Sawaddee Krab all food lover, today "the wife makes money, the husband spends" or amazing couples will take you to explore and have the full course of the food at the restaurant called "The Pavilion" of Dusit Thani Hotel. From now on, please allow me to call the restaurant in a shorter name of 'Pavilion' only.

Ok, first of all, I'd like everyone to get ready with empty stomach and wear loose pants and belts. If you are ready, let's go together!

The Pavilion is one of the main dining rooms of Dusit Thani Bangkok which is located at the corner of the intersection on Rama IV Road and Silom Road. Actually, this dining room has been moved several times to here and there before finally settled down at the ground floor of the hotel. If you are getting in from Rama IV Road, you just need to turn right and you will find it in no time. But if you are coming in at the gate from Silom Road, you need to come in a bit longer before you find it. Anyhow, it's easy to reach from both gates.

The dining room here is an open restaurant where everyone can clearly see us from outside. The restaurant is not so spacious. As far as I see, I think it can host about 120-130 guests.

From Monday-Saturday, this dining room opens three times which is breakfast, lunch and dinner. But on the Sunday, it only opens for breakfast and special meal like Sunday brunch. The cost of each round and each day is different. I get to enjoy the Sunday brunch on Sunday May 15, 2016 where we can enjoy the food from 12.00-15.00 p.m. It costs 1,550++ THB/each (when includes the 7% vat and 10% service charge, the total price is about 1,825 THB/person).

P.S. There's a very interesting promotion offered by the dining room when I went. If you go 4 people, you only need to pay 999++THB each only (when includes the 7% vat and 10% service charge, the total price is about 1,176 THB/person). I must say it reduces a great deal. Or if you can't have 4 people going together, you can also take a look at different credit cards promotion, I see several credit cards are joining in this promotion.

This dining room puts the food line in a circle where the heavy food like rice and curry is put in the middle and other lines like grill station, cold cut, cheese, bread, salad, Japanese food, Chinese food, seafood and desserts are placed around. I will take you to look at each zone in details in a bit. Since I'm just a small guy who can't eat much so some food is presented here with only photos but without the taste description. This is because the food is so much and I really can't taste them all. Today I just taste a bit of each and probably it's not even half of the entire food. Even that, I'm so full and feel like I can roll back home. Ok, let's start with the line in the middle first and this is how it looks.

This line is rice and many different type of food which looks so appetizing, especially pork knuckle and Mantou. Anyhow, I didn't get to try as my stomach is already occupied by other food @_@

Here is the menu of this line on the day I visited. If you guys like it and get to go, please try it out and let me know how it tastes :)

- Grilled Meat with Corn and Mushroom Stew

- Baked Lamb with Carrot and Pumpkin

- Beef Stew with French Red Wine

- Baked Chicken Thigh

- Deep Fried Snow Fish in Tomato Sauce

- Salmon in Spicy Sauce

- Pork Knuckle and Mantou

- Stir-Fried Asparagus with Shrimp

- Stir-Fried Beef with Black Pepper

- Fried Rice with Chicken Green Curry

- Cold Carrot Soup

Here is all for the food line in the middle. Now let me take you to look at other lines which are around it. Let's start with Grill Station which is one of my favorite food. Although the food is not that many, everything that I try tastes so good. This is how this station looks like.

The menu here includes Wellington Beef, Baked Crab with Cheese, Baked Ham, Baked Salmon, Pork Rib with Barbecue, Fried Seafood Pancake, and Deep Fried Pork Belly with Fish Sauce.

There's always a chef at this station who constantly cooks for us. We can ask the chef to cook with the sauce and the taste we like.

Here are the list that I get to taste from this station.

- Baked Ham is so delicious, smells very good, soft and indeed a must not miss dish.

- Wellington Beef is also delicious. The meat is just right, not so sticky. It is served with bread. If you are a meat lover, you must try it out.

- Deep Fried Pork Belly with Fish Sauce is so so.

- Baked Crab with Cheese is so delicious. I finish it in no time.

- Baked Salmon is so so, just the standard taste.

- Pork Rib with Barbecue is yummy as well. The rib is huge and so is the meat.

After the Grill Station, let's continue to our next station at Cold Cut which also has small snack dishes available. Anyhow, I have a mission to try something bigger so I didn't get to try much in this zone.

