticks out overlooking the woods, the 864 meters high from the sea level. Your legs can shake while standing up there. It can be adventurous that you cannot even walk up there. What you can do is to crawl. It is one of the "Must Go To" sites when you visit the national park.

As I mentioned before, there are more colorful Siam tulip in Sai Thong National Park compared to its counterpart. More flower fields located here make them look more natural and quieter. Their beauty cannot be beaten.

All of these are what I have experienced from this trip. I hope the information is useful for ones who are traveling there and don't forget to take care of the nature.


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