After done with the 3 parts of Koh Mak Castaway, this is the special episode that we conclude 10 viewpoints for photographing.

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Starting with the sunrise point

1. Laem Son

The sunrise through pine trees

gps: N11° 49.564' E102° 30.702'

Laem Son is located on the far east of Koh Mak where you can see the sea from the east, the north and the south eastern of the beach. It looks like a boomerang or V. The distinctive point is sea pine trees are everywhere on this beach. From here you can see Koh Kradad, Koh Nok Nok, Koh Nok Nai and this is the beautiful sunrise point that you can visit all year long except during June-July because the sunrise will be at the corner of Koh Kradad.

Lame Som Beach from the north

Laem Son sand bar and Koh Kradad, Koh Nok Nok, Koh Nok Nai

See the sunrise through pine trees.

There are still less come to visit Koh Mak so it is quite peaceful and quiet.

Laem Son Beach Map

2 Laem Kradun or Laem Dun

gps: N11° 48.759' E102° 30.245'

Laem Kradun or Laem Dun is located in the south eastern of Koh Mak. Ao Pai Viewpoint is where you can see the most beautiful view. It is suitable for portrait photo.

Ao Pai View

Having fun with portrait photographing

Lame Kradun

Map of Laem Kradun

3 Ao Thong Lang

The sunset through coconut trees

gps: N11° 47.618' E102° 29.223'

Ao Thong Lang is a small bay at Laem Thong Lang. There is a resort here "Talay Time resort". The good viewpoint is 200 meters on the hill before arriving to the resort. It is another beautiful corner that you can see the sunset through all those coconut trees.

Talay Time resort

Map of Ao Thong Lang

In the small box is the sun position. You can take a clear photo of sunrise all year long, there is nothing blocking the view. Sometime you also can see the sunset between Koh Rayang Nai and Koh Rayang Nok.

4 Ao Khaw

gps: N11° 48.417' E102° 28.579'

Ao Khaw has the most beautiful beach on Koh Mak. Moreover, there is a coconut tree that recline a long the beach which I think it is another good corner for taking a photo.

View of Koh Khaw

5 The beach in front of Makathani Resort

Twilight moment

gps: N11° 48.855' E102° 27.772'

If you stay at Makathani Resort, it would be very easier for you because it is a pier for speed boat and the front beach has a very good view. We can also see Koh Rayang Nai, Koh Rayang Nok and Laem Tukkata as a background. It is a good corner for twilight photo but we cannot see the sunset here.

The twilight at the beach front of Makathani Resort

Actually this beach has a name but they call it differently such as Ao Krating or Ao Khaw so it is kind of confuse.

Coconut trees as a background and soft grass as a nice^^

6 Ao Baan Yai

Coconut trees are all around

gps: N11° 48.805' E102° 27.268'

Previously, there was a very big house here that's why they call Ao Baan Yai. As in the photo, this corner is the most beautiful with coconut trees at Holiday Beach resort. When the water down we can walk to Koh Rayang however you have to be careful because you have to come back before the water rise up otherwise you will be stucked there.

The beautiful corner of coconut trees at Ao Baan Yai

Or you can wait for twilight here

7 Laem Tukkata

The amazing corner

gps: N11° 48.459' E102° 26.886'

Laem Tukkata is an amazing corner that you will see the different design of stone which is created by the nature. That middle stone is the reason why they call Laem Tukkata because it looks like a girl sitting there.

Map of photo point number 4, 5, 6 and 7

8 Coco Cape Bridge

The sunset at Koh Phee

gps: N11° 49.327' E102° 27.712'

Coco Cape Resort is the most well known resort on Koh Mak with the most famous bridge "Coco Cape Bridge". It is a romantic bridge with a small bar. Drink are not expensive, it is such a good place for chill out. Moreover, it can be place that you place down your camera and press shutter for a beautiful sunset. The best day of the most beautiful sunset is on 18th April of every year.

At the Coco Cape Bridge

Or the view from Chiwana Resort is also beautiful as you can see.

gps : N11° 49.268' E102° 28.012'

Coco Cape and Chiwana Map and the sun position

9 Koh Mak Resort

Coconut trees corner

gps: N11° 49.482' E102° 28.168'

This corner is "the must see" corner that you have to take a photo.

Coconut trees corner in front of Koh Mak resort

With swing

10 Cinnamon Resort

The dreaming bridge

gps: N11° 49.773' E102° 30.138'

This is another signature place that people recognize the most and it is the longest bridge that go into the sea on Koh Mak. The bridge also looks different from other bridge with those big trees.

A romantic bridge and a big tree

Map of photo point number 9 and 10

These are the 10 photopoints on Koh Mak however there are many places that you should go to visit. If I have a chance to come back here again, I will give you more ideas of the photo point.

Thank you very to DASTA or Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration and ISMED that supports us for this trip as well as other companions, all staffs team member and Khun Su (the guild)...

Lastly...thank you very much every one who reads, likes and shares my review^^.


 Thursday, October 6, 2016 3:50 PM