Sawadee Kha, Hi all! I've got a chance to travel to Krabi and stay at Krabi Tipa Resort Ao Nang. It is very beautiful and has such a good location which is quite convenient for transportation. It is situated near Ao Nang Road. I also get to enjoy snorkeling at 4 islands with a long-tailed boat. So I'd like to review it and put it as one option for someone who plan and travel to Krabi.

For transportation, we start our trip from Bangkok by flying with Bangkok Airways. This is the airline that has a lounge which offers food and beverages as well as a resting place while we are waiting to board the flight.

This is where we wait for the flight. It's the gate at Suvarnabhumi Airport. While we are waiting for the plane, we can also enjoy the aircraft. The free WiFi is also available.

To not waste the time, we decide to go to Namtok Ron first before going back to eat delicious Khanom Chin (rice noodle). After that, we will go check in at Krabi Tipa Resort Ao Nang.

Once we reached Krabi, we rented a car and started by going to Namtok Ron to enjoy the hot water.

Namtok Ron Khlong Thom is a water flowing from hot water. We can enjoy this hot water in a natural basin. It is so comfy getting into the water, but don't stay there too long though. Every time I come to Krabi, I wouldn't miss this hot water place. It is so natural and I just love it.

After getting tired from being in the water, we go to enjoy Khanom Chin (rice noodle) at Ko Joi restaurant. This shop has long been famous and well known for both locals and tourists. The menu is quite simple. They offer Khanom Chin with several types of curry and Fried Chicken. The curry includes Kang Tai Pla (Southern Fish Curry) and Nam Ya Pla (Hot and Spicy Fish-based Curry). If you order Kang Tai Pla, the curry will be served in a bowl separately with a rice noodle. For other types of curry, they will just put on top of Khanom Chin. Personally, I really like Kang Tai Pla, it is so delicious just like what authentic Southern food should taste like. And another must not miss dish here is Fried Chicken. We can choose whichever piece we want. Eating hot Fried Chicken with Khanom Chin and fresh vegetables, it's just so good. Thinking about it now, I'm so mouth watering.

Full and happy now, we are driving to Ao Nang in order to find our hotel. Krabi Tipa Resort is very easy to find. The symbol for this hotel that we can see from afar is this blue roof.

There's also a mini-mart in front of this hotel to signify us, we won't get lost for sure.

The parking lot is spacious. In front of the hotel is decorated with beautiful blue roof and a golf cart.

While waiting for checking in, there's this beautiful chair for us to relax.

While waiting for checking in, I capture some atmosphere at the lobby. It is a spacious and open lobby that wind can easily blow in. It is clean with the blue-white tone decoration.

After the lobby, it is the bar and restaurant area of which we can enjoy beverages and ice-cream.

This is an atmosphere in front of the room.

After checking in and getting our room key, the resort takes us to our room by a golf cart. This time, we are staying at Deluxe Sea View room which is located on the hill zone of the resort. We can see the sea and the boat cruising here and there right from our room.

It is a king size bed, very comfy. On the bed, the towel is provided. And what I really like is they also put two pieces of Pakhaoma (Sarong) for us too.

The room is decorated in Thai style. It is simple but elegant. There's also a sofa that can be made into a bed.

There's also a flat screen TV, dressing table and chairs inside the room.

Sofa can be folded into a bed, I really like it.

An Overall Atmosphere inside the Room

The shower area is a rain shower. The water is hot and good.

Shampoo and soap are also available.

The balcony is a place where we can come out for fresh air. It is so good with all these green trees.

A Sitting Area at the Balcony

The outside view is full of trees, like mango and coconut. While we are enjoying this view, we can also see squirrel jumping here and there on the tree.

When entering the room and laying on the bed, we can see this fresh blue sea view. It is so good.

When zooming in more, we can clearly see the sea from our room. We can also see island and boat going here and there, such a good atmosphere and a perfect place for holidays.

After resting for a while, it's the evening time. It's getting dark now, so I think I'd like to go see outside atmosphere a bit. Here is the view when we walk down towards the lobby.

The pathway is clean and surrounded by several giant trees.

In the evening, the lobby is playing slow and chill music. It's such an enjoyable place for someone who just want to relax with a refreshing cold beverage.

This corner is beautifully decorated, we could have a great time taking photos.

On the side of the lobby, there's swings and playground for children.

An atmosphere in front of the lobby in the evening time is just spectacular.

