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Today we are going to take you to Khao Yai.

..There are 4 people altogether in this trip.

- This trip gets started when we saw a newly opened resort in Khao Yai 2 months ago. We would like to go there so we contacted the resort right away. It turned out that they have only one room left. Therefore, we tried to work on our days and reserved the room right away.

( The house that has been reserved is for 3 people which one person will sleep on the extra bed)

- We have ended up having 4 people. So, we ask the resort if they could let us, all 4 people stay together and they are so kind to say yes.

..Let's go and see how this trip is going to be!..

To travel

- We depart from Bangkok at 9.30 AM and drive on Mittraphap Road to Khao Yai.

- Keep your eyes opened for Dairyhome, make a U-turn once you see it. Then you need to take the alley near Dairyhome and drive straight. Google Maps would direct you precisely and you won't get lost!

- This is faster than driving on Thanarat Road.


- We stay at " The Birder's Lodge", a European-style wooden house this time. There are only 5 houses available, no doubt why we have to book it 2 months in advance. hahaha

- The check-in time is at 3 PM.

- We arrive Khao Yai before noon and we are hungry now so we will find something to eat first.

- We stop at " Dean & Deluca" in AKAS Khaoyai because it is on our way to the resort (it is a pop up store of Dean & Deluca which will be opened until the end of March 2016 only).

- We come up to the rooftop to take some photos first. The view is beautiful but it is very hot.

- We can see the outdoor tables from up here but we guess, we better sit inside.

- We have Chocolate Milkshake and Vanilla Milkshake to cool us down.

- We have rested and talked for a while and we want to have a proper meal now. We Google what do we have around here right away.

- We have lunch at a restaurant called "Pen Lao " where we order Roasted Chicken, Spicy Minced Pork Salad, and Hot and Spicy Soup.

- The restaurant is located on the opposite site of our resort (what a coincident!).

- We finish eating around 3 PM which is a perfect time to go to check in.

- This is the parking space in front of The Birder's Lodge and the Reception area is further in.

- Our house.. is the first one on the right (T5).

- This is a room Type XXS, the smallest one here. It can accommodate up to 3 people with once Extra Bed.

- The bicycle is available as well.

- Let's go and have a look inside!

- This is the extra bed. It is big enough for 2 people to sleep on comfortably.

- The main bedroom is upstairs. It is a cute attic room.

- Those who are tall need to be careful with your heads. We hit it ourselves a couple of times. hahaha

- We have explored inside the house enough so let's see what is around!

- There are so many beautiful spots for photo shots!

- Oops! We want to have something sweet again.

- We have decided to go out and we drive on Thanarat Road this time. We are going to "The Castle" in Thames Valley Khao Yai Resort.

- The taste of desserts and bakeries here are average but we are pretty happy with its ambiance.

- It is very beautiful inside the resort but the entry is limited to in-house guests only.

- This is the outdoor area where we enjoy the scenery while having the desserts and bakeries. This is very enjoyable.

- It is already almost 6 PM when we look at the clock.

- The thing is we have asked our resort to prepare a BBQ Set for us at 6 PM. That's why we need to rush back (we actually make a quick stop to buy some more stuffs for the grill).

- We are lucky that there is a promotion of a house with a complementary BBQ Set when we booked the house. So, we are going to have a BBQ party tonight. Eiei Those who would like to come here please double-check with the resort once again for this promotion.

- The grills are done and we are ready to eat!!!!!

- For your information, sausages and bologna sausage are not included in the set. hahaha

- The weather is getting better with refreshing light wind. This is so good.

- The house looks totally great with the curtains up showing its full-length window.

..Our first day has ended..

- We woke up to the new day. We are going to have breakfast in the resort at "BL Cafe+Grill".

- BL Cafe+Grill is also a cafe opened for anybody even those who don't stay here.

- There are many tables available through variety of corners both indoor and outdoor.

- Our breakfasts have arrived~

- There are three choices of breakfasts for you to choose from including American Breakfast / Pan-fried Eggs / and Boiled Rice.

- Drinks choices are tea / coffee / orange juice/ and milk.

- We walk around taking photos after breakfast. Then we go back to the house and pack before checking out.

- Our trip has ended up at a very chic cafe called "Yellow Submarine Coffee Tank".

- Concept of this cafe is submarine in black color tone and this is looking good.

- This corner is a chill outdoor area but under this kind of weather, we don't think so.

- We rather stay inside the air-conditioned room.

- Our drinks are served not long after we are seated. Yeah!

- We have such a good time here and it is finally the time to go back for real.

- This is the landmark of this cafe. Whoever comes here would take a photo of this landmark.

- Our trip in Khao Yai ends here.

Summary of Travel Expenses

- Transportation 600 THB

- Accommodation 3,000 THB + Extra Bed for 2 persons 1,400 THB

- Foods and Drinks 3,640 THB (this depends on how you eat and drink)

Total 8,640 THB

We are 4 people in total so it would be 2,160 THB per person.

Those who are looking for a place to travel to where it is not far from Bangkok, you don't have to go for many days, and it is under reasonable budget, we suggest you to travel to Khao Yai.

There are so many nice newly opened resorts here. Staying overnight for just one night is good enough and it is in a short drive as well.

We hope you will like it here. :D

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You can also go to read our previous reviews here. Anyway, please stay tuned for our upcoming trip and let's see where we would take you next!

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 Monday, May 30, 2016 3:36 PM