Let's continue to the next zone with salad, bread, and cheese. There's a variety of salad dressing and toppings for us to choose. Cheese is also a highlight of this dining room as there's cheese corner here . Since I'm neither vegetable lover nor cheese lover, I just skip this zone without trying anything, haha.

P.S. As far as I walk several times, the cheese corner indeed attracts many people, especially a Western kid who walks several times for the cheese.

The next zone is a two nationalities mixed food which is Chinese and Thai. For Thai food, there's several Yum and Lab dish. The example of the dish we can order is placed at the counter with a beautiful chef like below photo who's there to cook for us.

As far as I remember, there's 4-5 menus available. However I didn't get to try any, nor did I have any photos as I know that I can't finish them if I order, it'd be a waste. Let's say if you love spicy food or just want some taste to cure that oily taste or some taste, you can stop by at this zone and order it with the chef, I think it'd be a great help.

After the egg noodle is dim sum and rice. Dim sum includes Kanom Jeeb (dumplings), Ha Gow, and Salapao. There's 3 fillings inside the Salapao which includes ground pork, red pork and cream. I have tried all of them here. Kanom Jeeb and Ha Gow has a fair taste but Salapao is quite delicious, especially the ground pork and cream filling and they also come in big chuck.

Ok, now I'm going to take you guys to our last main course and it is also the zone that attracts many people to come here. That's right, it is the seafood zone!!! This zone is placed together with Japanese food. So let's take a look at Japanese food first before we go have a full set of seafood at the end.

There's several choices of Japanese food like Sashimi, Sushi and things like imitate crab, sweet eggs, fish eggs, and seaweed salad. The Sashimi has such a good standard, it's like 5-stars hotel standard. The meat is fresh and tight.

Let's continue with seafood zone which is also the highlight here. Or put it this way, it is one of the first target of many people because as soon as the restaurant is open, many people come straight to this zone. But do not worry that the food is less and it'll be gone before we get to eat because here, they provide it in full stream. As son as it's gone, the staff keeps refilling it. Even 15 minutes before 15.00 p.m. we still see the staff refill the food. Let's say we can enjoy it until the last minute ><

There's really a variety of seafood to choose from Seafood Station like crabs, shrimps, mantis shrimps, clams, oysters, and squids. There's 6 species of oysters, we can spoil our cholesterol to reach its peak @____@

And if you notice the photo above carefully, you will see the lobster in this station as well. Every guest for Sunday brunch gets to have one. The staff comes and asks for your preference of cooking at your table right after you sit for a while. You can either have it grilled or steamed. I highly recommend this menu for everyone!!! Even if you don't like it, you can order it first and soon your friend will definitely enjoy it on your behalf...haha.

And I also recommend you to order it early since it takes time to cook. It takes about 20 minutes for our lobsters to get ready for me and my wife. We order one grilled and the other steamed. This is how mine looks like and other dish also looks a bit different but the taste and the size of lobster is similar.

The first dish is cooked by steamed and the second dish is by grilling. The color is a bit different. The grilled lobster is darker and drier. As for the taste, which dish is tastier, I think it all depends on personal preferences. Personally, I think the steamed one, the meat is softer and easier to eat so I like this type of cooking. But my wife prefers the grilled lobster as the meat is tighter. Ok, if you have a chance to come here with your friends, you can order both types and compares which type you like more.

Okay now, let's look at the size of the claws and the length of the body. The length of the body is not very long. But overall, it's about 2-3 times bigger than regular shrimp. The claw is quite big and very easy to eat as the staff has already taken the shell out.

Now, let's take a look at other seafood of how many and how delicious they are. Like I mentioned earlier, the seafood comes in a full set here like crabs, shrimps, mantis shrimps, clams, oysters, and squids. We can directly eat all of them and as far as I get to taste, they all have a high level of freshness.

For the dipping sauces, 2 types are available of which one is green and the other is orange mixed with red. The green sauce is a bit sour and the reddish one is a bit more spicy. I personally think the spice is enough, not too spicy but for those who love spicy might think it's a bit mild. Anyhow, the kitchen can't make it any spicier as they welcome several types of customers here, especially foreigners who might not be able to handle well with spicy taste. The vegetables are also available at all times at this station like White Popinac, Fried Garlic, and Lemon.

