Osaka Tonkotsu Ramen Misawa

Address: Ratchda 8, Wattanatum MRT station ( Opposite Esplanade)

Buffer price 399+include beverages

Let's see!

The restaurant is wide space, with a capacity to serve 200 customers.

Slicing a fresh salmon, there are Sashimi, Thai spicy salad, Japanese salad and burned style.

(You can pick up the fish and take some photo too)

Various kind of Sushi such as Maguro sushi, Sasu sushi, crab stick, squid, shrimp, sweet egg and Shime Saba.

Fried foods such as Salmon's belly, Tonkatsu,Kara Ke Chicken, Korokke and Fried crispy fish.

Freshly make right there with Takoyaki, Yakisoba, Pork fried with Kimchi, plus the Salmon's head boiled with soy sauce

Let's see what we pick up

The meal ends again

Buffet price 399+, totally net price is 426 Baht and it opens only on Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Monday

Time schedule:

Thursday-Friday, only 1 round at 19.00-21.00 pm.

Saturday-Sunday, 2 rounds at 17.00-18.00 pm. and 19.00-20.30 pm.

My personal opinion

Location and atmosphere

-Convenient, close to the MRT and a short walk to the alley. There is a parking lot if you drive here ( 40 Baht),

- The restaurant is large, divided into Buffet zone and A la Carte.

- I went there on Sunday 17.00-18.30 pm. round. Not so many people and there is some empty table (I have heard that it's look like a vegetarian house)

- Before the buffet start, people are lining up like it's a free meal.

- Beverages are put to serve at every point for Buffet customers (tea, water, Coke, red water)


-Fresh Salmon but a little bit oily and cheesy.

-Sushi is not quite okay, the rice is too thick and fish is not fresh.

- Hot fried foods and snacks are delicious

- Concentrated Miso Soup( normally it's tasteless and light) and I also put a Salmon's head in it to make it taste better.

Summary: I think the food is not quite various and Salmon is put in a small plate for customer to pick up. The pro is customer cannot grab too many Salmons but the con is they have to walk so many times (especially the far away table). The staffs provide a good service and the food is continuously serve at the counter.

Today I have to end this short review here

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Meine Ziele

 Thursday, May 21, 2015 12:58 PM