Hello, previously I have written the review about the accommodation of Bayond Resort Khaolak, following this link https://th.readme.me/p/2579. Recently, I am going to write a pending review which is about the food in this resort.

Normally, if we stay at this resort, we will get a breakfast privilege like I have written about it but for other meal such as lunch or dinner ,we can make our own choice to sit inside or outside the resort but for someone that book the special package with the resort, you will get a free additional dinner coupon in the other meal too.

For me, I have a privilege to have 4 meals at this resort, it is separated into 2 lunch meal and another 2 dinner meal. I think think that one of the dinner time is so good that it lead me to write this review. That meal is named "Candle Light Dinner" which the resort has arranged for special dining couples in a good atmosphere, close to the sea when surrounding things look very beautiful which are during the sunset time until the moon start shining. Now let's start tasting the food in each meal.

We have our meal at " @Beach Bar & Restaurant" , which is the place we have all the 4 meals in this review. This restaurant is an open air, include indoor, outdoor and restaurant @Beach Bar & Restaurant. The restaurant opens for the whole day and night.

This is the appearance of the restaurant, you will closely see the beach view and can easily step on it right away.

Let's begin with the first lunch meal of my day. The voucher I receive cost 750 Baht/person ( I have to apologize that I forget to take picture of it). This voucher include 1 drink and 1 set of food which 1 set of foods is a fully served, including 4 dishes as following

- Appetizer

- Soup

- Main Course

- Dessert

The restaurant provides a set menu like this, there are 2 menus such as European food set style and Thai food set style. It is very easy to order the food. Firstly, we have to choose whether to eat European or Thai food. When you make the decision then you order the appetizer, soup, main course and dessert, but you can just choose only 1 menu per sort and can't cross select between Thai and European food.

For this meal, my wife and I order differently as the menu written below

Me : Thai Food Set, here are 4 courses I have selected as the following

- Appetizer : Deep fried battered prawns (กุ้งชุบแป้งทอด)

- Soup : Spicy seafood soup with Thai herbs (ต้มยำทะเล)

- Main Course : Deep fried fish with sweet & sour sauce (ปลาสามรส)

- Dessert : Fresh mango with passion fruit ice cream (ไอศรีมเสาวรสกับมะม่วง)

My wife : European Food Set, here are 4 courses I have selected as the following

- Appetizer : Caesar salad (ซีซ่าสลัด)

- Soup : Lobster bisque soup (ซุปล็อบสเตอร์)

- Main Course : Sirloin steak with red wine sauce (สเต็กเนื้อเซอร์ลอยราดซอสไวน์แดง)

- Dessert : Cheese cake (ชีสเค้ก)

After finish ordering the main course, now let's see the beverage, we will get a non-alcoholic, 1 drink/person or 1 glass only. If anyone want to add more, then you will have to pay for yourself, a normal water drink is excluding since this restaurant has no free drink service.

There are 2 pages of drinking menu that we can choose. It is a non alcoholic drink. For me, I choose lemon juice and a coconut blended for my wife.

Note: The price of this 2 beverages are so different, it starts with 95 Baht/drink up to 170 Baht/drink which we can order anything we want on the menu.

Just wait for only 5 minutes, the 2 drinks are served. The coconut blended is served as a whole coconut, inside is a blending of it water mixes with its meat and the meat is also still attached to its shell, the meat is very thick and soft. But for those who want to eat coconut meat, you have to ask for a spoon from the staff because they only serve a straw but no spoon in it. ><

Apart from 2 beverages, staff also serves a bread with butter in a bucket. This kind of bucket is served in every meal as part of the set menu. The bread taste okay. There are 2 types of bread which are normal and wholewheat bread.

After I eat bread with butter for a while, the staff start serving the first menu, each one appetizer, now let's start tasting it.

Begin with a Thai set menu which is a Deep fried battered prawns. There are 3 big good taste prawns. For European set menu, a Caesar salad is served. A fresh vegetable but a little bitter taste is served.

Next menu is a Thai soup set menu which is Seafood Tom Yum, it is served in a middle bowl size, the same dimension of my palm size. This dish is fulled of beef, especially a shrimp, but for the taste, I think it is not quite spicy and the overall taste is similar to Tom Kha (Thai Chicken Soup in Coconut Milk)

A European set menu is served as concentrated lobster soup, a good taste with beefs in it.

Next 3rd Main course of Thai set menu is Deep fried fish with sweet & sour sauce. It is served with a hot rice. A 2 big pieces of fish is served. The fish taste a little bit sweet but overall is okay and the most important is a real fish meat and no bone is including in it.

For European set menu is a Sirloin steak with red wine sauce. A big beef steak is served and there are tomatoes and bake potatoes too. It is quite worth paying for. The overall taste is good but a little bit salty.

