As I have seen many beautiful pictures and hear a lot of positive rumors of Koh Lipe, Satun Province for many years that is why this island is an island that I would like to have an opportunity to go experience once by myself. Moreover, this island is one of a few islands in Thailand, I have not had a chance to visit yet.

After waiting for so many years, finally around middle of the previous November, my little dream has come true.

The trip with my wife this time, we are travelling with Sealection tour for a 3 Days 2 Nights package and choose to stay at Sita Beach and Resort. After coordinate and organize the schedule date, the Sealection informs us that me and my wife should book air tickets to Hat Yai, Songkhla Province before 9.00 am and book a return flight out of Hat Yai after 5.00pm. Apart from all of the above, the Sealection would arrange for us.

On a day of our trip, we both choose a flight to Hat Yai Airport at 8.50 am. Then, there is a van to pick us up to Pak Bara Pier which takes about 1.30 hour and on the way to the pier, the van would park for us to go to the restroom for about 10 minutes and I suggest that you should buy some supplies during that time. Because we will not have time to eat lunch at all which by the time we can have something to eat again is maybe around 2.30pm.

At 11.00 am, we arrive at Pak Bara Pier and get to meet the Sealection staff. After that they would give us some details and get the cool Wrist band to each of us. Our team would depart at Pier 2 for a boat trip around 11.30 am to Koh Lipe.

At Pak Bara Pier area has many beautiful spots for taking pictures, especially for the one who have tele lenses. If you are curious about how to board the boat from Pak Bara to Lipe, we will get a serial number to do the boarding just like this picture for example. When it’s time, we would gradually line up to the boat in order as announced. The most important thing to do when boarding a boat is to get a seat and put on a life jacket.

Remark: Anybody on board does not see their suitcase; do not have to be surprised because they will keep it under the bilge.

The boat that I take from Pak Bara Pier is kind of large speed boat which could fit about 40-50 people and takes approximately 1.30 hours ride to Lipe. There will be two stops during the ride at Koh Tarutao and Koh Khai. (For some other schedule, the boat may not visit these spots and may take unequal travel time)

Upon arrival at Koh Tarutao, we will have some times to go and wander around the island for a little while to take a walk, shoot photos and use the toilet about 15 minutes. If you come with the tour, they will facilitate you in many way but if you come by yourselves you have to line up to buy a ticket to the national park first. This ticket is a single purchase and can be used with all other islands in this national park. Therefore, we have to very well keep the tickets with us, do not lose it. The ticket price for Thai people would be 40 baht per person.

After leaving Koh Tarutao, we would spend about 30 minutes to get to Koh Khai. This island has a stone arch which is the symbol of Satun Province, however, due to the fact that when I arrive there were many boats arriving at the same time so it is pretty crowded. Moreover, to board on this island, half of your legs must be soak from the sea water. For that reason, I decided not to go down to this island and take pictures from the boat to the other side of the island that has no one there instead.

When mission is complete at Koh Khai, now it is time to travel to Lipe finally. I do believe that most of the people did not prepare enough supplies onboard and start starving at this time. As right now it is almost 2pm and the trip is not even over yet!! The speedboat will not be able to park at the beach directly so it would have to park in the middle of the sea, then we all had to change to a long tail boat instead. This is also where anyone who does not come with the tour will have to pay the entrance fee to the national park and the longtail boat themself. (Admission to the park would be the same one as Koh Tarutao. Who already have that ticket could use it here as well but the one who do not have do have to buy the ticket first.)

When we switch ourselves into a long tail boat already, it will take about 5 minutes to the ship dock. There will be a hotel staff wait for you around the area. As I stayed at Sita Hotel, their staff would come to pick up my bag and take me to the hotel.

Actually, from the point where we arrived, we can walk along the beach to Sita Hotel. However, it takes about 15 minutes on foot so we recommend to take the hotel ride at this point because it is more comfortable and it is free as well!

