Royal Cliff Beach Hotel Pattaya located in a good location on Pratumnak Mountain with personal beach. Many people already know about this place because it has been opened for a long time. However, they still have a very good managed, the hotel is ready for service all the time.

Before review, let's see the hotel map first because the hotel has a very wide space and has many buildings, pools, restaurants and personal beach.

At the lobby, there are many places to sit while waiting for check-in. Guests are mostly Thai people come with family especial during holidays. After we get into the room, there is no doubt why they come in a big family because the room is quite big separate into living corner and bedroom with beautiful view even we book a Mountain View Room.

This is inside the room. We booked The Mini Suite Mountain View which might be the cheapest room rate.

Look!!! what are behind that door. Once I get in, it feels like tonight is going to be a good night.

From the room, you will see Pratumnak Mountain right in front of you.


Mini Bar and coffee and tea

After put our luggages in the room, it is time to go out and discover the hotel. Let's start with Kid Room which is the first thing that we think of when we go travel as a family.

For Kid Room, there are addition charges, 4 hours for 200 baht. Personally, this price is acceptable according to room space, play ground corner, games, and movies room and there is a staff attended all the time. We spend the whole 4 hours in there. Next to the Kid Room is a Game room, there are additional charges as well.

Near by the Kid Room, There are 3D pictures to take photos and make some funny acts.

From the Kid Room, we walk around the hotel and arrive to this zone. We do not know what it calls but it is probably good place for party with wide space and Seaview.

Then we walk up stairs to the Lobby to go to Swimming Pool, pass by Indian Restaurant that has very elegant decoration so we walk inside and take some photos.

Inside the Indian Restaurant "Maharani" (We just come to take photos ^^).

Arriving to the breakfast room where we have to come tomorrow morning. There is a bakery counter selling in front of the room in the afternoon. All bakeries will have 50% discount after 6.00pm. We buy many kinds of bakery to try and they are very delicious.

Breakfast room in the afternoon^^ Just for you to see how beautiful it is.

Let's go to the beach!!! Here is very quiet and peaceful. There are not many people come down here during that time.

Press the elevator to the 1st floor we will see another restaurant by the beach where you can enjoy sea breeze and delicious food all day whether you are the guest of the hotel or the outside guests.

The restaurant by the beach is quite private. Enjoy your own time!!!

Arriving to the private beach for the hotel guest only, there are sunbath beds lining up along the beach for you to lay down, enjoy sea breeze and read books which is very peaceful.

This stair is to go up to the building for people who stay in this zone. But for people from the main building use the elevator is easier.

The atmosphere by the beach in the afternoon, there are fewer people lying down on the beach mostly are foreigner.

Follow by swimming pool which is an older style pool. It is too hot so we skip this pool.

But we come to this pool instead, swimming in the pool and enjoy beautiful Seaview!!!

There is a Jacuzzi in the middle of the pool and there are many Jacuzzi in other area around the pool for body massage as well.

You better come to swimming pool in the evening because in the afternoon is quite hot which is good for sunbathing.

Breakfast is another reason why we choose to stay here, because it is providing varieties of food. Today, there are a lot of people so it is quite difficult to get a table. It is such a big breakfast room, there are food in many corners of the room.

There is also hot Kanom Krok (Kind of Thai Dessert) for you to try. Moreover, boiled rice with fish and pork are also taste good.

Even though there are many people today but they has never run out of food. And there are staffs clearing dirty dishes which is very good.

In Conclusion

We are very impressive because there are many facilities, elegant breakfast, comfortable bedroom, air condition works very well. It is the best holiday ever.


 Friday, June 12, 2015 1:53 PM