Last menu for this meal is a dessert set. A Thai dessert set menu is a Passion fruit ice cream and fresh mango, it is so delicious and balmy, it is good in unleashing the heat and it makes me want to order more of it. For European set, a cheese cake is served with a jack-fruit, kiwi and strawberry jam. It is delicious but I think it is a little too sweet for me.

Here we come to an end of my first lunch meal. Next meal is dinner, we are having dinner at the same place which is @Beach Bar & Restaurant but at first I sit at the indoor zone in the afternoon. Now, I am going to move to sit outside ( Outdoor zone) instead to feel a good atmosphere and closely feel a cool breeze from the sea.

The picture in this set is not quite beautiful because the light is so little. Food ordering regulations are still the same. 1 Drink or 1 Set of Thai or European menu, the same set menu. For this meal, my wife and I are choosing European menu which we have ordered separately as mentioned below

Me : Set 1 of food has 4 dishes as following

- Appetizer : Chicken salad Hawaiian (สลัดไก่ฮาวายเอี้ยน)

- Soup : Consomme soup (ซุปใส)

- Main Course : Grilled red snapper fillet with lemon herb butter (ปลาหิมะย่าง)

- Dessert : Ice cream (ไอศรีมสตรอเบอรี่เชอเบท)

My wife : Set 2 has 4 dishes as following

- Appetizer : Mixed salad (สลัดรวม)

- Soup : Onion soup (ซุปหัวหอม)

- Main Course : Lasagna al forno (ลาซานญ่าเนื้อ)

- Dessert : Tiramisu (ทีรามิสุ)

I choose Pineapple Pleasure as my beverage. The ingredient are pineapple, mango and banana. But for my wife, I choose a blending chocolate. These both 2 menus are good taste.

Let's see the food one by one, beginning with an Appetizer such as Chicken salad Hawaiian and Mixed salad

Chicken salad Hawaiian, it is full of ingredient such as vegetable, chicken, egg, pineapple and raisin. For me, I like this menu because I normally like to eat everything this salad has already had, especially raisin.

This mix salad menu serves the same as it is named, I can't believe that no meat is contaminated. The vegetable that put in it is a colorful vegetable, those who eat it would definitely gain a lot of nutrition and vitamins.

Let's see the soup which is Consomme soup and onion soup.

For those who don't know what a Consomme soup is, I would like to briefly describing it. Consomme soup is a clear soup which you can see through the cup's bottom. It is produced by using a white egg to make a clear soup, protein in the white egg will dense itself in the soup and condense it in a piece form, which you can filter out and block the sediment easily and it affects to the clearance of the soup.

I notice that the soup is really clear when the staff is serving and its taste is very delicious also. I want to rank this one as the most delicious soup among the 4 meals that I have having meal here.

And this onion soup is served with bread and cheese. The soup tastes okay but if you don't like a soft bread because it is soaked with water, you might not like this menu.

Let go on to the Main course which is Grilled red snapper fillet with lemon herb butter and Lasagna al forno.

There are 2 pieces of Red snapper fillet in a medium size. It is served with a baked potatoes and a little pieces of vegetable. The taste is okay and I like it.

For Lasagna al forno, this menu is topnotch, yummy, those who like to eat Lasagna should not miss it.

And I will end this dinner tonight with dessert menu. A medium sweet and sour strawberry Sherbet ice cream with Tiramisu cake. A strawberry sherbet ice cream is served purely, no topping. And, chocolate is a topping of Tiramisu cake and top coating with a juicy coffee.

Here we have already finished 2 meals now. I don't know whether you guy start to get full or not. For the rest 2 meals, I can say that it is really good and is totally different from the first 2 meals. If you guy ready, let's continue on to the next menu.

Begin with another lunch meal. This meal I still use 750 Baht gift voucher that is given to each people as my main capital but this meal would different from another previous 2 meals because I roger that everyone would definitely fed up with a set menu since we have already had a full 4 courses.

This voucher apart from ordering a set food menu that the restaurant has already prepared it, we can also apply it instead of a cash, the regulations are as below

1. You can choose any menu from 2 types of set menu which are Thai and European food but the list of the foods are more than a set menu, indicates a price detail in the menu.

2.You can select any menu, can mix between Thai and European menu and not necessary to select 1 dish of Appetizer, 1 soup like that. You can set any set menu as you want.

3.The total value you order must not over 750 Baht/person like mine, I have 2 pieces of the voucher which I can order the food up to 1,600 Baht in this meal.

4. If the value of the food you order is higher than the voucher value, you have to pay the excess balance but if the food price is less than the voucher's value, then the balance value will be cut off right away without returning any changes.

5.To select this way of ordering, you can still order one drink per person without losing any voucher's value.

The appearance of the food is like this, there are variety of options and there are more than 60 food menu listed on the back.

. The picture that you see is only a European food menu, there is another Thai food menu and yes I take a long time to order the food.