When we arrive at the hotel, they organize Welcome drink, check in and room key for you. Then it is a free time as you please which for me, the first to do is to leave all the baggage in the room and then rush out to order some meal at Sita restaurant because I am very hungry right now.

These are some pictures of our meal, there are 4 menus and for the dessert, Sita would provide for free in each table while you are waiting for the main dish.

- Sweet and Sour Fried Crisp Noodle (Shrimp). Price 180 baht.

- Tom Yum Kung Fried Rice. Price 180 baht

- Mango Blend Juice 90 Baht

- Kiwi Blend Juice 90 Baht

The taste of the dessert is pretty good as for other food, it's quite delicious as well. There are many shrimps on both plates, plus shrimp bounces rather well. However, the price is quite expensive but it is standard price for the hotel at this level. Furthermore, the location is indeed famous as well.

PS. The sweet and sour fried crisp noodles menu is quite exotic to me as the noodle is pleasantly crunchy with a little sweet taste like stir fried sweet and sour menu. Anyway, if anyone who does not like sweet taste, I would not suggest it. But for whom who like to try something new, you should have it a try.

In terms of payment for those who stay at Sita, food and beverage could be sign up first by specifying our room number. Then you could pay off during check out time.

After we finished eating lunch, now it is the time to explore the room. The room I stay in is the Deluxe Pool View where we walk out of the room and could see the swimming pool immediately. The room is very large, especially the bathroom, it is huge. For the decor of various parts in the bedroom will be decorated with Thai style, which some people may like and some may not like it.

The equipment in the room is fully provided with TV, refrigerator, plus 2 bottles of water, clothe hangers, beach towel, sofa bed, hair dryer, tea and coffee, sandals and umbrellas. Moreover, in the bathroom is fully equip as well with the shower cream, shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, cotton bud, comb, towel, hair towel, handkerchief and particularly the shower cream and shampoo come in a very large bottle.

For the bathroom is divided into two parts which are indoor part with a washbasin, shower and flush. The other area will be an outdoor section with a large bathtub located. By the evening time or at night it will be something very marvelous because I already try to sleep in the tub and it feels very comfortable plus the weather is great and the roof is completely wide open.

As for the general area of Sita, I do not have much time to explore because I spend most of my time sleeping and walk around to find the place to shoot the sunrise and the sunset. At last, I only have a picture of the swimming pool and the playground that located in the front area of my room and few of the corners only.

Oh!!! ... .. I forgot to tell you that Sita's room is not located at the front of the beach as the resort itself is quite long. There will be only the dining and lobby area adjacent to the beach. The sand of Pattaya beach where Sita situated is sandy and fine, hence, when we go for a walk on the beach, it will not cause the feet to plunge into the sand or the problem of the sand flowing into the shoes which these are very good things. Though, in front of our rooms and at various points of the resort, they will be equipped with a spray to wash your feet. It's something that I think it’s really good. ^^

After I finished exploring the accommodation, I start walking along Pattaya Beach from Sita through the walking street to Bundhaya Resort to watch the sunset. It takes about 20-25 minutes to walk there.

PS. There are a lot of dogs at Lipe. As far as I can see, there are two things that they do which are sunbathing and swimming in the sea. @ _ @

The sky on the first day seems beautiful, nonetheless, it's still not as spectacular as I've seen in some other pictures. Besides, the sky on the right hand side is pretty cloudy. Then when the sun goes down the horizon, me and my wife go to find something to eat at the walking street and then head back to the hotel. This is the end of our first day program.

The atmosphere at the walking street in short is that it is a small street which there are restaurants, bars, souvenir shops and tour shops along the road. By the way, the restaurant will feature local food such as Roti, Thai Tea, Northeastern food, Pizza and Seafood. Moreover, there are lots of seafood restaurant that you could order per dish or buffet.