P.S. The crabs' claws here are very long, it's even longer than the knife @_@ and the shells are already cracked open as well. The shrimp is also available in either cutting it in half or the shell has been taken out. I'm so happy, it's so easy to eat ><

For the oysters, there's also the option for those who don't like to have them raw. We can have them baked with either cheese or garlic and I have tried both. I must say it's very delicious and just my taste as I don't like to eat them raw. When it's cooked, I can eat many more than I could if it were to be raw. When the oysters are cooked with cheese or butter, the spinach is also there. The orange part is stone and salt, don't let the oyster touch it, otherwise the oyster could get salty T_____T

If you order the cheese oyster, it is recommended to eat it while it's hot as it's still cheesy. At first, I mentioned that there's 6 species oysters. I can recognize two species. The one which is long and thin comes from France and the small, short and round one is from Australia.

Oh........I almost forgot about one important facts. In addition to lobster and oysters that we can order more from the staff, we can also order foie gras. We can order unlimited oysters and foie gras.

Usually I don't like foie gras so much as I've tried from several places and I didn't find it delicious. But since we have the chance to try something new here so I try it out in case it offers something different. After the staff serves it to us, I find the foie gras here is the most delicious one from the last 4-5 places that I've had. It's soft and melting. So if you like this menu already, please do not miss it.

Finally, the main course is ended and the next zone is desserts where many people think of it as a small zone but I have to say here that "it's more than a lot".







It's really plenty for the desserts line here. I can say that I only try about 20% of the entire desserts that the Pavilion has provided. You may think that I'm being exaggerated. You can take a look at below lists of what they have to offer. Some menu I didn't get to put it down as I couldn't find its name tag and some I don't know how it's called. Let's go take a look together ^^

- Chocolate Fondue

- Sticky Rice with Mango

- Orange Crepe (Crepe Suzette)

- Banoffee

- Egg Tart

- Macaroon

- Straw Berry Cheese Cake

- Green Tea Cake

- Brownies

- Marshmallow

- Donuts

- Panna Cotta

- Pecan Pie

- Fruit Tart

- Eclair

- Chocolate Pudding

- Chocolate Mousse

- Summer Pudding

- Creme Brulee Pandan Flavor

- Rasberry Chocolate Cake

- Forest Fruits & Zabaione Bavarian Cream

- Fruit Salad

- Apple Strudel

- Different Kinds of Thai Snacks

- Ice Desserts like Black Jelly, Salim, and Mixed

- Ice-cream

- Fruits

How's it? It's really plenty of them, right? I think for the sweets lover, you will fall in love with this line here. It's really a lot and with such a great variety. Since the menu is a lot and that I'm already full from seafood, I only get to try a few sweets menu like below.

- Banoffee is very delicious. Even if I'm already full, I have doubles. It also tops with dried banana.

- Apple Strudel is just so so. I usually really like this menu and it's a must try menu everywhere I go and I'm quite satisfied with the taste. Nonetheless, the Apple Strudel here is not quite my taste and the meat is a bit hard.

- Chocolate Fondue is quite good according to my wife. She loves chocolate and the taste is quite satisfying. I think the girls would love it as you can dip it at chocolate fountain.

- Panna Cotta is also delicious and the yellow on the top is peach.

- Black Jelly and the Mixed Ice Sweets is so so, nothing is so impressive.

- Ice-cream is delicious with three flavors: lychee sorbet, lemon sorbet, and vanilla. I didn't take photos as it's a bit melted when I scooped it out so it's not photogenic.

And the last two menus that I get to try are Orange Crepe (Crepe Suzette) and Sticky Rice with Mango. These two menus are located as special station near the main desserts station. Let's go take a look at Crepe Suzette first. If you would like to have one, you can ask the staff at the station and they will make it all fresh for you.

As for the taste, the dough is tasteless just like what the dough should taste like. The dipping sauce is thick and delicious. It's both sweet and sour. And the orange on top is also delicious.

The Sticky Rice with Mango is also located at a special station which opposite to Crepe Suzette. The staff said this is the temporary stance. I guess it's only available during this time. The great thing about this menu is we can choose different color of sticky rice. Besides, it's not only mango that we can choose as a topping, we can also choose shrimp or dried fish as well. Personally, I think this station is beautifully decorated. Like the second we see it, we must leave some room for it, haha.

As for the taste, I only get to try the Sticky Rice with Mango where the staff has specially placed it beautifully in this plate for me to take photos. The sticky rice is so sp, not yet so soft nor have the coconut fragrant like it supposes to have. For the mango, I find both sweet and sour mango in my dish. If you happen to have the entire dish with sweet mango, I think you will be very happy.