The reason I take long time to order because I am afraid that the food might cost over the budget haha.

After my wife and I take a long time considering the food, around 20 minutes and here are 4 courses that we choose for this meal

- Roast pork spare rib (ซี่โครงหมูอบ) ราคา 320 บาท

- Spaghetti carbonara (สปาเกตตี้คาโบนาร่า) ราคา 280 บาท

- Pizza four season (พิซซ่า) ราคา 420 บาท

- Beyond beach burger (เบอร์เกอร์) ราคา 320 บาท

- Roast pork spare rib (ซี่โครงหมูอบ), the price is 320 Baht

- Spaghetti carbonara (สปาเกตตี้คาโบนาร่า), the price is 280 Baht

- Pizza four season (พิซซ่า), the price is 420 Baht

- Beyond beach burger (เบอร์เกอร์), the price is 320 Baht

Total amount of 4 menus is 1,340 Baht, still a balance of 160 Baht left which I intend to use it for the dessert.

I choose a Blending lemon for this meal and my wife choose Orange Miss which mix with orange, lime and yogurt.

Let's see the foods picture. If comparing the number of the food that I order with a set like the previous meal, I can totally have 8 menu from the list but I can only choose 4 menu if I choose to order it by my own style and the value of the voucher seem to be used up. We will see and compare whether which one make you lose and benefit you or which one is a better choice for you.

The first menu is served, Roast pork spare rib. The rib is quite big, it is considered as a worth paying for 320 Baht. The taste is good, the roasted meat is tender and easy to eat. There is a salad and french fried serving on the plate also.

The second menu is Spaghetti carbonara, its appearance looks great, serving with a cheese and bread and definitely before we eat it we have to strew the cheese in it ><

This menu taste normal, no special comment.

The third menu is Four season pizza, the topping is Salami, sweet pepper, smoked salmon and mushroom.

The pizza flour is thin, crispy and its shape is not quite round. Totally serve 6 pieces of pizza. I do not quite impressed about its taste since there are many pizza restaurants in Bangkok area that can provide a better taste and the price is not high like this.

I would end this meal by Beyong beach burger. It is a big beef burger, serving with a french fried, pineapple, cheese, cherry, vegetable and topping with a few honey.

This menu is delicious, I like it. The amount is quite a lot. I can say that eating this menu can make you full right away.

Now 4 food menu are already served for this meal, you may see that you get a few dish of food when comparing to the set menu but I can say that every dish is served in a large dish. And I can also say that my wife and I can not eat everything up. We are so full and can't eat anymore, we feel fuller than having a set menu and we feel so full that we have to loss 160 Baht, the balance of the voucher's value to become useless because we can't stand eating dessert anymore @_@

Before we go to the last meal, A Candle Light Dinner which is the most different from other meal. I would like to make a briefly summarize for people who have a 750 Baht voucher whether you should choose which one,pls see the below detail.

A set menu

- Easy to manage, don't have to worry about the excess or balance of the budget

- You can eat everything , begin with a Appetizer, Soup, Main course up to Dessert

- The staff gradually serves the food periodically like serving one by one when they see the dish become empty.

- Bread and butter are served before every meal

- You can't mix ordering between Thai and European food

Choosing the food by your own choice

- The food lines are more alternative and provided more various than the set menu such as sandwich, burger, spaghetti, pizza and snack.

- You can mix ordering between Thai and European food.

- You are not force to order the food by categories, you can order the food from any categories you want, for example; some people might not like to eat soup or salad so you can order the meat courses instead.

Overall is what I have said, you can choose whatever style you like and now I am ready to bring you guy to experience a special dinner, Candle Light Dinner, which I proudly present it.

Candle Light Dinner is an exclusive dinner of Beyond Resort Khaolak that has arranged around 10-15 tables on the beach which is more closely to the sea. At the point in which you can see the most beautiful sunset view of this resort and Candle Light Dinner is organized only once in the week, every Friday night of the week. If any one feel interested, I would like to recommend you to book the seat in advance.

What will everyone get from paying 1,350 Baht/person, apart from 1 set of food and 1 drink, it is a chance to see the beautiful sunset, listen to the wave sound hitting the beach, look at the stars at night and having a candle light dinner with your lover which those atmosphere are barely seen especially for those who mainly live in Bangkok.

Hey... just imagine about it can make you be happy, right? For the table arrangement, you can see it in the picture. The tables in the front line are tables which reserve for special guest. The table will be newly arranged every Friday night for Candle Light Dinner only. Other customer will have to take a seat at the back, around 10 steps away behind.

The dinner starts around 7.00 pm. but around 5-6 pm. the staff will start setting up the table which the atmosphere at this time is gorgeous.

Note: For the sunset view at this point, people who stay at this resort, everyone also have a chance to see it, it is not necessary that you have to join the Candle Light Dinner.

