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Landmark Hotel invited me to Sunday Brunch Buffet at Atrium Restaurant which located on Lobby Floor of the hotel.

The Landmark Bangkok (BTS Nana)

Atrium Restaurant, Lobby floor

Weekend Brunch Buffet: 11.45am. - 3.00pm.

Price 2,400 net per person (Promotion 4 for 2 discount to 1,200 net)

Let's go find out >>>

Starting with "Seafood on Ice"

"Seafood Hotpot"

"Sushi & Sashimi"

"Breads and Cold Cuts"

"Variety of Appetizer"

"Thai Food corner"

"Chilli Paste, Rice Noodle with Green Curry"

"Eggs Station" is good for late breakfast on weekend.

"BBQ Zone"

"Hot Dishes" such as Rock Lobster and Foie Gras.

"Roasted Beef, Lamb and Pork Ribs"

"Pasta with Pomodoro, Carbonara or Bolognese Sauce "

"Chinese Food corner" such as Peking Duck, Dim Sum, and Crispy Pork.

"Fondue and Frambe"

"Variety of cakes"

"Thai Desserts" such as Mango with Stricky Rice, Sweet Banana, and so on.

Also variety of ice-creams and fruits

In conclusion

There are varieties of food moreover from above photos such as Japanese corner, Salads, Drinks and so on. Everything is including in the buffet. I really like to try everything but I am so full. The most impressive for me is desserts especially some kind of cakes have some special ingredients that make it different from other. There is a promotion 4 for 2, which is half price for each person it is very valuable. Moreover, there is a promotion 2 for 1 which corporate with some credit cards. For more information call 02-2540404.

Lastly, thank you Landmark Hotel for inviting me and thank you every for following me.

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Hotel Details

The Landmark Hotel Bangkok (BTS Nana)

Atrium Restaurant

Location : Lobby floor, Landmark Hotel Bangkok138 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

Opening hours

Lunch Buffet 11.30am. - 2.30pm. Weekday Price 1,500 net.

Dinner Buffet 6.00pm. - 10.30pm. Sun - Thursday Price 2,000 net, Friday - Saturday 2,400 net.

Weekend Brunch Buffet 11.45am. - 3.00 pm. Weekend 2,400 net.

*** Promotion 4 for 2, for Lunch and Dinner of everyday***

Table Reservation: 02 2540404

For more information: www.landmarkbangkok.com

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