Finally, we end our desserts line here. Many people might think that our journey has ended but I have to say not yet!!! Because we still have beverages line to talk about. In fact, the Pavilion has the staff served water to us free of charge at all times already. But if you are tired of water or you want to try something new in life, the dining room has 2 options of beverages for us.

The first option is the three iced tea where we can have them for free with no additional charge. This station is located on the left side of the entrance into the dining room. The three different flavor of the tea is put into chic glassess like below photo. The three flavors are as follow.

- Lemon Iced Tea

- Mojito Iced Tea

- Ginger Iced Tea

If you are interested in any flavor, you can ask the staff right away and they will put the ice for you to try first whether it has the right level of sweetness. If it's not yet sweet, the staff can add the syrup for you. I have tried them all and like the Ginger Iced Tea the most, followed by Lemon Iced Tea and Mojito Iced Tea.

The second option is wine but it comes with extra cost. Anyhow, the wine here is extraordinary as it's a buffet wine. The total hour is 2 hours and we need to pay only 500++THB/each.

For those who are interested, the staff will give you the clock as in below photo and put it at our table for stopwatch. I'm not the wine expert or let's say I have no knowledge about it - -" So I don't know how the wine provided by the Pavilion is like. But I think it's such a good variety and the price is not expensive. If you are interested, the station is also close to the tea station. It's very easy to see.

Finally, we have come to the end of this meal where we have the tea or coffee. For the coffee, we can have it as cappuccino or latte.

Now, let's see my opinion after my stomach is so full that I can almost roll home. Let's see my opinions in different angles on the Pavilion.

The Taste of the Food : Even though I didn't get to try every food they have, from the ones I have I think they are all pass. And some are also excellent, especially Grill Station like Baked Ham and Wellington Beef are something I love a lot. Seafood is fresh and great in all kinds like mantis shrimps, shrimps, squids, clams, oysters and lobsters. There's some menu that is not my taste or not so impressive, but overall they are in a good standard. There's not a single terrible dish.

The Variety of the Food : It's more than a variety here....I really have to say it like this. At first, I was thinking the Pavilion was quite small so how many things would they have to offer. But after two and a half hours and just about half an hour before the time is up, I have to rethink of how to do in order to get to try half of them T______T So the variety of the food here is definitely a pass. It might miss some spaghetti or macaroni, but I think what they have now is already more than enough. For a group of friends or a big group of family, you would definitely have enough choices to choose from.

The Cleanliness of the Restaurant : There's not even a concern for this and this grade of the hotel, it's easily got a pass from me.

The Services of Staff : This is my another impressive thing about this restaurant. The staff takes good care of us, very polite and is willing to help us in anywhere they could.

The Convenience of Transportation : Dusit Thani Bangkok has a great location and very convenient for transportation. You can either take the MRT or the BTS and get off at Silom station and it's within a walking distance. For those who drive, it's also convenient by either to reach here by Rama IV Road or Silom Road.

The Worth of Money : When we just look at the price of 1,550++THB/each (when includes the 7% vat and 10% service charge, the total price is about 1,825 THB/person), it might seem high for just a meal. But when comparing with the variety of the food, the quality of the food and the price pf Sunday brunch at other same level hotel, I think the Pavilion is worth the price and quite competitive. Especially when it offers the promotion of coming 4 people and each pays 999++THB or other promotion from credit cards, the price really reduces in a great deal and makes it even more worthy.

Summary : The Pavilion is one of the dining rooms offered by 5-star hotels with quality food at Sunday brunch. It offers a great variety of food, especially those who love lobsters, oysters, shrimps, mantis shrimps, crabs, foie gras, cheese and desserts. The staff is polite and attentive. It is perfect for someone who would like a place to talk business with a special guest but it's not entirely private as the dining room is open and outside people can clearly see us. It is also a perfect place for the family who want to have a good meal together on the holidays. It has the seafood that is quite easy to eat and has the desserts for the kids and the girls. As for the price, it might look a bit high for some people. But if we keep following the news and its promotion until we find the appropriate one then you can definitely give it a try.

So now my review is ended. If there's any mistakes, please accept my apology here. This review is just my personal opinion on the day I went. Each person might experience different services and the tastes might be different. If you like my review, you are more than welcome to follow or give me suggestions here:

Thank you so much for reading until this line and see you again in my next review. I wish everyone a happy eating with the food when you go into the restaurant.

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