Before dinner, I'd like to enjoy Ao Nang beach a bit. It is within walking distance from the hotel. It is so beautiful at this time when the sun is about to set and its light shine on the sea. Its color is very natural that we cannot easily find anywhere else. There's a lot of people coming out. Some are just walking, some are taking photos with long-tailed boats while some are jogging. After walking on the beach for a while, I found this group of Westerners running into the sea like this. I think they might want to closely get in touch with the nature. I see everyone enjoys the beach so much. They look very happy. The atmosphere now is very breathtaking. I also love it so much. It's only once in a while that we could enjoy this view, I just feel so happy.

For dinner, we just choose a casual restaurant. Walking not so far from the hotel, we found this Sor Sor Phochana restaurant, it is a la carte restaurant. We look at the menu and the price and we think it's reasonable so we just stop here.

And we really are not disappointed as the food is delicious. If coming again at this beach, I think I'll stop by here again. Each menu starts at 80 THB. The restaurant owner is very friendly and give us 10% discount after talking together for a while. So kind :)

Our first menu is Fried Vegetable with Crispy Pork.

The next menu is Tofu dish. It looks very appetizing and the taste is very delicious. This is a perfect match with the rice, so delicious.

Next is Fried Spicy Catfish. It is very delicious, it is a Southern spices that includes turmeric. Turmeric is also very healthy vegetable, it helps coating stomach and release the gas.

Next is a Soft Crab Fried with Garlic. It is my favorite dish. It is crispy and fried with sweet garlic. We could eat with seafood sauce or chili sauce. It's just so delicious.

This meal, we pay about 400 THB and it includes both food and beverages. It is very delicious and price-friendly.

Before going back to the hotel to rest, we walk to find the 4 islands tour package. It's quite easy to find. On the street, there's many shops selling it. There's many options for you, either to go to Koh Phi Phi, Koh Hong, 4 islands, or kayaking. The price is not that much different. For your convenient, you can also contact the Krabi Tipa Resort as they also have it available at the counter.

At first, we were thinking to go on speed boat tour in a price of 750 THB, but then if we taking long-tailed boat, it's 400 THB each. So....let's go with long-tailed boat as we've never gotten on it. Whenever we go for snorkeling, we go with speed boat. So let's try it. Also, last time, we also did this 4 islands with speed boat so let's try something new and it's also cheaper.

After making a tour purchase, please keep the receipt as a confirmation. Then, the shop will ask where we stay and they will tell us the time that the van will pick us up. We just need to get ready and wait at the lobby. At around 8 a.m. or 8.30 a.m., the van will come and pick us up to Nopparat Thara Beach in order to get on the boat and go for snorkeling.

The basic 4 islands of this kind of tour is Talay Waek, Koh Poda, a short stop at Koh Kai by just going around the island and finally the Railay Beach as to see Phra Nang Cave.

After we got the ticket, we go back to take a rest at Krabi Tipa Resort.

The next morning after the van picked us up, they take us to a place, doing a name check and then take us onto the boat. This photo is taken from the tail of the boat. Well, the sound of the engine is really loud. If you've read this review and would like to go to the 4 islands by the long-tailed boat, I recommend you to sit at the head of the boat and you will feel much more comfortable.

The first stop is Talay Waek (separated sea) but the sea is not separated, haha. Soon, the water gets up so much that from just the ankle when we got down, now it goes up to our waist. And there's a lot of people which is so different from our last visit that had much less people.

An atmosphere at Talay Waek, I think we might've come in the wrong time so we can't go to the other island.

From Talay Waek, the long-tailed boat takes us to snorkeling nearby.

There's a lot of fish swimming around as if they know it's time for them to show up.

I see some of our trip friends didn't wear life jacket when they sure can swim and they are having fun playing with fish.

While snorkeling we could also hit on the fist, they are really a lot.

After finished snorkeling, the long-tailed boat takes us around Koh Kai a bit. Today the sky is not so beautiful as there's no sun due to the summer storm season. Fortunately, it's not raining. It's cloudy all day. Well, let's say it's good that the weather is not so hot but on the other hand, it'd be much more beautiful if the sun were out.

After wandering around Koh Kai enough to see its head, now the long-tailed boat takes us for lunch at Koh Poda. Today, we have Fried Rice and two more menus. Well, actually we can take additional dish if we want but the food is not that much so we can only have one each. If you guys are traveling like me, I recommend you guys to also bring snack and soft drinks as the long-tailed boat only provides drinking water. It will be a double or three times price on the island. Anyhow, you can also buy them here.