Let’s continue with our program for second day which is a 4 spots dive program. This program will include a boat to pick up at Sita at 9.30 am. We both plan to go to see the sunrise in the morning before and we choose to go to Sunrise beach that takes about 10 minutes away from the accommodation by Taxi service and 30 minutes on foot. Of course, we agree to pay a taxi for 50 baht each, rather than walking in dark and not knowing the direction. T___T

If you would like to contact a Taxi, you can contact straight away by yourselves or contact through Sita. In an early morning of the second day, me and my wife plan to see the beautiful sunrise together. However, unfortunately situation happened as in the middle of the night come the heavy rain and suddenly two days after that the weather of Lipe are not very good at all. There are really dull, cloudless, not so much light which make our trip miss out all the sunrise, beautiful sunset, bright color blue sea, and the bright blue sky T___T

We both waste our time for a walk, sleep and soak up the dull weather at the seaside from 6am to 7am, then return to the hotel for breakfast. The food line here is moderate, there aren’t any superior food but has a wide range and could make our stomach last until lunch time.

The line of food here will include bread, steamed bun, dumplings, eggs, porridge, spaghetti, stir-fried noodle, fried rice, 2-3 dishes, fruit, fruit juice and coffee. On the second day of my stay, the hotel has changed the menu that is not as same as the first day with steamed bun stir-and fried noodle, replace with the dumplings and spaghetti the second day instead. For the fried rice with 2-3 dishes would be switch up into different menus. The dining room can accommodate about 100 people and all are in the open air area. The food taste pretty good and pass the criterion, I would say.

For those who like to eat banana would love it here as banana here are very long and delicious. ^^

Alright! After we are done with the breakfast, now it's time to go diving. The boat that will take us is a long tail boat as in the picture and this is the travel program:

Point 1: Diving (1) next to Koh Hinngam.

Point 2: Diving (2) at Jabang

Point 3: Koh Hinngam. (Do not forget to bring the ticket to the national park with you for the entrance)

Point 4: Diving (3) at Yang Island

Point 5: Lunch at Ravi Island

Point 6: Diving (4) at Adang Island

Overall, we will have 4 dives spots and visit 2 islands. It will be convenient if you come with a good tour because there will be a staffs arrange everything for you like the diving mask, life jacket, boat, the national park entrance fee and lunch box. However, if going by yourselves, it is a little bit difficult to contact the boat yourselves, prepare your own lunch box. When you contact with the boat service, you can choose whether to take a charter or join trip. As walk around the walking street, there are many shops that offer many destinations that are very interesting, such as watching the glowing phases at night.

When we are done with the diving part, let’s talk about Koh Hinngam and Koh Ravi then. Koh Hinngam is a small island and there is not much area for walking. The highlight of this island is the island label and the beach has many beautiful black stones line up all over. That is why the national park issues a rule not to bring the rock home or do not stack the rocks. ^^

Ravi Island is a large island that has a small shop and restroom for service. Besides, it's the only point in the diving trip today that offers restroom. Most tourists will stop by for lunch at this island, including taking photos because the sea is bright and clear here.

Our trip to 4 diving places and visit two islands would be returning to Lipe around 4.00pm and then it will be our free time. Today, me and my wife choose to watch the sunset at Sunset Beach at the Mountain Resort area and we would travel by taxi that costs us 50baht per person as usual.

As I have mentioned about Taxi on Koh Lipe many times already, I would like to explain a little more of that because Lipe is an island and pretty far away from the mainland. Consequently, there are almost no car running on Lipe Island. Additionally, the road on the island is quite narrow and has a lot of holes. Some trails have to go up and down along the hillside so most of the people here would rather use motorcycle as the main vehicle for traveling on this island.

Nevertheless, as a tourist, I do not know the route well and some roads are too difficult to drive. Therefore, one thing that could help us is the taxi.

The meaning of Taxi in Lipe is a motorbike that add up a side seat. During the night time, the decorating light of taxi would be beautifully flashing and the fare is usually around 40-50 baht per person. One ride should not sit more than 3 people; otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to climb the hills. Even only me and my wife on the ride, there are still difficulty which I need to switch position to the center. Hahaha.