And this is the picture after the sunset. Almost customer that reserve Candle Light Dinner are gradually come to take a seat. My wife and I get table no.14 which is the last table tonight.

Everyone and every table that join Candle Light Dinner will have the same 4 courses of food/person.

- Appetizer : Rock lobster cocktail with mango salsa (ค็อกเทลกั้งกระดาน กับมะม่วงน้ำดอกไม้)

- Soup : Chicken consomme with poached egg and parmesan cheese (ซุปไก่ใส่ไข่ดาวน้ำและพามิซานชีส)

- Main Course : Grilled tiger prawn & Beef tenderloin served with red wine sauce & butter, wild kaffir lime sauce (กุ้งกุลาดำ และ เนื้อเทนเดอร์ลอยด์ ราดซอสไวน์แดง)

- Dessert : Fruits crape with vanilla ice cream (เครปผลไม้กับไอศรีมวานิลลา)

They are given a chance to order 1 drink/person, you can select a drink from the same menu you see in the previous meal. I choose Watermelon blending juice and my wife choose Mango madness which is a mixture of mango, pineapple, banana and orange for this meal.

Note: I forget to take picture of watermelon blending juice, I have to apologize for this mistake T_T

Let's see the food, begin with an appetizer, Rock lobster cocktail with mango salsa. This dish decorate beautifully on the dish. It include rock lobster, mango, egg, vegetable and salad in a tomato.

Overall taste is good but a little complain about the vegetable that is given in the dish, its taste too bitter.

Second dish, Chicken consomme with poached egg and Parmesan cheese. Its taste is okay, delicious.

The third dish is main course, Grilled tiger prawn & Beef tenderloin served with red wine sauce & butter, wild kaffir lime sauce. This dish is arranged beautifully. My wife and I choose the medium level of meat.

Overall taste, the lobster is delicious, big, it is soft and tender but it is not melt in mouth and a little bit sticky like a normal meat. I think almost a beef loves would like it.

Note: The first time that staff serve the food, they have informed us that the main course is a beef and ask us if we can eat beef or not which my wife and I have no problem about it so I am not sure that what will the restaurant serve for those who not eating beef.

And now it comes to the second dish, Fruits crape with vanilla ice cream. The ice cream is put in the tart and 2 pieces of crapes are rolling and topping with a juicy chocolate.

I think the ice cream taste good but the crape taste strange and I feel that the crape, ice cream and the fruits that have rolled inside are not quite match.

And now I have taken you guy to taste all the 4 meal, I am not sure about you guys feeling, and full or not?

For the last part of the review, I would like to summarize the overall pictures of Beach Bar & Restaurant of Beyond Resort Khaolak for you guy.

- It is a restaurant inside Beyong Resort Khaolak which opens almost for the whole day, starting from late afternoon to a night time.

- The atmosphere is good since the right side is a swimming pool and in front is close to the sea.

- There are both indoor and outdoor which you can choose it as you want. Most of the people choose to sit in the indoor area in the afternoon and sitting in the outdoor area at night. The atmosphere is chill outside.

- Since the restaurant is an open air so someday the weather might be very hot and torrid and at night, there are many mosquitoes annoying their customers periodically so the restaurant also provides a mosquito repellent and spray service which can be used to relieve annoyance.

- Overall taste is delicious, almost every menu pass the criterion and some menu is rank as very delicious.

- There are variety of food, both a complete set, you do not have to waste time thinking or choosing a single menu. The food that order as a single dish, every dish is a quite big. I think for those who are not like eating hard, I recommend you to choose a single menu, I think only a single dish is enough for you.

- For the price, I compare a 750 Baht set menu, the price is a little bit high because some meal we don't have to eat that much of the full course. For a single menu, the price is around 250-350 Baht/dish. The price may looks high also but when comparing the price and the quantity, I think it is not quite expensive. The most important is that to feel the atmosphere and it is convenient because you don't have to walk out from the resort.

- Candle Light Dinner costs 1,350 Baht/person. The price is double to the price of the normal set menu but the food is served with another good grade. Another important thing is that the you can feel a great atmosphere with people who you want to spend time with, it is quite impressive and you should try it once. If you have a limit budget for food, I personally have to reduce the cost in other meal and find a simple food outside resort to eat and then take that reducing amount to top up in this meal because this chance is barely occurred, now you have a chance to do it, then do it^^.

Now it comes to an end of this review. If any mistake, I would like to make an apologize here and this review is just my personnel comment from the day I go there only. People who have a chance to used the service, you may have received difference services and for those who like my review, you can follow and recommend at the link below here.


Thank You everyone who read up to this point, see you in the next review. I would like to end this review with this picture and those who want to inquire more information of Beyond Resort Khaolak, you can contact the link below



Telephone number 076-592-300

Thank You

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