At Koh Poda, there's quite a crowd and long-tailed boats.

There's a lot of monkeys on this island too. And this small monkey is sitting and enjoying the beach.

We walk to the beach where there's no long-tailed boat parking. At this rocky area, there's a lot of fish. We could enjoy our time here after getting off from the boat.

Now it's about time to get on the boat as set by the tour guide. From Koh Poda, we will go to Railay in order to see Phra Nang Cave as our last destination.

On the right hand is Phra Nang Cave. But since the boat doesn't park on this side so we go enjoy the water on the opposite side instead.

Before reaching Phra Nang Cave, there's a lot of islands in the water, such a beautiful view of Thai sea.

This is where all the long-tailed boats are parking next to one another atmosphere.

When we reach Railay Beach, we enjoy the beach at the side only and cannot go to the middle as it's quite dangerous. We go to where the rocks lined up and there's quite a lot of fish. It's so natural. The tour guide allows us to stay here quite long. After we finished Railay Beach, it's also the end of this 4 islands trip by long-tailed boat. Then, the boat takes us back to Nopparat Thara Beach and then the van takes us back to the hotel and it's the end of the trip.

After coming back from the 4 islands trip, we go back to Krabi Tipa Resort to take rest and shower. Then, it's time for dinner. Today is Saturday where there's a walking street downtown which has lots of food and snacks.

On the walking street, there's a lot of foreigner tourists as well as food. There's variety of food like seafood, Southern food, snack, desserts, beverages and so on. Let's say if you come to walking street, you will be very full.

This is the atmosphere at the walking street. You can simply stop by any shop that you like to try or to buy.

In addition to food, there's also handmade souvenir.

For those who already bought the food, you can enjoy it at the center of the market like this. But probably, people might be a bit too much.

I want to end the walking street with the Fired Pad Thai where you can actually see this fire from every pan. A lot of people are waiting in line to order. This Krabi walking street is opened on Friday to Sunday and it starts from around 5 to 11 p.m. The walking street is located at Maharaj Road, close to Vogue supermarket Krabi. If you happen to go to Krabi during Friday to Sunday, do not miss to visit this place and you won't be disappointed.

Then, it comes to the breakfast at Krabi Tipa Resort Ao Nang under a very warm and natural atmosphere.

We have our breakfast at this building which is not so far from our room. Above of this building is the Grand Deluxe which is beautifully decorated.

This is the atmosphere at breakfast room on the second day when we don't have to go to islands. There's not so many people, quite chill. As far as I know, most of people wake up early and go to the islands already.

There's a variety of breakfast. I feel full and delicious. Personally, I think everything is great.

There's also outdoor seats to fully enjoy the fresh and clean air.

There's several lines of breakfast like rice porridge, fruits, fried noodle, bread, eggs, hot dog, and yogurt, etc.

Tea and Coffee Corner

I have to say that if you are coming to Krabi or Phuket, you must not miss pineapple because it's very delicious. It is a famous fruit of Phuket. So it is available everywhere, delicious and cheap.

Yogurt and Cereal for Healthy People

Let's see what we have today, like hot dog, ham, eggs, fried noodle, mashed potatoes and omelet.

Boiled eggs to build up energy, and this meal, we love eggs.

Fruits and vegetable salad and just by this, we can also feel full.

Next, we go explore around the resort. It is full of many kinds of trees like mango, coconut, and several flowers.

The pathway inside the resort is very clean and there's staff taking care of tree to make sure they look good.

This is the walkway to the rooms below. I think they decorate it quite beautifully. For me, I stay upstairs so we don't have anything like this.

There's also a children room for the kids to play at Krabi Tipa Resort.

Next, let's take a look at beautiful swimming pool. There's no people in the morning but in the evening, there's many people jumping and swimming after they return from the sea. The pool is well taken care of. There's not even a single leaf to be seen.

Here is a kid pool. There's also chairs for sunbathing.

I want to end this review with this beautiful swimming pool of Krabi Tipa Resort Ao Nang. It is really a nice hotel that I really want to recommend. It has a great location and situated at the heart of Ao Nang. Even without car, we can go buy snack and find restaurants easily as there's a lot of restaurants nearby. We can also easily walk to Ao Nang. It is also located on the main road so it's quite convenient for traveling. If you guys are coming to Krabi, this is indeed another recommended hotel.


 Monday, June 20, 2016 3:13 PM