Hi all README fans

Welcome to Kanchanaburi

We come here quite often but this is the second time that we stay on the raft.

We would say that it is so amazing and feel valuable to come.

Trust us!!! we have never seen so many stars like this before.

★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

This trip is 3 days 2 nights which we have never wanted to be end...

Alright then let's start the journey together>>>>

PS. All photos in this review was taken by DSLR camera and film camera.

:: Day 1::

Welcome to protected area of peaceful for you

We intent to take a free train from Thonburi station to Kanchanaburi station. But we missed the train so we change the plan to take the van instead. Price for the ticket is 120 THB per person.

◕‿ ◕

Do whatever it takes to get there before 11.00am. because we have to take the local bus to the resort which only have 2 rounds a day.

◕‿ ◕

➝ Next Station ... "Kanchanaburi - Srisawad"

Ticket is 120 THB to get off in front of the resort or 150 THB to get off inside the resort.

At Srisawad, we have to take the car on to the raft and flow to the other side which is unseen for us as it is so amazing.

Look!!! what you will see>>>>

There is a small shop that is selling on the raft.

We are almost there>>>

Here we are>>>>

"Pufa Lake Resort"

Welcome drink to refresh ourselves

Then... Let's jump in>>>>


Around 5.00pm.

The resort provides the raft to the middle of the damn for the most beautiful sunset ever.

See you again tomorrow ^^

Feeling so release after travelling all day long....

When we come back and see this in front of our room...

◕‿ ◕

:: Day 2::

Time to floating

8.00 am. is time for breakfast then we are going to camp at the dam.

So excited ... during the way there is also so wonderful....

Here are our companions ^^

This is just the entrance, we cannot wait to see what will be inside there>>>

From the raft move to the boat

we are going to Kreety Waterfall

Once we go in, we feel like we are in Amazon discovery ^^.

But it is still so beautiful.

◕‿ ◕

Kreety Waterfall Area

After that time for our favorite activity... Kayaking...

And Swimming...

◕‿ ◕

Around 5.00pm., the resort will arrange our dinner....

We are so lucky to have a chance to have dinner with this amazing view surrounded.

While having dinner and chitchatting, we lie down on the sofa and look the sky.

It likes WOW!!!!!

Million Billion of stars on the sky

◕‿ ◕

We have to hold our breath to take a photo

And this photo is from my friend who has never touch a real camera before.

No focus, no camera stand but we can do it....

Not thing is difficult if you have your intention.

◕‿ ◕

From the movie:
<span class="redactor-invisible-space">"Do you know that now we are looking at the past of the stars and smile 
but we should look at our past and smile too"</span>

:: Day 3::

Forever Memory

Waking up and see those fog along the river

We are heading back to the resort around 9.00 am.

While floating on the raft, we have our breakfast with natural surrounding^^.

Like in Teacher's Diary

3 days 2 nights we are feeling like we have full energy before go back.

Everything is so beautiful and amazing.

When it is time, we all never want it to be end.

It is going to be in our memory forever.

Package 3 days 2 nights 3,300 THB

Stay one night at the resort and see the sunset

The second night is camping on the raft in the dam area.

If you like fishing, this is also another good place for you.

If you are interested to come...

Contact :: Pufalakeresort

☎ 089 816 2119


Thank you very much for joining our journey until the end

If you have any suggestion or want more information, please visit our page at


"Bon Voyage We wish you all luck and happiness in every journey"


Bon Voyage

 Tuesday, March 28, 2017 12:34 PM