After complacently taking some rest at Pungwaan Resort and Spa, the resort secretly ask me that "Pungwaan Resort has another branch at "Sai Yok". Do you wanna stay there as well?" OMG, I almost cry after hear that. Really can't reject ... Go!! I have never been to Sai Yok before.

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Link for Chapter 2 >> กาญจนบุรีหน้าฝน Chapter 2 : กาญจนบุรี มีอะไรตั้งเยอะแยะ ..

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At first I plan to get on hipster railway and get down at waterfall station, but we don't have enough time. So, we take a car from Pungwaan Resort and Spa to Pungwaan Sai Yok instead. Not too long, we arrive at the destination.

The resort is very large with space of 120 acres. And they also offer various activities for your choices. Prior to that, let's keep the bags in our room first. ^^

Room for tonight is wooden cottage on a slope with generous space.

The highlight should be bathroom separated into 2 zone which are bathtub and shower area ... among the stars. LOL

After we finish keeping bags, the resort takes us to observe different types of rooms in case any of you would like to try.

First type is standard one named "Baan Lom Beung" and "Baan Ku Bua".

Following with building by riverside. It has 2 floors located on waterside of Kwai Noi River.

Suite type provides living room and 2 bedrooms.

The floating house can accommodate 4 and 6 persons, plus VIP floating house as well. If you have a chance to come with friends, I guarantee enjoyment. Because during the night, the weather by riverside is really really good. Oh! But they don't allow to swimming in this area because the water is torrential.

After that they invite us to get on tramp for absorbing atmosphere around resort. So sad it is about to rain, so all photos look gloomy. ><

Inside the resort, there is park for deer. Going further, we find a group of horses and camels!! Yes, Camel!!

Resort provides various activities including horse riding, horse carriage, swimming, adventure, bicycle and rock climbing.

Pungwaan Resort also provides spa service. By that time, there is 20% discount for massage, only 450 THB per 2 hours.

Morning of following day is the time to go back to Bangkok. Before leaving, let's better check on breakfast. It is same standard as other hotels, buffet Thai food and western food.

After we are full. I walk leisurely around the garden of resort. The atmosphere is nice but I start to get tired.

Thank you Pungwaan Resort very much for taking excellent care of me for the whole 3 days 2 nights. This trip is superb!!

To sum up ..

- Pungwaan Resort is still in same concept which is suitable for big seminar group. Because they have lots of rooms accommodating up to 300 guests. O_O
- For those who concern about transportation, don't worry. Because you can take the train and get off at waterfall station. Then contact the resort to pick you up. No problem at all. : )

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 Tuesday, June 30, 2015 2:45 PM