For anyone who travel to Lipe and would like to use the Taxi service, I would suggest uncle Nu taxi service. He’s a really generous man and knows the route to the attraction well. However, lately he got sick so he could not speak, if you would like to contact him then you should ask him to pick you up early in the morning or late at night and contact him via his wife instead. And by the time you set the meeting point, he will be there. If you want to make additional appointment, tell him and he would understand by the nod and body language sign to make sure and confirm. For me, I have an opportunity to use his service around 3-4 times, if you are interested in helping this uncle, you could contact his service at this number, Uncle Nu Telephone number 082-7315660.

Let’s continue at Sunset Beach then, there are many beautiful hotels and resorts at this beach. The sand here is quite similar to the Sunrise Beach but bigger than the sand at Pattaya Beach. It would be a little uncomfortable when you take off your shoes and when you walk with slippers, the sand would come in.

The overall atmosphere at Sunset Beach is really impressive. It is quite peaceful than Pattaya beach and the clarity of water in each beach I would say it is similar.

Today, the sky is not very good to me, there are cloudy in a lot of parts and the sky did not change color as it should. I have to go back to sleep for another sad day T___T

At last, the third morning comes which is the last day of this trip. This morning, I choose to wake up a little late and do not wish to go to see the sunrise anymore because it is another night with a heavy rain T__T

After I finish my breakfast, I went to check out of the hotel and ask Sita's car service to take me to Pattaya Pier. And once again for the boat queue up, they would announce in an order one by one like our arrival. However, for departure from Lipe, we would use the Speed Boat without having to take a longtail boat and then change the boat to another round anymore.

Come and see the atmosphere around Pattaya beach on the last day of this trip then.

Our boat takes about 1.30 hours to send us back to Pak Bara pier. Then we have to take a van back to Hat Yai airport for another 1.30 hours which at this point is considered the end of my 3 days and 2 nights trip. In Pak Bara pier will have some local Satun Province dessert shops that sell many things there. If anyone want to buy some of the dessert back, then you can do the shopping right here. Nonetheless, if you are afraid of the time, you could go and do the shopping at the airport instead as they are the same kind of dessert. I buy one of the dessert called "Bunga Kuda " for a box to try, it tastes quite great. It is a dessert with some crust outside and a filling inside and the box I bought has a total of 4 types of filling.

Remark: Bunga Kuda is an Islam language, Bunga means flower and Kuda means screw pine. The combination of these two words are screw pine flower dessert. It looks like a white pillow which makes with dense coconut and glutinous rice flour mixed with sugar, salt, water, coconut milk and will be mostly made at Islamic festivals such as Harela, Islamic New Year Festival, fasting, wedding and many other festivals are also served as welcome dessert. Nowadays, it has become the popular dessert for souvenir in Satun.

Alright, now my Lipe trip comes to an end. I would like to say that although this trip weather is not so welcome to me, yet, Lipe has a lot of other things that astonish me. Whether it is the soft sandy beach, clear bright blue sea, the abundant dive sites or the impressive hotel. But then again, there are still many things that I still want to see more like the change of color sky, a beautiful sunset like many people have witness. Therefore, those reasons make me want to come back to Lipe once again in my life. Now I have changed the definition of this island as Lipe for me right now is "The island that I would come back again for revenge!"

We will meet again in my next review then. If there is anything missing or anything incorrect in this review, I would like to apologize in advance. Moreover, this review is only my personal opinion from the day of service only which each person who has the opportunity to use the service may get different service or have different on it.

PS. A little short summary, the drink and food on Koh Lipe is quite expensive, therefore, that's one of the things we have to consider before going, alright. T__T

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Wonderful Lipe trip by Sealection :

Underwater Webcam Equipment from Smartcam 1988 :

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