This trip, we appease the cat lovers because we took you to Cat's house.

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You may doubt.. "Where?"

Of course, Cat lovers must hear about the "Catster by Kingdomoftigers" page on Facebook. Right?

Total expenses

- Food and Dessert: 200 THB per person

- Cat's house fee: 100 THB per person


Let's get started ~

If you haven't eaten food. We would like to recommend this cafe in Prachauthit area, PoohPoom Cafe.

This cafe available every day for 7 am - 8.30 pm

There are many dishes in the menu. Both quick dishes and full meal. Italian dishes eg. Spaghetti and even Thai dishes are also here.

Waffles and sweet drinks are also ready for serve.

The price is not expensive at all, we ordered 3 dishes of food along with 2 drinks. Only cost us 400 Baht.

Finally, we arrived at Cat's house, Catster by Kingdomoftigers

This place is opposite to Big C Suksawasd. You can drive here, and just tell the securities that you are going to visit cat. They will let you drive through. SIMPLE !

They will be closed every Monday.

Open weekdays at 12.00 - 21.00

For weekends open at 10.00 - 20.00

Requiring 100 Baht as Enter fee. You can drop your money in the donation box provided. After getting in, free snack and drink inside.

On the third floor, this is a place for a home-finding cat. Who want to adopt a cat, you can try to visit and play with them before making a decision. If you really want them, just inform the staff at the first floor.

Anyone, who does not know where to go. You can visit the cat's house.

The cat need friends~

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